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  1. I’m not reading this thread but what’s the general consensus on map design from people that’s played it? Is post time skip better in that regard?
  2. Does anyone know if Jeralt survived the timeskip or did I miss something?
  3. Yes, all the avatar wanking throughout the series has finally cumulated in the avatar of this game literally being a God
  4. Byleth confirmed to have a unique class post-timeskip, "Enlightened One"
  5. Ferdinand wants to be better than Edelgard at everything Including being a cute girl.
  6. Leaker-kun is currently playing a paralogue that looks like the volcano map from the trailer. Hope there won't be too much map reuse in the final game.
  7. They gave Fates 36/40 fyi. Several pinches of salt are needed when it comes to this review methinks.
  8. Byleth seems OP as hell in all these gameplay videos, I hope it’s just a virtue of playing on Normal mode and they won’t be a one (wo)man army on Hard.
  9. The fact that Thani specifically said that it's a hard "timeskip" makes me think that people's theory about there being timey-wimey backwards and forwards stuff to try and prevent the war are wrong. Honestly I've been on the fence with regards to Thani this whole time, and while I still believe there's definitely some things that their lying about it's undeniable at this point that most of what they say is correct (average map design and all) Guess Micaiah fans aren't a bad breed after all!
  10. Good call on Dimitri’s ornament being the same as Sothis’s I don’t think the person in the screenshot’s crown looks like Sothis’s though.
  11. Never mind just found the pic that I was talking about. Comparing Thani’s pic of Edelgard with the art book, it seems he got the crown right at least but the armour seems more purple in the art book rather than red in the drawing. Also her hair seems to be tied up in a bun in the art book compared to hanging down in the drawing. I don’t know what to think of this tbh.
  12. Does anyone have that picture of the three lords in their timeskip outfits that Thani drew so we can see if Edelgard matches the art book picture?
  13. These designs look more Shin Megami Tensei than the designs in the actual SMT X FE crossover. Law, Chaos and Neutral paths when?
  14. Honestly I don't think we'll get 100% confirmation on whether the leak is real or fake until the game comes out. Even if Thani ends up being right about the names there's still a very real possibility that he only knows some minor things and is making some of the bigger things up. TBH I'm almost hoping the leak gets killed with the next character reveal because otherwise we're all gonna be sitting here speculating over it right up until release.
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