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  1. Cool, since it’s the self randomizing one, if you go onto the world map, the seed name would be the name next to your main characters mini mug under the location of where you are currently on the map, if that makes sense.
  2. I’m guessing randomized with Yune? That sounds pretty fun I’m ngl. If Yune what’s the seed that generated? And if it’s the self randomizing one, what was your setup? I’d love to try it out myself. Thanks!
  3. When you said that people berated this game I was appalled! I can’t believe people would/could say anything negative about this amazing work of art you’ve created! I was one of the first ones to jump on playing this gem when you first released it some years back now and it’s only grown into what I can proudly say is a masterpiece in the rom hacking community. Please don’t let those people discourage you and belittle the tremendous amount of work you’ve put into this. I appreciate this game so much because of how different and well put together it was. (I was the guy that was testing on my ps3 and wanted a few qol stuff) lol I understand if you don’t ever want to come back after the horrendous things they’ve said but just know that I truly have enjoyed every minute/playthrough I’ve done of this masterpiece and have recommended it to as many people as I could and will still recommend it. I bet it’s just people that want AAA game development on a passion project which Will never happen but it’s sad to see such ignorance being thrown your way. Also, if it’s people from FEU (from what I saw on your thread before you took it down) then I feel like it’s them just being elitists. A lot of people there nitpick the smallest of things because they “think” they know better than anyone on what makes a fire emblem game. So don’t take to heart what people say because at the end of the day all that matters is if you had fun putting it together. I could never have dreamed of doing something as grand as this by myself and seeing as you put this together with what resources you had is still astounding to this day. I wish you all the best in life and I hope maybe one day you’ll come back and prove (again) to all the nay sayers that what you create is as good(or in my opinion) better than any actual Fire emblem game created by a whole company. May 2022 be your year to shine my friend! Stay safe and healthy 🖖🏻
  4. Gotcha, that makes sense. I’m ngl I never noticed the formula for critical hits because it’s always been death for whoever is on the receiving end for me lol if you are able to implement it that’d be pretty darn cool since I’m so used to playing the gba games. But if not it wouldn’t hurt the quality of this in the least. I appreciate you getting back to me about it and I wish you a safe and happy new year!
  5. Do you recommend I start playing on hard or lunatic? I’ve never been able to beat a lunatic mode and I’ve given up fairly early every time so I’m wondering if considering that I should just play hard mode? Thanks for all the work you’ve done to this! I love awakening and have beaten it plenty of times on hard throughout its years. Very fond memories of this game.
  6. So this is freaking amazing! Great job as always! I have a question though. I saw Zane just put out an ASM that makes the battle forecast display like it does in the GBA FE games and I was wondering if you’ll implement that into this at all? If not that’s cool I was just wondering. Again, thank you for your hard work on this as it’s given me a plethora of excuses to finally play this gem of an FE game.
  7. This is amazing! I love base convo sections because it really lets some units shine in the story without having to feel rushed to do them on a map and waste turns. How many base convos are there going to be by chance?
  8. i was just wondering, will the patch released on may 23rd be the full game?
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