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  1. Yup, pretty much exactly what I thought it was. Hayashi wasn't lying when he said characters for FEW were held back for a potential sequel, but developing Three Houses inspired them to go in another direction. Persona 5 Strikers all over again. Well, either way, I'm not complaining. The crossover style warriors games bored me while Age of Calamity, Strikers, and Three Hopes have been a blast.
  2. Thinking a little more on it, I think the biggest reason why I'm resonating with Shez so far is that they actually feel like a natural part of the world. They have a personality and a story. They don't know everything, but at least know enough to be a functional teen/young adult in Fodlan. One of the biggest things that has bugged me with Avatars in Fire Emblem is how they feel isolated in comparison to the rest of the world. Robin's mind is completely wiped aside from their name and a hidden tactical talent. Corrin not only doesn't remember their childhood due to amnesia, but also has been isolated in a tower. Byleth has no emotion what so ever and has a memory so faulty that they can't even give a straight answer as to whether Jeralt is even their dad. Obviously, there's the rest of the game to see, but at least for now, Shez seems to be bucking a lot of Avatar trends, and that feels very refreshing.
  3. That's pretty much my philosophy with video games in general, that they should be flexible to allow players to play however they want. It's why I'm not a fan of games that intentionally go brutally hard just to prove a point.
  4. I'm very enjoying both. Shez is a good foil to Byleth in every way, and it's nice to see how his character dynamics with the students are so different from Byleth's. As for Arval, I was not expecting that level of sass! I love it! He just sounds so done with Shez's BS. 😄
  5. Golden Route NG+ is not confirmed. Heck, most I've been talking to have said otherwise.
  6. Point still stands. Tybrosion's post contains what Embla actually said.
  7. The story is pretty interesting so far. At least to this point, it feels like they trimmed down on the least popular aspects of Three Houses story and moved it a lot more towards the nuance and politics that people liked about Three Houses.
  8. Just in case it hasn't made the rounds, I'd like to share some info with you all. The "two more" quote has been proven to be a mistranslation. Embla only refers to two people with her blood in Japanese, and Bruno has a stunned silence look instead of saying "two more" as he did in English. So yeah, it's just Veronica and Bruno. No others.
  9. Plus it probably wouldn't be easy to do entire support chains for characters that already had them. Like, Dimitri and Felix for example already have an in-depth support chain in Three Houses. What more can you really do with them for another in Three Hopes.
  10. Sounds like the same deal as the first Fire Emblem Warriors. Pretty much what I expected would happen.
  11. This will be my fifth. I've played all 3 Nintendo themed Warriors games plus Persona 5 Strikers. Age of Calamity and Strikers I adore, while I found the original HW and FEW to both be mediocre.
  12. Perfection. Every single one of them. If I had to name a favorite, I guess Leonie, but hey all look spectacular.
  13. And that's Lin. 😄 BRING ON THE DEER! 😄
  14. At the very least, I'd be shocked if Seteth, Flayn, and Catherine weren't playable. Seteth and Flayn are obvious for their story importance, plus how Flayn is an honorary student through out White Clouds. Catherine is not only an important Church character but also wields a Relic.
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