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  1. Hmm, true that could indeed happen. A little bit off topic, but I'm a little curious. If Sharena does get a fairy version, who do you think should do the art between Kozaki or Yoshiku? Admittedly, seeing how Yoshiku would draw Sharena intrigues me.
  2. I suppose we'll find out in a month. :) Honestly, I just really hope that, like you said, Sharena gets something that could be used as an alt.
  3. I decided on Nino. Got rid of the Attack flaw and HP asset. Total net was 2 point of HP and 1 point of Resistance lost, but 2 points of Attack and 1 point of speed gained. A pretty good trade-off I think.
  4. Honestly, I don't think Peony is the girl Sharena kept swapping with. Looking back at the dialogue (even going back again to look it over), Sharena doesn't specify the girl she did it with, despite apparently remembering a lot more. From her tone, it doesn't sound to me like Peony is the one, otherwise you'd think Sharena would have said as much. Peony also doesn't seem to have the same problem Sharena has, as we can infer that her feeling sad at hearing the word "sister" is likely because of Triandra (as indicated from the Book 4 Part 2 trailer). Perhaps this is just me, but there doesn't really seem to be any build-up to the idea that Peony is the one Sharena was swapping with, though I suppose we might find out for sure next chapter, or the one after with certainty.
  5. I think both Caspar and Bernadetta should have gotten their own Paralogues. All they really do in-game is piggyback off of Mercedes and Petra. Both characters have potential given their personal stories. Caspar's could have been an opportunity given his family, and Bernadetta's home, Varley territory, is never visited in-game plus her own family drama.
  6. Fairly standard FB. Nothing extraordinary, but still entertaining. Certainly a little more focused on comedy this time. Ilyana and Gatrie were mostly for giggles (not like they had much character development in the Tellius games either), Shinon doing his thing, and Jill naturally having the more character-focused ones. All in all, it's pretty close to how they were in Path of Radiance. Though, I did get a good laugh at Thrasir taking Gatrie's words to heart...and then thinking about Alfonse. 😄
  7. I feel certain that at least SOMETHING happened with Sharena, even if they go the route of her not being a changeling. It would feel anticlimactic and kind of a waste if that whole story lead to absolutely nothing but brief angst for Sharena.
  8. Well, that was a heavy chapter. I don't think I can recall a time when all 5 chapter segments had significant story bits, not to mention no dialogue at all from the banner units. Honestly, it's much better this way. A lot more progress was made.
  9. Very nice. A lot of highly requested Tellius characters here. Also good that Ilyana is out of alt hell. Not quite sure if I'll draw on it, given my low orb count thanks to the dancing banner. Petrine as GHB is awesome though.
  10. About time. Genealogy was so long overdue for such a banner. I'd love to go for Sigurd/Deirdre, but I'm low on orbs after going for Bramimond. Might have to take a raincheck on this one.
  11. That's what I was talking about, the modern world nightmare from the Part 2 trailer. I really hope there are maps on that and not just a trailer thing.
  12. Honestly, as far as mythics go, I'm just waiting for the day we get either Nemesis or Seiros. Who knows when they'll come, but I'm going all in whenever they do.
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