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  1. Really hoping this leads up to a big Henriette moment. She's been in my mind ever since hearing her battle quotes. Also, if we get a Part 2 trailer like we did last book, I wonder if it'll be before or after the June chapter.
  2. This is why I feel like you can't assume patterns. Everyone was getting into the whole "alternating male and female for legendaries" except that was already a trap many of us fell for a couple years ago. Just when you think IS has a pattern, they throw a curveball. Every time.
  3. Pent is probably my favorite FB story in some time. I like how we got a small update on Fjorm's situation, as well as him questioning just why this is happening. Why is Askr all of a sudden getting invaded by everyone, and who is really behind it all. It's nice to finally have those questions on the table. Farina's was entertaining.
  4. Eitri just single-handedly made this book a whole lot more interesting.
  5. Dragonflower weapons incoming! Farina and Pent look great. I'll be targeting them.
  6. That may be the greatest April-related thing I've ever seen. 😄
  7. Between Dagr and Legendary Edelgard, Green is looking nice.
  8. I don't think Midori is a problem, given she does know plants very well. Tharja on the other hand....
  9. It's amazing how much more tolerable Tharja is when they actually DON'T have her obsess over Robin. Also, where's Bernadetta? She'd flip over this. 😄
  10. Bleh, Awakening. And worse than that, it's the flirt and the verbal abuser. Easy save I've had in a while.
  11. Fallen Heroes isn't until May. At least, for the last two years, that's how it's been.
  12. I'm not saying Alfonse should have died, but IS making all the books independent is causing more harm than good. It's because of that that they rush every ending and any lingering questions are swept aside. Honestly, the only real interesting thing going on right now is Lif gathering enemies from different books. That is more intriguing than anything else right now.
  13. The sad thing is that the idea of Sharena being somewhat self-conscious is probably the first shred of character we've gotten from her in forever.
  14. If I'm being completely honest, the next few chapters (before the inevitable midpoint trailer) better do something interesting. This might be premature to say given we're at Chapter 5 of a 13-chapter story, but this might be the quickest I've ever gotten bored with a Book. The Jotnar siblings are honestly the first time I actually felt entertained, since at least their interactions with the Askr siblings were a little different compared to most characters, and Nott being an airhead underneath an elegant exterior was at least a nice subversion of the typical older sister trope. But the Nidavellir side of things has been....so boring so far. Fafnir's dialogue is the same complete lunatic kind of dialogue Surtr has and I'm not sure if the inevitable reveal of him being brainwashed will save him. Otr I'm not sure about. He's definitely more important than a lackey, but I'm just hoping there's more than him being a simp. However, if I had to name probably the biggest ball and chain on this book so far, it's Reginn. Again, hopefully this might just be premature, but she is completely boring as a character. Every line out of her mouth is some of the most generic "little sister" dialogue I've ever heard in my life. I feel like even Peony's "Sharena 2.0" dialogue wasn't this bad. At this point, I'm practically praying that something happens to steer her character in to a more interesting direction, because the trailer pretty much spoiling what her story is going to end up being isn't giving me high hopes. Didn't mean for that to be sort of a rant, but I had to get that off my chest. It really feels like, even comparing to previous stories, Book 5 is just progressing super slowly, and it doesn't help that we're already seeing rehashed plot-lines. Seriously, the Summoner gets kidnapped again? We literally just went through this last book.
  15. Welp, I'd say the chapter was in some ways entertaining and completely boring in others. On the plus side, the Jotnar sisters are very entertaining, and I'm pleasantly surprised Nott was not the stereotypical mature older sister type and is instead as nutty as her sister. A nice subversion of expectations. On the minus side, the Summoner is kidnapped.....again. Also, Reginn still isn't winning me over. Really hoping something happens to win me over on her because she's been kind of boring. All her dialogue is just so...generic. Like very typical little sister talk. On another note, I really wonder if Gramr will actually be a weapon in gameplay or if it'll be story only.
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