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  1. I kind of had this one idea swimming in my head for a while. A Lord that is kind of along the lines of an older knight that left for whatever reason, like Olberic from Octopath Traveler. Eventually, they're brought back into the politics of the world and, along the way, adopt a young protégé that can serve as the Avatar (since they're likely never getting away from that concept now). A Lord that's older could bring a whole new perspective compared to the young naive lords we're used to, and I'd be down for a Lord/Avatar relationship that is more platonic like father/child rather than the blatant romance we see in Awakening, Fates, and Three Houses. It would also work in the sense that I feel the Avatar should be in something closer to a side role like Kris rather than a main lead like Corrin or Byleth. One way or another, I just hope the popularity of the Three Houses Lords gives IS the confidence to continue experimenting with new Lords, because all 3 of them brought something new and I'm grateful for it.
  2. We would have gotten 4 no matter what. The only reason Ascended Fjorm and Laegjarn had 5 units was because an OC took a slot, so it was always going to be 4 characters from the main games per banner.
  3. Ah, Neimi. One of my last few favourites that wasn't in the game yet. Aso very happy that they're not just spamming the Lord's again for Ascended Heroes.
  4. Mega pass. I already got the Legendary Byleth that I like. Also, that new FEH pass perk has me more convinced that the game may have a couple years at most left. They're basically putting all their eggs in FEH pass now.
  5. To my knowledge, Veronica is not officially in charge, but she ended up essentially being in charge because the people support her over the current ruler since she's keeping their legacy of conquest going. I think even Feh in the Feh Channel implied Veronica is not officially ruling yet. Ash is not bad so far, certainly not as obnoxious as the trailer implies her to be. Kind of a weird take to make her so tropey in the trailer and yet she's calm and composed (if socially awkward) in the actual story. I mean, the two portrayals of her so far aren't even in the same ballpark. I'm very convinced that Embla will descend in the 2nd half of this and become the main villain of the book. We basically have 2 separate plots going on right now between Ash and Elm's fight and the Emblian Coup.
  6. I'm most likely passing as well. I feel no desire to get a merge for Ash, and I'm not the biggest fan of Awakening's cast to begin with. The Khans were some of the most boring characters in that game. Miriel is okay though and she's free.
  7. You do know he's the main Lord of the game right? I'd say it's very unlikely they'll shove him aside.
  8. It is called "World of Zenith" yes, but the realm in its entirety is Midgard. Presumably, Midgard likely incorporates all the mortal worlds, possibly including those from the mainline games.
  9. Might as well. :) I will say I'm intrigued. I'm iffy on Ash as she's pressing all the wrong buttons for me so far, but Veronica and Letizia intrigue me. Going inside Embla has been a long time coming. I'm hoping for a more focused plot. The last 2 Books tried bringing in too much (with Jotunheimr basically an afterthought). This being focused squarely on Askr vs. Embla should hopefully result in a more focused book, something we haven't seen since Book 3 (which is still my favorite book to date).
  10. Honestly, I think it's good to take a break from exploring other realms. Embla was our first antagonist and it's been explored the least. This will give us what Book 1 didn't. Can't say I have a good first impression of Ash though. A klutz? Yet another anime girl trope I hate.
  11. Yeah I don't think the yellow clouds are a hint to anything. They used similar scenery with Alfonse and Lifs video long ago.
  12. Top marks for the voice acting at least. Lisa Reimold hammed that up well. 😄 Trying to pull the morality card on the Summoner is probably going to fall flat though. Eitri isn't wrong in that aspect but you know the Askr Trio are just going to gush on the Summoner and all that cheesiness.
  13. I don't really agree with that. As much as Byleth and the Lords get a lot of attention, many of the other characters like Dorothea, Ashe, Raphael, and such do give a lot of insight into what a lot of commoners in Fodlan go through, and the fact that they have new dialogue in every new chapter helps give new insight into how they're affected by the war. If anything, I think one area Three Houses really excels at more than most FE games is showing how numerous people, nobles and commoners alike, are affected by the war. Even more that, you get a good idea of what they go through. Even outside of the playable cast, you get a lot of NPC's around the monastery (and Abyss) that give further insights. I'd say only the Tellius games probably do a better job of showing how the common man is handling things.
  14. We likely won't get a Xenologue. We didn't get one last year. The ending video was basically a replacement for that, and last year it came about 8 or 9 days after Book 4's final chapter.
  15. Assuming they're even going to do the opposite gender Avatars at all, of which there seems to be little evidence for at the moment.
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