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  1. I just realized. With us getting a new book and world, this means we should finally get a new structure in Mjolnir's Strike, since they have a structure for each world and nothing has been added since the event's release.
  2. Yeah, Ljósálfheimr and Dökkálfheimr are meant to represent both Alfheim and Svartalfheim, and are even named as such in the Japanese version. Sadly, the new names they were given in the English version make this connection less obvious. Don't get why Nintendo of America made such a change.
  3. Why stop there. Maybe they're responsible for the creation of many legendary weapons across the Heroes-verse.
  4. Honestly, I can at least understand Triandra and Plumeria's reaction. They had no home to go back to anyway. They wanted a new life and to be "heroes". Freyja did give them that chance, even if she didn't love them as much as she said she did. They at least did know what they were getting into, so them still being thankful to Freyja for what she did give them sort of makes sense to me. Eir is the more egregious of the two scenarios, where she was outright stolen and then completely disregards whoever her family used to be for the sake of calling Hel her mother. At least Nino came around to see the monster Sonia was and wanted to learn more about where she came from.
  5. Um, what? The video ends right after Lif mentions the next world. I don't see any scene of an injured Alfonse.
  6. Fine by me. I feel like I've come to like the idea more with each book. :) As for Book 5, I'm curious as to the somewhat implied steampunk style that the trailer might have implied. Guess we'll see.
  7. Guess this is their Xenologue substitute. Fine by me. 😄
  8. I'm glad that, if we had to get more Heroes Mythics this month, at least they got 2 of them out of the way. Hopefully it'll free up next year to have more non-Heroes Mythics.
  9. Honestly, each book has actually made me like the idea of Alfonse and Veronica more. The Dragalia Lost crossover helped with that too. 😄 I feel like the intention of Sharena and Peony was sister-like.
  10. I just hope Book 5 comes at the usual time in December. I'm going to be very disappointed if they just give us a little Xenologue and we end up waiting after Christmas and New Year's for it. I wonder if there is any precedent for Xenologues coming without a banner. The next new heroes banner isn't for about 3 weeks which is longer than normal.
  11. I would absolutely love to get that Genealogy banner. Brigid with Yewfelle along with Lombard as a GHB with Helswath would be cool.
  12. Now that I think about it, this is the 2nd time in a row where the world of the book is left in doubt of where it's going to go. In Book 2, we were left knowing that Hrid and Laevatein were going to take over Nifl and Muspell. However, Hel is without a leader and who knows how the deceased are being handled with no ruler. Now the dream world has lost both of its leaders (with one outright dead and the other in slumber).
  13. I'm always hungry for Jugdral. Thracia is still criminally underrepresented.
  14. After thinking on it a little longer, I do steer more towards positive than anything else on the ending. At the end of the day, I did get what I wanted. I wanted Sharena to have her sub-plot get resolved and I got it, and Peony's story wasn't half-bad either so that was nice too. We'll just have to wait until Book 5 to see if there does end up being any lasting consequences from this. Alfonse being smitted by the All-Father might have ended up being fake, but repercussions might still be a possibility.
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