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  1. Looking at the website and seeing just Peony and Triandra was what alerted me to how few OC's got introduced to start. Which was too bad because I was really looking forward to the website update so we could possibly get more character info (Hel wasn't a boss for a while so the website was where we first heard her VA). 😄
  2. You know, there's something really funny about how this book started off with it's first 2 chapters, and that's how few OC's there were. Compared to previous Books in their opening batch of chapters: 1. Book 2 introduced Fjorm, Laevatein, Loki (true form), and Surtr. All of which were characters shown off in the opening video. 2. Book 3 introduced the entire Hel gang: Eir, Lif, Thrasir, and Hel. Again, all of them were in the opening video. 3. Book 4 only introduces Peony and Triandria. Freyr and Plumeria are in the opening video but make no appearance. Freyja (likely main antagonist) is also absent. Kind of funny honestly.
  3. It is indeed possible that the -heimr was kept in a way to illustrate how different these worlds are as they seem to have an unnatural element to them unlike previous realms.
  4. Probably feels about as bad as your twin being mistaken for you. My Mom has a twin sister and her sister being mistaken for her always bugged her in her younger years. And vice versa for that matter.
  5. Honestly, I kind of like the idea of something whimsical after how grim dark the last one was. I could go for something a little more straightforward to unwind after that.
  6. The Sword of Begalta is so confusing. It's Macuil's weapon, is somehow aligned with Riegan, but has the Chevalier crest on the blade.
  7. So, Kiran is the damsel-in-distress now. That's rather funny. 😄 A nice start I'd say. Not overly complicated to wrap your head around. Guess we now know who the guy we saw in the trailer is, and most likely our main antagonist name-dropped as well.
  8. One thing I find curious. Unless they're intending Triandra and Plumeria to be dual antagonists or something, this means it's the first time a book is debuting without knowing who the main antagonist is. Though if the trailer is any indication, I bet it'll be that shadowy figure that seemed to be attacking the Elf King or whoever it was.
  9. I saw this around the net, talking about the Top 5 characters from CYL not playable yet. Looks like for the most part, they have been nailing highly requested units. This is likely why Farfetched got axed, because these characters will be in game-specific banners.
  10. I know double posting tends to be frowned upon around here but I wanted to make a new post for this. https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/00004001000454/ So Peony got added to "Learning with Sharena". They really are calling them Elves apparently so fair enough. :) Also, Sharena appears to a part of her story and is even listed in her closest associates list. So, with that in mind, I imagine Sharena will at least have a little more relevance her than in previous Books, as it appears that she and Peony might have an intertwined story.
  11. I'm pretty certain there's going to be some trippiness, given they had the Askr siblings waking up again at the beginning, as if the same thing repeating itself. Granted, we can't take the trailers completely seriously but still.
  12. Guess they decided on Fairies instead of Elves. 😄 In any case, I'm very curious. The fact that they showed the Askr siblings waking up twice makes me wonder if we might have Groundhog Day shenanigans here. Oh, and I know this isn't specifically Book 4 related, but I like how the new setting for Mjolnir's Srikes has a name. Midgard's Shield, which we know is the world of humans in Norse myth.
  13. Yeah, so we've noticed on multiple occasions. Seriously, that's such an irrational hatred. I have characters I don't like either, but you take salt to a whole new level.
  14. Most likely since the pool of big name characters is getting lower, they perhaps want to save them for other banners.
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