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  1. For no reason? Seteth distrusts "you" because he has no idea who you are and is unsure of the idea of entrusting a stranger with a teaching position. If anything, he's one of the more sensible characters as a result. He also never hates Byleth, as it never goes beyond distrust. Also, without spoiling too much, you shouldn't dislike Flayn because of Rhea.
  2. I still have to think on my favorite one. All I can say for sure is that Edelgard's route will likely be my least favorite. It left a sour taste in my mouth by the end of it, particularly since Edelgard is so off base with many of her assumptions on history.
  3. For one thing, Falcon Knight has no business being master class. That should have been advanced with some new flyer class in master. Also, more hybrid options. Characters with mixed skillsets are screwed the most here. For example, let's take Lorenz. He's good in riding classes like Cavalier and Paladin, but you have to wait all the way to Dark Knight to take advantage of both it and his magic talent. So, perhaps something like Mage Knight to add as an Intermediate or Advanced class to serve as a precursor of sorts. Annette is another example of where her axe and magic talents don't really work in tandem.
  4. So, I'm confused as to how so many people in this thread are praising Lorenz yet criticizing Ferdinand. The two are practically the same in the sense that they take pride in their nobility yet help out commoners. If anything, their support shows that Ferdinand is the more down to earth of the two, as he values seeing things from the commoners point of view while Lorenz says they should help yet keep a certain distance. The only time Ferdinand is ever really "prissy" is in his one sided rivalry with Edelgard.
  5. Wow, all it takes for you to change your opinion is hair length? You have got to be one of the poorest judges of character in this website.
  6. There is one thing I do find a little curious. That Dimitri's path is the only route in the game where you can reunite the Heroes Relics from the 10 Elites plus Byleth's Sword of the Creator and Marianne's Blutgang if you want to count it. Not saying at all that indicates canon of any kind. It's just a little fact I discovered that I find kind of funny.
  7. As far as I can tell, he's a Part 2 only unit. He joins automatically in Blue Lions Part 2 at least.
  8. I suppose it depends on your definition of all supports. If by all you mean including the supports from both genders of Byleth, then no. I have no intention of playing as Female Byleth. Now, as far as all supports with just Male Byleth go, I might. I'll have to force myself to use Manuella and Hanneman to do so.
  9. In a way, this is part of why I have little intention of replaying Edelgard's route anytime soon, because it's the route that actually tries to feed you misinformation. Edelgard is completely off in regards to Fodlan's history, directing every problem at Seiros/Rhea when it really wasn't just her that was a problem. Now that's not to say I think Edelgard is badly written. If anything, I think this sort of discussion actually shows they wrote a compelling character, but as you said, her situation is very ironic.
  10. What personality and dynamic? Robin is one of the most painfully generic characters in the entire franchise. A piece of cardboard has more personality than he does.
  11. Doubt it. They outright said no 5th route. And unused voice clips are nothing new. Berkut has a whole list of unused clips suggesting he might have been planned as playable at one point but they didn't go with it.
  12. Yeah definitely agreed there. It's kind of telling that the game has been out for nearly two weeks now and we still don't have a full grasp on how exactly the game uses that closest allies section to determine character endings. A simple choice to lock 2 A-rank characters together would have made things infinitely easier. The route they choose seems so oddly convoluted.
  13. Olivia was not the highest. Rather, she's the second lowest.
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