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  1. Well, suffice to say I'm going to be very curious to see the Japanese fanbase's reaction that even they're getting the butchered version now. Frankly, it'd be ironic justice if the Switch port actually sold worse than the Wii U version.
  2. Did anyone else initially think Hidari was doing Silque's artwork? Because wow, the artist they got for her here actually got her very close to her look in Echoes.
  3. Nice to see Echoes get some love. It's been a while. Silque and Forsyth look awesome. Always liked Forsyth.
  4. Sothis is available in all routes. She's the "???" option you see at the bottom of the list when you make your choice.
  5. Take pride in that, my man. :) And yeah I get a little delight myself in seeing the GameFAQ's trip over themselves. They circle-jerk Bernadetta so much. I mean, it's one thing to have legit critcism but they just whine about her more often than not. And amen to that. Never do a playthrough without Annette and Marianne myself. Bernadetta and Annette are pretty much always my top priority recruits.
  6. From what I'm reading, that poll asked who your first S-support was. So I think that has more to do with people S-ranking Edelgard early on out of curiosity, but obviously not everyone stayed attached to her character after playing through the whole game.
  7. Yeah I'm not surprised at this. Edelgard is pretty much an extremist and that sort of character is going to be divisive no matter what.
  8. The first time I've ever agreed with Japan's top female choice. Bernie has been my favorite female since Day 1 so seeing that here does my heart good. I'm also glad to see Annette in the Top 10, even beating out Dorothea. Annette is a character I feel way too many people disregarded. She's just too wholesome.
  9. Whatever the DLC ends up being, I'll surely play the game again sometime. I just need a little break after all those hours.
  10. Oh boy where do I begin. 😄 Seteth- I didn't think I'd dislike him, but he certainly didn't stand out to me. However, they did a fantastic job handling his character, actually giving his distrust towards Byleth justifiable reasons. Alois- Again, didn't think I'd dislike him but I didn't think I'd care either. However, he became one of the most delightful characters in the game and by far my favorite of the adult characters. Also helped along by a fantastic hammy performance by Dave B Mitchell. Hilda- Honestly, her thing about being afraid of expectations as a result of how much her brother has to deal with is something I think a lot of people can relate to. A surprisingly good character. Raphael- While I would still call him the most one-note student, he just became too wholesome to dislike. Gotta respect someone who loves helping other people get going. Against all odds, he became my favorite non-Byleth pairing for Bernadetta (didn't think I'd be saying that. 😄 ). Ignatz- Frankly, I'm a fan of characters who struggle with dealing with their parents expectations and their own passions. Leonie- Now I actually did expect to like Leonie, but I was surprised at how much I liked her. Admittedly, her Byleth supports are a little lacking but outside of that she's got some of the best supports in the game. Also glad to see a lot of support for Annette in this thread. She's a character I adored from Day 1 so it does my heart good to see a lot of people come around to like her as well. She'll always be my Blue Lions girl. :)
  11. What's so bad about Lost Lore? It's practically free rewards and you barely even have to do anything. Plus it's got some nice little pocket sized stories too.
  12. I can agree that the Duo Heroes didn't really need to be built like that. Heck, if they didn't have that higher BST for Arena, there probably wouldn't be many complaints. I mean, I'm glad it doesn't affect me too much as I don't play competitively but it would have been nice all the same. Also agree on R&R Affinity. I think it needs to be increased. At least 20 for each day instead of 10. Perhaps 100 for special days or something. All these new features justify giving out more Affinity.
  13. We honestly don't know at this point. Granted, the Duo skill is in the same place where blessings usually are so perhaps they won't have access to those.
  14. I'm glad that I never approached FEH with a competitive mindset. All I ever cared about was just putting together units I like. Guess that's why all the complaints about powercreeping and Arena and Aether Raids problems never really affected me.
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