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  1. Curious, did anyone besides me not immediately know who was on the thumbnail for the video? Really, when I first looked, my initial response was "Who's that?". Micaiah and Sothe look almost completely unrecognizable in that art style (Sothe especially).
  2. Didn't you know? IS hates Jugdral. Except Julia. They love her.
  3. And my orbs are safe. I like the characters themselves, but none are top favorites or anything.
  4. 1. In all honesty, I think Fjorm's health issue has basically been dropped from the story. I feel like they have no intention of addressing it. If they do, I'll be surprised. 2. Bruno and Veronica's individual issues will probably persist until we eventually go against Dragon Embla. I feel like they'll continue to drag them out until then. 3. Lif and Thrasir working with the gods might intertwine with whenever the Allfather, Thorr, and Loki make a move, whatever that might be. 4. Loki's whole "resurrection" thing and her researching dragons from other worlds is certainly bizarre, and who can say whatever it's leading towards. On a somewhat different note, this is something that has been bugging me for a while. As of the last couple chapters, we know Midgard is used to refer to the land of humans, and Askr and Embla is included in this. However, there is one thing I keep debating with myself about. Do Nifl and Muspell also fall under the realm of Midgard? In Norse myth, Midgard, Niflheim, and Muspellheim are three different realms, so I keep wondering if Fire Emblem's version is the same as that, or if Nifl and Muspell are also counted among the realm of humans here.
  5. That's actually been something I've been wondering for a long time. Defeating Dragon Embla will likely bring the Askr-Embla war to an end, so I always wondered whether or not they intend for that storyline to be the end of the game, or if they intend for new adventures to come even after the two countries reconcile. Whatever the case may be, I do hope they plan the story accordingly and don't end it unresolved.
  6. I think the curse might have been there from the beginning, because the Easter Tempest Trial that had Bruno and Veronica implied that Embla's founder, the dragon Embla, had something to do with it, and even implied we'll fight it eventually.
  7. Pretty sure the reason why Bruno did all that has already been explained. I forget the exact reason but there was something with his mother that caused him to flee Embla, and he took on the Zacharius name while in hiding.
  8. Well, I would certainly be curious. By my count, Book 4 now has 6 OC's, just 2 short of enough for a VG of it's own.
  9. I'm going to be speechless if any of this actually does end up being true. 😄
  10. Veronica: "We need to leave now, otherwise this won't be a place of comfort."Mirabilia: "Why? Because of the nightmares?"Veronica: "No, because of me." Make OG Veronica playable you cowards!
  11. Recruiter Ashnard is the best! Julia, considering who you're voiced by, you should never mention magical girls. Others are good too.
  12. Well, looks like they might be trying to build up something with Sharena. Hopefully that leads to something nice down the line. Veronica continues to be incredibly entertaining. She is just so tired of everyone's BS by this point. 😄
  13. I'm pretty sure they never guaranteed it was going to be an all the time sort of thing.
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