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  1. Byleth is the one who kills Randolph. However, Fleche never saw that and assumed it was the "one-eyed man" that Randolph warned her about before. Thus, she assumed Dimitri was the killer. On another note, I gotta say she was a pretty poor planner. Trying to kill Dimitri when he happens to be surrounded by 3 of his strongest allies (Blyeth, Dedue, Rodrigue)? Not a bright plan.
  2. Honestly, I'm just glad Anna tumbled. Never really liked her as a meme character. Fingers crossed Bernie makes a rally but I don't see it happening. All the same, I'm glad to see all the support for her. :)
  3. Here's hoping the English VA's announce their roles like before. 😄 Or if not, hopefully Nintendo actually updates the credits since they didn't do that for Echoes.
  4. Welp, I didn't think Byleth was going to win anyway, but they pretty much sealed their fate by splitting them between normal and enlightened one. In any case, Day 1 goes to Bernadetta.
  5. To be honest, I don't like AvatarxLord ships period. ChromxRobin, RobinxLucina, CorrinxAzura, etc. I quite frankly hate them all. To me, it's just cliche and boring to pair up the character meant to represent you with one of the main Lords. I honestly prefer to give the side characters time to shine in that regard.
  6. I vote for characters I like, Lord or otherwise.
  7. Oh man, first Smash and now this. Two missed opportunities to get to see Bernie's official art. 😄
  8. I agree. I'm anxious for Bernadetta to get added, but I'm not going to cry foul if I have to wait a while.
  9. Bernadetta is always my No.1 priority. Not only does she consistently do well for me in my strategies, but given her past, I can't bear the thought of her literally going down in flames. Aside from that, Annette and Lionie are also high priorities.
  10. Eh, for me, nothing is worse than Breath of the Wild's season pass. A bunch of gimmicky items, Trial of the Sword's reward is lackluster compared to the hours of hell you have to put in to finish it, and The Champion's Ballad is just more of BotW's half-baked writing and poor dungeon design.
  11. Oh god.....don't be like Revelation. Gimmicks are all well and good when done well but that game's maps were NOT good.
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