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  1. Although they did add unique dialog for killing him with someone other than julia, so they at least planned for the possibility.
  2. Although sety as levin's son (and thus the wielder of holsey) is cannon, you are free to pair levin with someone else (such as tiltyu, it you want holsety on a horse). holsety and the blagi staff are the only two holy weapons that can be inhereted onto anyone this way, as all other holy weapons are on mothers or fixed characters. Heck, you can even give sety the blagi staff. Sety can only ever use B wind tomes unless levin is his father. As a reminder, holy blood and promotions are the only way to raise weapon rank in this game. As for who is the best user of holsety, people debate endlessly whether arther or sety is the better user. Sety has pursuit and high max stats, whereas arther has a horse (which are broken in this game). the only other possible user is corple, but he has neither of the things mentioned above, and comes super late. All other sons can;t use holsety due to being unable to use magic at all. As for arden, His problem is that lex has everything he does as a father exept inheretence potential. Arden has high atk and def growths, but lex has a high atk growth, and holy blood which improves both children's def growths. Arden has vantage, but lex has vantage and elite. Arden is a chore to use, but lex is a great unit, who can easily max his level (and you want a high level so the kids have higher base stats). Arden's only advantage is that he can pass on bows (and i guess also swords, but trading those is easy in gen 2). Lester can get the killer bow passed down from arden (and inheretence from is the ONLY way to get a decent bow on lester for the first 2.5 chapters of gen 2), but mider and jamka do the same thing, while being better dads for lester, and being able to pass on the brave and sliver bows as well.
  3. Yeah. honestly, the hostile springs banner just seems like an excuse to give us limited units instead of actual new heroes.
  4. The news post in the app explicitly says that she will be the next TT reward.
  5. Does Julius with loptous equiped count as a dragon for the purposes of the beast transformation effect? I'd test myself, but I don't have a 5 star julius atm.
  6. In fact, the fact that chrom and robin can both cross water is abused in the "water trick", which is a reletively easy (although still nontrivial) method of clearing awakening's prolog on lunatic/lunatic+. Simply kill the enemies near your starting position plus one or two pesky ranged enemies, have Chrom and Robin pair up with Fredrick and Lisa, walk onto the water on the left side of the map untill no one can get to you, and pick people off with robin. Obviously, this would not work if either the tactician and lord classes could not walk on water. The trick can be used on normal and hard, but clearing the map legitimatly is not that difficult on those dificulties, so no one really bothers.
  7. Honestly, FE4 is a very polarising game. That being said, many games in this series inspire strongly divergent options. I for example, love both SOV and fe4, because i don't really mind the sloggy bits both games have. I also like SD more than most pepole seem to. on the other hand, i dislike RD, due to the horrible character ballance, and profushion of hidden items (I hope you like the desert map item mechanic, because half the maps in the game use it. ANd don't even get me started on getting a copy of bolting). That being said, it is the sequal, and I recomend trying it next for that reason. The plot does tie closely enough in that it is probably best to go in fresh. If you can't i'd recomend SD or FE4 because they both introduce a ton of lore that lots of games in the series reference. It's nothing essentual, but SOV in perticular includes several recuring characters from SD (and makes certain subtle references to fe4). SD is easier, and has almost no BS exept the gaiden chapters and prolog (both of which can be patched easily.) because fe4 makes refereces to fe1 (which SD is remake of), i would recomend RD, followed by SD.
  8. granted, i doubt it will, because nintendo is probably very well aware that what flies in a mobile game does not fly in a "core" console game, but but that hasn't stoped EA et al from trying to normalize it.
  9. I never got this logic. Although spending money on FEH gives this impression across, it can also say things like "FE players are fine with gatchas. it's okay if we stick some into three houses or other future $60 games" I spent money on this game BECAUSE I LIKE THIS GAME. And at a certain point it started feeling abusive, and I spent more than I had meant to. I no longer spend money on this game any more. (and if i start feeling "used" by dragalia lost, I will have to drop that one too, despite loving the core mechanics.) i still play feh, but not that heavily (i do most of the time limited stuff, but i have even not done blessed gardens for the last few months..
  10. Good point. I didn't think of that. From what I understand, 75 bucks is NOT a normal price for a pack like this. for comparison, Dragalia Lost's limited 5* summon voucher pack is $25 (plus the equivalent of 40 orbs.) Granted, it is still a random nonseasional 5* character, and dupes can happen, but still...)
  11. But that's exactly my point. The what it is currently set up, it's both. some people are going to pick based on the unit they want, and some are going to pick based on stones/grails. IS won't be able to easily tell which factor predominates. let's say the Ice princess banner sells twice as much. Does this mean that twice as many people want stones compared to grails, twice as many people want fjorm compaired to laevatein or (most likely) some combination of the two? My point is that it is impossible to tell which of these two choices predominates for most people (unless you make an assumption), so it is just not a very good experiment for seing what people like more.
  12. Yeah. Honestly, i'm a little confused as to who these packs are even for. are they for f2p or minimal spenders? not a chance. Are they for meduim spenders (dolphins). I doubt it, although some of them might be persueded. $75 is steep for medium spenders. Is it for whales? maybe, but i feel like they were going to buy the orbs anyway. People have aregued that it is a thank you for whaling present, but that seems like a horrible idea because it makes everyone else feel excluded (as opposed to just giving everyone fifty free orbs for a present), and whales now get to spend less because of the free unit. I am a little confused by how this would work as an experiment. You would expect an a/b test if there were two bundles (which changes a variable to see what people like more), but they changed TWO variables between the two packs, which results in a situation where they can't be sure wheter the pack that sold better did so because of the unit, or the chioce between stones and grails. you could argue that the experiment is having a pack at all, but in that case, why have two packs? why not test one first, and then two later? the only reason that makes sense is if this is essentially the format they plan to use in the future, in which case, it's less of an experiment, and more of an introduction of the new standard (with the only test being "does this idea bomb or not")
  13. Honestly, i swiched to dragalia as my main game a while back, and have not spent a cent on feh since. I hear Cygames has a good record with not getting abusive, and they are certainly super comunicative and much more willing to give out free stuff (we got a 5* summon voucher as a Christmas present for crying out loud). I would compare pricing with the equivalent new year's bundles, but although they announced the content of bundles, pricing will not be revieled untill the bundles drop tonight. THat being said, the one issue that I have with DL is the fact that the a LOT of aspects of the progression can be payed to be accelerated (in fact very few things can NOT be accelerated in some way.) that being said, FEH seems intent on mimicking this with its various bundles, and DL has zero pvp (only co-op), so someone getting an advantage does not mean very much to you, except that they indirectly give you an advantage through co-op and helper abilities. It helps that DL has a good story (nothing transcendental or anything, but i legitimately want to see what happens to these characters).
  14. Make sure to save the sappling, as doing so gives you access to an extra dungeon. Don't read that much about the plot. It's pretty good, and throws some curve balls I was not expecting. One more thing. This game is not especially hard, (and it is also pretty short). You can play the game completely blind and win pretty easily, especially with things like the maps and item/skill/enemy lists in the ds version. There are fairly major missables, but new game plus allows you to go back and get them all. I'd recomend playing close to blind, and then using a walkthrough to get everything on the new game plus playthrough.
  15. You are right as far as arena goes, but he's still super usefull in PVE when you know exactly what to expect (it helps that his build is super f2p friendly). In fact, raven in general is hands down my favorate way of ranged tanking in pve modes. Edit: I have Not confimed this myself, but gamepedia says that F! robin's special refine effect is identical to M!robin's
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