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  1. It... it definitely took a while. But thanks!
  2. We done bois. (Note that this is obviously not meant to be playable really, dem woods)
  3. Probably a necro but I don't really wanna post this in my map topic if there's already a thread for it. In any case, if you want me to make a map for you, considering my frequency on this site is rather on/off, it is probably smarter to either add me on Skype (mono-kirisame) or add me on Discord (Monorion#3693). I'm on those two pretty much the whole time if you need to contact me, so it's far more likely I'll see your message on there rather than here. If on Skype, you should probably also add that you want me to make a map for you. (And if on Discord just message me immediately). Remember, 's all free and stuff. But yeah, reach me there instead.
  4. I don't think I've posted this map but I'm honestly not even sure anymore at this point. Also something I started on a while ago but haven't gotten around to finish yet for some reason. (Tileset credit to Feaw)
  5. Thanks for the comments. (... and sorry for the late reply, lol) First and Second: It's intentional, I obviously tend to avoid this too, but it seemed like it would fit in this map. Third: The shadow is also intentional to make it look like the ground is lower than the one next to it. The second does look a little weird and I probably could've chosen a different tile. As for the third, I really don't know, the borders were a tiny bit confusing to work with back when I made this, pfft. Fourth: I mean... it's just supposed to be a big river. xP FE7 17 did this too, but it's different tiles which is weird because I couldn't find the ones used in there. Maybe I'm just blind. I guess cliffs would also have worked. Fifth: This was mainly just a test to see how far I could go with mountains, I think. If I wanted to make it more of an open field I'm pretty sure I would have, pfft. And yeah, the backwards cliff/river tile looks weird but it's also weird if there's only the not reversed ones on the map.
  6. I'm not even sure if I'm still allowed to post something here considering I haven't done so in goddamn ages (because I keep forgetting I exist on here), and I haven't been mapping a bunch lately, so here's a few that are older and I don't think I've posted. Maybe I'll make something new sometime, I've been trying to but I need to get over my rustiness. (I feel like I've posted this one before but I'm honestly really not sure. Here's a version with both parts together)
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. A little late but to get back on the interview: I agree that Midnight Sun has very nice maps! I like them a lot. And if you ever need some help/advice in making maps, feel free to ask me if you want to. Also hooray for de-hooded mages. Always thought the hood looked pretty silly with how pointy it is.
  9. That character is so cool and the animations are as well! (Also, Soul Calibur III music <3)
  10. I'm in the same boat as Kitty here. If you need a map just feel free to ask... but give me enough details first.
  11. I wish I wouldn't be terrible at indoor maps... else I would participate. RIP.
  12. Go right ahead. I made this map for you, after all, so... xP
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