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  1. Those standings aren't for this current round. That's how the standings were last round, where we chose the top four. Ike was first last round, Hector second, Tharja third and Azura fourth. I don't think the standings for this round are going to be revealed.
  2. Where did they post this? Could you post a link to it?
  3. Did they cut Coliseum Mode? They talked about it in the August interview and that's a month before it releases in September so the game should have gone gold around that time (so Coliseum Mode would have been done), but no one's been playing it?
  4. Could someone give me the link to Tiki's gameplay? I really want to see her moveset!
  5. inb4 we don't get to see the new character, they're just covered up with a black box
  6. Is this like the others where if it gets enough retweets, we still get the conversations that came in 2nd and 3rd?
  7. Leo and FRobin makes sense, Elise and Lissa was to be expected, but Camilla/Frederick would be very interesting. Regardless, I voted for Lyn/??? because NEW CHARACTER!!
  8. idk, I'd still call Robin an infantry mage. Having a sword special shouldn't undermine the fact that the rest of his move set is magic based.
  9. I thought there was someone else? Aren't we forgetting someone? Oh well.
  10. lol im really really really glad sakura got in but idk why she's such a clone of takumi, she shouldn't even be able to make the wind tornadoes b/c she doesn't have fujin yumi
  11. I think that they confirmed characters will only use one weapon. And I don't think she's too likely but I think Panne would be an amazing addition. No one's really expecting her and she'd have a really cool moveset; for a second stone user my money's on her. W/ Kaden and Keaton they'd have to add both, not just one or the other. Though it is entirely possible we get Nowi as a clone of Tiki.
  12. yeah I was indecisive on Gangrel and Walhart but Freddy is already a horse axe character so I leaned towards Gangrel. That plus how Walhart comes up towards the end of Awakening. It wouldn't surprise me if Walhart got in over Gangrel though, but they're both good choices imo. It'd be so cool to see what they could do with Garon! Transforming into his slime blob self would be interesting
  13. if there's more awakening slots it'll be a crime if Panne doesn't make it. Here's my roster. It's 26 w/o villains and gender swaps but oh well lol Reasonings:
  14. Why would they place a unique character above a different unique character, thus preventing the former from having their own nametag? Tharja's not going to be right above Frederick because she's not a clone or an alt of him. They're either going to announce two more Awakening characters or just leave Tharja off the poster but have her still in the game.
  15. Your comment isn't much better. Let's look at the roster we have now. Chrom. Lucina, Lissa, Robin, Frederick, Cordelia, 10 Fates royals, am I missing someone? I don't think so. oh yeah my bad just Marth. Marth was our second FE character to be revealed for this game (after Chrom) and yet we still don't have anyone else from SD. Even though I joined FE with Awakening and Fates, I have to agree with him. He doesn't mean damaged as in "lol wow these games SUCK" but rather FE has taken a different direction, for better or worse. Awakening and Fates did really good and that's amazing, but they're everywhere. It's really tiresome if you're a fan of the older games because they aren't thrown any bones at all. Everything is all about Awakening and Fates, while the older games are just forgotten about. With games like this where there's a limited roster, it makes the most sense to choose Awakening and Fates as two of the three games represented. The most popular, the newest. But don't treat the third one like garbage. We're 25 days away from release and Marth is still our only SD character. When they revealed Tiki's amiibo at E3, they could have revealed her then, it was the perfect opportunity. But instead we have to wait months and months to see if she's actually in. We have to wait until the last month to see more than Marth for Shadow Dragon. At this point I won't be surprised if SD only has 6 characters while Awakening and Fates are hitting the double digits.
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