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  1. Pretty much. As why she's really boring, look at all her possible parents. That family's a trainwreck.
  2. When someone says it isn't ingame, I'm going to take that over the opinions of what the sword should look like if nothing happened.
  3. That hole comes from the hilt, notice the jewel's missing, not the blade itself. Besides, in game designs are hardly higher tier than in game dialogue.
  4. There really is no better time for something that's optional and always available throughout the entire game, after a certain point. If it were mandatory, I would see the point, but as is, it hardly even matters in the grand scheme that matters even less.
  5. Everything. Sign me up for that everything as well. Falchion was never reforged. A new hilt and pommel were given to it, but Lucina makes it clear the blade itself is timeless. As for the Fire Emblem, I don't remember hearing anything about that one.
  6. MU doesn't have standards, doe. Plus magic, tbh.
  7. Grima represents the evil inside us all that only friendship can conquer, and only we can defeat ourselves. Three cheers for the power of friendship!
  8. Optional content is by definition optional. Criticizing a game for something that is not in its parameters to make you do is again, a criticism of yourself. The game doesn't say, "Recruit Donnel now mofo or I'mmaendyou," it doesn't even tell you Donnel is there. It doesn't tell you what kind of unit he is, it's just a green circle with a name, which will not catch your eye more than the red one it clearly points out for you to go to next. Paralogues are your choice, and the only person who makes you go to them, is yourself. If the option to do things beside the main story infuriates you so, then well....I really don't even know what to say.
  9. I'd again like to point out this game wasn't made for you. It was made with the idea in mind to be a cash grab. Second, I don't know where this idea of Awakening pushing the story to the side came from, except for the fact that almost literally every FE game does this. Teenagers conquering the world may have been innovative at one time. But not so much now. Hundreds of these exist now. There are exceptions of course, as with anything, but for the most part, FE is a game series with horrible cliched stories with interesting characters and gameplay. Second, being able to grind is not a criticism I usually accept for any product because the game doesn't force you to do it. That's a choice you made on your own, knowing full well what you were doing. Blame yourself. That's a criticism of you. If you think a game should tell you not to do something because you lack the strength to not use the riekling boxes, or even worse, the dlc you purchased seperately, twice knowing what it does, I really don't know what to say. Third Again, that's how FE has been for the most part. That is a series, not an Awakening problem. As for the free-roaming map, it's hardly free-roaming. How exactly are the useless, gray circles distracting you from the active, red ones? You're making a much bigger deal out of something that means pretty much nothing in the grand scheme. That being said, I'm not happy with some of ways, most of the ways, Awakening turned out, not because it ruined a series of flawless, peerless, strategy games with concise and concrete storytelling, that "makes me want to cry," but because FE is a good example of NIntendo product stagnation.
  10. Of course not. Post game Paralouges are just hallucinations.
  11. Why would you think we would think it wouldn't. When units are moved to the front of a pair up, they're you know...at the front of a pair up.
  12. Trutru, they could have given the story more explanation, but then again, the story isn't worth knowing to begin with. This is Fanservice the Game: DLC on a Beach, doe.
  13. Realize that these are designed towards the casual who most likely won't even finish it. What you or I want is irrelevant.
  14. Chill though, I kind of want to live to see III before my brain explodes. Anyway, imagine if everyone was Xane. The reactions, man.
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