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  1. Happy birthday, Mayo!

  2. Job hunting sure sounds like a frustrating business, but well, all I can do is wish you luck with thatI suppose so, ridiculously busy lately, but that keeps me from having overly negative thoughts, which is good I guess. Quite happy about being able to rest up today too so I'm okay In the end, my teacher started screaming at me, but I somehow managed to get him to calm down. We'll be doing the presentation on Monday, but if that one isn't perfect, it'll be "a complete failing". This' ll be fun Call me whatever you want, you're about my age so I see no problem with that. As said above, I miraculously managed to convince him of doing it on Monday, which is already something. In the end even a guy with a head that thick had to accept that it just wouldn't work out. College? I fear I'm still in high school, second to last year here. And thanks for the offer, but the rules here don't have anything to prevent the situation, sadly. I know them fairly well myself due to another incident a year ago, but this one really is a shitty loophole. A question though if you allow, are you interested in becoming a lawyer then? It depends on how good the partner in question is. I had partners with an amazing work morale, who'd never disappoint like this. In those cases I'm not particularly against group assignments, although I do prefer working alone too, since I tend to be a reserved guyHe gave us exactly one week, which isn't that much time considering how busy we all were
  3. Sometimes the world sure limes to troll me >_> And hey, I hope you're doing well? Knowing him...I'm screwed. The critique shouldn't be a big problem since I wrote it to begin with, but the nuances of his theory, and his background are two things I'm not knowledgeable about. But I sure hope he'll be a little forgiving... (Can I have a cookie too?) The next lesson's about to start. Well, shit
  4. So yeah, I KNOW we could have thought this more through, but I hate it when a teacher is an absolute jerk
  5. Rant incoming: So today I and 3 guys from school were supposed to present something about Machiavelli in philosophy class. The teacher had told us to use up the entire hour, but since he gave us little time for preparation, we all were pretty stressed from the very beginning. I finished my critique and rezension of him, wheareas my colleagues completed his social-historical background, his thesis etc. After that, we revised the whole thing together and saved the complete presentation on the laptop of one of the other three. I came into school thinking that we'd discuss some last-minute changes during the breaks, but surprise, the owner of the laptop was assent. We thought that he'd arrive after the second lesson (we had physics and he pretty much hates the subject). So we waited, but he didn't come. I tried to call his home and his cellphone several times, but to no avail, he just wouldn't respond. The laptop was in our possession, since he had left it at the home of another one from the group. But since we didm't know the password, we couldn't access it. And since he wouldn't answer to our calls, there was no way to find it out. We explained the situation to the teacher and said that we did have some parts of the presentation ourselves, but that the bulk of it was on that shitty laptop, meaning we were unable to do a proper presentation. And for some friggin reason, our teacher kept telling us that we should present Machiavelli nontheless, despite having next to nothing. In the end, the remaining two guys went home during lunch-break, and I'll be here hoping that my teacher won't be an asshole and have me do it all (meaning nothing) by myself. Honestly, I know that we could have been more organized than thus, but goddamn, we had little time at disposition and this weak was filled with tests, presentations and examinations, we had no time to do everything in a perfect way. What I just don't get is why my teacher is so stubborn. Just let us do the whole thing on monday instead of being an asshole and having us repsnt for another's mistake. So yeah, I'm pretty annoyed right now, and I'm starting to regret going to school today
  6. Yo Mayo, got a quote or saying you find yourself saying a lot?

    1. Kokone Kirino

      Kokone Kirino

      Does Murphy's Law count?

      "Anything that can possibly go wrong, does."

      So. Goddamn. True

      Aside from that nothing comes to mind right now. I'll think about it later

  7. well it would be weird for a mayo tube to have a beard attached to it *shot* I'd look marvellous
  8. Oh, so in purpose it is similar to that ice bucket challenge I could still join lol. Been trying to grow a beard anyways so
  9. Never heard of that. Dunno, but it's not common here
  10. I shall then Just wantes to hear some opinions since lol, gaming journalism, but thanks On my way already So yeah, thanks guys
  11. Sadly not, stores here only offer the normal one
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