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  1. Heh, its funny to see how terribly google translates pages. I want a "Gale bath of thunder yarn Celica flame of god."
  2. Lucina: I like her as a unit, otherwise fairly boring, has some good moments though. Say'Ri: Never used her besides as a speed boost pair up for one of my units in a challenge run. Gaius: Only use him to pair up with Tharja and pass down pegasus. Vaike: Rarely use him ever and he is annoying. Panne: Was useful for a little teeny bit in the same challenge run I used Say'Ri for, didn't stay useful. Donnel: Loved him in my first playthrough, later decided he wasn't all that good besides good stat growths early on and mentioned earlier: His pot on his head. Ricken: You are short and always will be, so shut up about it, only thing this kid is useful for is making a good sage Owain. Lissa: Only good for making babies. (Owain) She starts out as an only-staff user and only-staff users are a pain to train early on therefore they grow weak and I stop using them so by the time it is easier to train them (Rescue staves) they are horrendously underleveled and I just don't feel like putting effort into them, sure they make nice sages but... meh... Maribelle: Same reason as for Lissa, but she is a tad more useful because she is a troubadour which are generally superior to clerics in every way. Cynthia: Rarely ever use her. Emmeryn: I want to use her, but I know she won't turn out to anything more than a better lissa... And I don't like lissa. Units I've never recruited: Brady: I have often unlocked his chapter and got to the preparation menu once or twice, didn't feel like recruiting him/training Maribelle. He looks cool though :/ Severa: Don't use cynthia, don't want to use cynthia, too lazy to build support with cynthia. Yarne: Don't use panne, don't want to use panne, too lazy to build support with panne.
  3. Lettuce Well, today I was discussing classes with a friend for an unrelated thing and I thought I heard him say lettuce and jokingly I added it to a list of classes I had written out, but it made me wonder... What would a lettuce class be...? Weapons:Lettucestone(and the Cabbagestone) (basically a dragonstone that allows you to turn into lettuce) Base Skill: Ruffage +4 Str +4 Spd Lvl 15 skill: Salad +25 hit/avo when paired with another Lettuce Stats: Str-37 Mag-30 Skl-37 Spd-40 Def-38 Res-39 The Lettucestone would give Str + 7 Mag + 3 Skl + 6 Spd + 10 Def + 5 Res +5 The Cabbagestone would give Str + 10 Mag + 6 Skl + 8 Spd + 13 Def + 7 Res + 8
  4. Sure it would be nice if you are trying to drain every single ounce of completion out of fire emblem, but I'm not that dedicated.
  5. Usually Sage (Because they are amazing) with vantage/vengeance/miracle or if I'm running a more physical MU then Swordmaster or Zerker
  6. I mentioned it was hard/classic but I forgot to mention it was also a no-grind playthrough as well. So no DLC no Bonus Box and no risen encounters
  7. So, I am doing a no second seal hard/classic run, I decided to pair Chrom up with Sumia since she is Lucina's only mom that can pass galeforce w/o reclassing. I just beat ch 8 and Sumia is level 14, I am wondering if I should master seal now or later. Now would give me a higher chance of reaching lvl 15 w/ dark flier by ch 13 but later would give me an extra 6 levels of stats that could prove to be useful in this playthrough especially since Lucina's starting stats are based off of her parents stats thus putting her at a disadvantage but I could miss out on passing GF. So, do you think I would be better off reclassing now or later.
  8. lol thanks for putting that as your sigurature

    1. terff


      It seemed worthy of it ;)

    2. terff


      It seemed worthy of it ;)

  9. Ooo yeah! Bantu would be great, give him some supports with tiki and nowi. And it would work since Nowi mentions him, thus hinting that he is still alive.
  10. I was thinking, if you were to have one more endgame paralogue who would you want in it? I would probably want Validar or Phila since everyone major who dies can't stay dead for some reason so why not add a few more people who "escaped death" Or Excellus because I love messed up characters :/
  11. I have one more question, should I take libra from maribelle and give him to lissa, that would give Owain sorcerer so he can run Vantage/Vengeance or is he better with ricken as a father?
  12. About the same or worse, Kellam gives better mods along with the knight line so you can run a Pavise/Aegis/Renewal/LB/(Some filler skill: Luna Deliverer or Miracle) and be an absolutely unbreakable wall of pain, Donnel can do the same but with a lower def mod and without Pavise. But also Donnel can give sol and armsthrift, Sol if you want more recovery or armsthrift for infinite gungnir!
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