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  1. These are up. I probably have the rest but I'm out of slots after swapping everyone out in this post. Gunter at least, yes. Both up. Bolded up. Have this up now. I do have a BR file I'm working on where I'll be getting skills for Yukimura/Scarlet/Izana, and I have F!Kana on that file and she's got Luna, but I can't put it up without switching to my BR castle which wouldn't have much else besides F!Kana. Gimme time to work on that.
  2. Would definitely like a skill guide. Hopefully the Japanese wiki gets something up with pictures soonish, though it doesn't look like they've managed it yet. Seems relatively easy to understand the UI otherwise if you've played any untranslated FE.
  3. The thing about the succession is explicitly brought up in Revelation's epilogue, so they did think of it. Azura just doesn't really care.
  4. That's correct, the Deeprealms have a different timescale. Rhajat explicitly mentions that hers goes faster than others and speculates that she is now older than her mother. This is hilarious if her mother is Nyx, though unfortunately Nyx has no witty comeback specific to being Rhajat's mother.
  5. Alright, I feel like doing a prepromotes and semi-neglected characters day, so the following are up: Fuga: Movement +1 / Defender / Trample / Quick Draw / Elbow Room Flora: HP +5 / Counter / Countermagic / Darting Blow / Death Blow Gunter: Movement +1 / Counter / Countermagic / Death Blow / Warding Blow Reina: Vantage / Counter / Countermagic / Defender / Trample Shura: Spendthrift / Death Blow / Certain Blow / Renewal / Tomefaire Hinata: Movement +1 / Magic +2 / Miracle / Quick Draw / Strong Riposte Subaki: Movement +1 / Pavise / Aegis / Counter / Countermagic Hayato: Inspiration / Certain Blow / Warding Blow / Vantage / Lunge Kagero: Miracle / Counter / Countermagic / Quick Draw / Strong Riposte Orochi: Movement +1 / Miracle / Vengeance / Life and Death / Wary Fighter
  6. Fuga up with Vengeance / Movement +1 / Elbow Room / Aegis / Pavise. I don't think he gets those naturally. Bolded are up. Since someone did Axebreaker for Subaki already I put him up with all the other ones.
  7. Shura is amazing on Revelation because deployment slots are limited and you're probably looking for strong units (often royals) to do combat duties and don't have a ton of slots for staff and Locktouch utility to handle healing and the numerous chests in the second half of Rev. Shura solves both these problems for you in a single character without taking so much as a single drop of experience (though he can do bow chip or finish something in a pinch). He already has plenty of HP, more than enough Speed to never worry about being doubled, 7 Move thanks to promoted and Movement +1, and enough Staff rank to use Physics, Rescues, and Silences. Reina's also very underrated by a lot of people, as mentioned her offensive growths are great and while she won't tank much she is excellent at deleting enemies and requires very little setup to do well at it. Scarlet is also pretty good on Birthright, can't say no to a Wyvern Lord and her class set is exceptional.
  8. I haven't tried it but Lodestar might make Subaki work. Surely Dancing Blade and Speedtaker can fix even his godawful Speed. Granted it's a bit of a waste but on Birthright at least I can't think of anybody who needs to be a Lodestar. Most of the good BR characters aren't too worried about their Speed (it seems like a complete waste on Ryoma in a way it wouldn't be on Xander in CQ). Saizo maybe but Saizo almost would want an Ebon Wing instead.
  9. If it's possible to 0% Growths Run almost every FE on the highest difficulties, it should be possible to win playing normally without an absurd overreliance on luck. Not even LTCs rely on things that are so absurdly improbable that they will almost never work, especially in the FEs where you can't manipulate/rig the RNG. You might need a better strategy, even if that strategy is kinda cheap (e.g. "I only have one unit who can safely fight Ryoma and they barely damage him, so I'll spend 30 turns whittling Ryoma down"). If it works, and works reliably, then you're no longer relying on luck, and frankly if it works then who cares if it's cheap?
  10. The following are up with Defender: Selkie, Forrest, Rhajat, Ophelia, Sophie (though you probably didn't need help with that), Caeldori, Ignatius, Shiro, Dwyer. Their other skills are just some filler, mostly nothing important but it might be things people don't have (+2 stat skills, Elbow Room, etc.). He's up again.
  11. Getting hit by physical stuff is one of the few things Rinkah is never that worried about given 10 base and a 65% growth. She's relatively tanky as long as magic isn't targeting her poor HP/Res, and that's her major weakness as a character moreso than her damage potential which can be boosted by Axe/Club base Mt, her personal, and options like the Bolt Axe, Great Club, and Hammer. The Hammer doesn't have 2 range and Javelin Generals exist. I'm pretty sure you can't back up your claim that a 6 Mt weapon that can't double and increases enemy doubling thresholds will do more damage than a 14 Mt weapon that can double and hits Res on a character with a 25% personal Str growth, which is why you erased it and jumped on the Hammer again. The Hammer may be as effective or more effective for Rinkah at times, but Scarlet also wants it. Scarlet doesn't want the Bolt Axe because she has 4 Mag base at --/1 and lower Mag growth than Rinkah unless she's in Malig Knight, and lower Def growth to make up for the Avoid penalty (though Scarlet's base Def is quite good).
  12. There are plenty of Cavaliers/Paladins/Great Knights in Birthright. Some also carry Swords but not all do, and if they swap to Swords they lower their Attack, which a physical tank rarely minds. Knights/Generals as well, who are among a Bolt Axe user's prime targets: High Def, low to average Res, attacks physically, cannot get WTA on Axes; at best they have Axes themselves, but Lances are more commonplace. The Hammer also wrecks Knights/Generals, but (1) Rinkah's Strength growth is spotty but her Magic doesn't have to be that great to be effective, (2) Scarlet makes better use of the Hammer since her personal relates to Crit and she has better Strength, and (3) you don't really have to choose because each of them can use one of the two weapons if you're using both of them. There are also quite a lot of Faceless in Birthright, who have godawful Res and only do physical damage at 1 range. Stoneborn also have terrible Res. So there is something to hitting Res when you could otherwise hit Def, and of the Axe users available in BR Rinkah is the one least wanting to lean on her Str.
  13. Steel vs. forged Brass/Iron is a pretty rough comparison for Clubs. It takes a +2 Brass/Iron to match Steel, which isn't a terrible investment but it's one you'd be making more or less exclusively for Rinkah. It's not like a +2 Iron Katana/Naginata where multiple people can pass it around. The point is not to sandbag Rinkah but to try not to put her in a situation where someone can turn around and say "Yeah Rinkah's OK but only if you waste a bunch of resources on her." She can be OK, and the resources it takes to make her that way aren't really that bad. She'd appreciate a +1/+2 Iron forge but the question is whether she can become reasonably viable without spending a lot of money. And the answer is more or less yes, as long as she's used, as there are a few droppables that aren't in huge competition. "There is no feasible way for her to reach D before the route split." "Actually you can reach D in Chapter 7." Chapter 7 is not before the route split. My point is they gave her E Axe presumably because she's such an early unit, but then made it incredibly difficult for her to actually leverage her weapon rank in Chapters 4 & 5. So she may as well have just started at D, that way if you had trouble making use of her -- which isn't impossible given YOLO Ryoma in 4 and the enemy composition in 5 -- she wouldn't be so badly behind. She'd have Iron/Throwing access from the start and would just be a little less kludgey to use, and her brief absence in Revelation might not be as intolerable. It doesn't kill her, it's just annoying and she might get crapped on by people less often if she started at D in her base class's favored weapon type as a lot of characters do.
  14. I don't think you understood my point. I agree with you, her Avoid is unreliable and so there's no reason to worry about it. What I mean is you should account for this, assume she'll always get hit, and calculate based on her concrete durability. If you do this she shouldn't be randomly dying even with the Bolt Axe. EDIT: Also it's worth noting Rinkah WANTS to get hit, even if only for chip damage, because she wants her personal active ASAP if she's tanking. So putting her Avoid in the toilet somewhat ironically makes her better as long as she can take the hits, as she'll take 1-3 damage or something and then Fiery Blood is contributing 4-8 extra damage per combat, which ain't peanuts. Tiger Spirit requires C Tomes which Rinkah will probably never have (Hayato is the Oni likely to be able to use Scrolls, Rinkah wants Axes), cuts her effective doubling by 2 (granted she's not that concerned), has WTD against Lances, 8 Mt, and it has a -5 Avoid penalty anyway. Bolt Axe is an Axe (so it continues to build her Axe rank allowing her to switch off to physical Clubs if necessary), has WTA on Lances, and 14 Mt. That is a huge difference if you aren't forging a Tiger Spirit, and you'd need a +3 Tiger Spirit to pull even on Mt: That's 8 Tiger Spirits or 16000G vs. the Bolt Axe that drops in BR14 for free and basically can't be used by anybody else except Scarlet, who has much better things to do (though she does start at C Axes and could use it). The entire point of the Bolt Axe is to give Rinkah a relatively inexpensive and uncompetitive niche if you intend to use her; there's not much competition for one Spirit Dust and a Bolt Axe almost nobody can use but her, and it lets her be a solid physical tank who dodges nothing but soaks physical hits well and counters at 1-2 range with Res-targeting damage. That's not the best, but it's at least the least resource-competitive thing Rinkah can do to establish herself in the midgame, and it's pretty unique outside of Chieftain Hayato (who has his own issues, and is barely any better on the Res front unless he remains a Diviner and then his Def sucks). EDIT: To give an example, if Rinkah never once procs Mag growth then as an Oni Chieftain with a Spirit Dust she has 8 Mag which is 26 Atk with the Bolt Axe after Fiery Blood is active. That's as bad as she can possibly be with that setup. Any Mag growth procs, any Pair Ups, any tonics or meals make that better. But even at that point it's not bad for that point in the game; the boss of BR15 has 15 Def compared to just 6 Res, so Rinkah is doing 20 damage per swing, can attack him at 2 range which prevents him from counterattacking her, and if she doubles (which is somewhat unlikely, but she shouldn't get doubled) she ices him on Normal/Hard and leaves him near death on Lunatic. If she doesn't she chunks 40-50% of his HP. Great? Not compared to like, Ryoma or whatever. But it's not bad.
  15. Yeah I forgot to mention that, Ignis is not locked to Robin though females need Nohrian Trust to use it since it's Grandmaster only. I haven't calculated the ideal situation for Ignis but like Dragon Fang it does well when you have very high Attack already and is decent on hybrid attackers (i.e. capped out max stat characters who will have both Str and Mag maxed). The biggest issue I can forsee with Ignis is that the best user of it is probably some version of Kana and even without skill buying Kana has access to Dragon Fang. The best build I've found for it is a Master Ninja Kana who uses a changeup of regular Shuriken and Felicia's Plate, but Dragon Fang adapts itself to mixed attacking as well so it's not like Ignis has a unique niche there. It does make Luna somewhat less impressive though since Kana can mostly target whichever defenses are lower. Though 100% Ignis is achievable on Kana without Quixotic while 100% Dragon Fang isn't, so that's something to consider.
  16. The Bolt Axe also kills Avoid so frankly if you're going that route just plan around Rinkah never dodging anyway.
  17. 20% personal, not great but not abysmal either; Sakura has the same, as does Hayato, and Hinata only has 15%. It's mostly that Rinkah has a garbage base (3 to Sakura's 7) and Oni Savages are supposed to be weak to magic (0% class growth for Savage and Blacksmith, 5% for Chieftain). Hoshidan classes other than Oni and Archer have semi-decent Resistance growths so Rinkah should be pretty savagely (heh) weak to magic. By comparison, Oboro has a base of 8, a base growth of 30%, 5% from Spear Fighter, and access to the Guard Naginata for an immediate +5 Res. She's got a 10 Res lead on Rinkah just from bases which Rinkah is not making up in the time between her joining and Oboro joining. However, Rinkah has like a +15% growth advantage in Def and a deficiency of just 3 in terms of bases, so she'll probably tie Oboro for Def and exceed her pretty quick to make up the Guard Naginata difference, so she should be comparably durable or more durable than Oboro against physical hits. Also Oni Chieftain Rinkah can tank Lances and counterattack with the Bolt Axe which allows her to hit Res (and thus apply her personal to magic damage). That's her edge over Oboro I think: Tanks physical hits comparably or slightly better and whacks the shit out of physical lance classes with Bolt Axe WTA, not as good an all-rounder tank due to lack of Guard Naginata access and shit Res. It's a bit of an odd niche but I don't think it's unviable either.
  18. I think she'd be fine with D Axes to start. She's screwed over by being a pre-routesplit unit so for some reason they gave her E (even though Kaze gets D Hidden) with no feasible way to reach D in the two maps she's available. Her tankiness + personal + faster C means Steel Clubs for extra punch and immediate access to the Bolt Axe once it shows up (and who else are you giving it to in Birthright?). Having D Axes in Revelation would at least allow her to wield an Iron Axe right away, which is at least better than a Brass Club. She's not fantastic but fix her base weapon rank and at least she's not in Bronze Hell right out of the gate.
  19. Bolded are up. In addition, if you've been looking for a unit to run castles faster, I put up my avatar as a Dark Falcon with Galeforce / Movement +1 / Pass / Warp / Nohrian Trust. Attach a character who gives +1 Mov via support to her and she has 12 Mov which reaches most thrones in two turns, and with Warp can also slingshot herself directly to a throne or something if you need another unit to kill somebody sitting on it (or just use her for it whatever, she has capped stats). You cannot learn Galeforce/Warp from her because they're DLC skills; I just put her up for recruitment as an Einherjar if you want one.
  20. From an in-game perspective it's Dragon Fang because Dragon Fang actually exists. It might not contribute a ton but at least it's there for Corrin to use, and it works with Dragonstones so it slightly makes up for the lack of doubling. Endgame purposes or something... it will depend a great deal on stats, caps, weapon used, and so forth. Dragon Fang tends to be better the higher your Attack Power (so using an endgame Yato or heavily forged weapon with 16+ Mt improves it a lot), Astra tends to be better the higher your crit rate, Luna/Aether tend to be better the higher the enemy defense, and Rend Heaven is useless against off-stat enemies with 0 in their non-dominant attack stat. If we assume an unmodified unboosted capped Hoshido Noble with an endgame Yato (16 Mt) then things sort of shake down as follows (number in parentheses is the average damage added per attack, which is how Luna can do more damage than Aether even though any given Aether proc always does more damage than a Luna proc): Berserker w/ 40 Str, 0 Mag, 20 Def: Rend Heaven (8.7) > Astra (6.5) > Aether (5.8) > Ignis (4.1) > Luna (2.9) > Dragon Fang (1.1). Onmyoji w/ 0 Str, 40 Mag, 15 Def: Dragon Fang (8.7) > Astra (7.6) > Aether (6.1) > Ignis (4.1) > Luna (2.2) > Rend Heaven (0). General w/ 35 Str, 0 Mag, 35 Def: Rend Heaven (7.6) > Dragon Fang (5.4) > Luna (5.1) > Aether (4.7) > Ignis (4.1) > Astra (3.3). Dark Knight w/ 32 Str, 34 Mag, 30 Def: Rend Heaven (7.0) > Aether (5.1) > Dragon Fang (5.0) > Luna = Astra (4.4) > Ignis (4.1). The rough takeaway is that Rend Heaven is generally the best except attacking off-stat guys where it's the worst, Astra struggles against very high Def but is otherwise reasonably consistent, Aether and Ignis are consistent middle-of-the-road boosts. Luna is... surprisingly not that great unless you struggle to do any damage at all, and even in that case Dragon Fang is comparable (since a raw Attack Power boost tends to push you past enemy Defense caps). Rend Heaven mostly wins out because of consistency though; theoretically you might see better performance from the other skills with Quixotic and Hoshidan Unity since the effective Skill granted by those is greater for lower-activation skills (e.g. the combo is worth 25 Skl for Luna, 12.5 Skl for Rend Heaven, 50 Skl for Aether, and 100 Skl for Lethality). I also didn't account for something like Astra on a 100% Crit build but getting consistent Astra and 100% Crit is another matter and it'd still struggle against sufficiently high Def (get your damage down to 1 and Astra's not looking that impressive hitting for a whole 15 points).
  21. Watching Moogleboss's random reclass run, half his team got Spear Fighter at one point or another and having access to Seal Defense is just that good in Conquest. If you're not making Corrin a Spear Fighter yourself, you're not getting Seal Defense without Haitaka. The fact he's a pretty decent tank means he can basically take the lumps and wreck everyone else's Defense so the rest of the group can mop up, with the option to also shore up everyone else's Defense. It's also helpful to not be leaning entirely on Effie and Camilla (and possibly Corrin) for good early bulk. His long-term growths leave his defenses a little questionable by the end, but at least he'll hit hard and not get doubled and his HP growth works. At that point you're nearing Rallyman and can swap. Haven't tried Kumagera as a tank, but dual Counters and 75%/65% HP/Def growth on a unit with 1-2 range looks quite impressive. His Speed is awful but at least he's got a good base and Darting Blow.
  22. Benny with Movement +1 / Counter / Countermagic / Replicate / Elbow Room up now, for whoever wanted Replicate from him. Bolded are up now.
  23. Try using the save/load trick to get all of them in the logbook at once tomorrow. I can't guarantee that everything will stay up forever.
  24. Everything listed is up. I also have Benny with Replicate that someone requested but I didn't have enough spots to slot him in. Ask again later.
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