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  1. I was like, inactive for a looong time. and wasn't very active even before that. So, I have no idea what to say or what to say about myself or how the people are on here, I honestly feel like im in another city and I'm scared. How many posts a day is like normal, do people expect a certain format in posts, will they judge me if I don't use it, is responding to too may posts weird? I have so many questions and I have no idea how to describe myself either So yeah, I have no idea what to say, but hey anyways. Its nice to meet you all.
  2. I've been hearing almost everywhere that the Nohr path's story needs an extreme rewrite, but I haven't really seen any thing to back this up or at least say whats wrong with it in detail. From what I've seen from the translated play through videos (which then again might not show the best representation of the actual plot) I haven't really seen any major issues. So I was wondering if anyone could just update me on what exactly are these extremely flawed plot points?
  3. The ideas of personal skills really help give even more individualism when it comes to units, and so far most of them are really cool since they mostly apply to the characters personality. But what exactly are the most useful and least useful of the personal skills? I feel like skills like the capture skill area obviously very useful but what other personal skills really help a unit out? Or drag them down?
  4. So hey Im back you probably won't remember me since I rarely used to talk but Ive been gone for liek 8-9 months? irdr but O well. I guess I should do a mini introduction. My name is Marc. I might like fire emblem ehehe. I listen to EDM, glitchhop, etc. And I like Pheonix wright, Persona, Proffessor layton, fire emblem again, and other stuffs. I guess im just saying hi to everyone again and like idk if anything has changed to its great to be back .3.
  5. Oh hey .3. I just got back, I was gone for like ten months or so. so ye thx for the welcome .3.
  6. Very glorious I didn't even get 99% of the humor but it was still funny
  7. Actually taking interest into characters instead of like just playing the game for the hell of it but no one does that
  8. Have you heard the beautiful soundtrack? You can't even tell its a fan made. It's just so similar to a regular mother game
  9. Yes Kristoph da best laywer in the west that totally has a soul
  10. Oh my so many persona fans. I can't take all this beauty in -3-
  11. Well you have a persona profile pic so now I want to know who you are .3.
  12. Oh yeah I left for a while.. Well thx for the welcome back ;3
  13. Oh but it seems too complicated >.>
  14. I would play it but my procrastination is just insane these days. O well maybe ill do it tomorrow... or the next day
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