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  1. Why? What is the need to include the other game series? Is it even possible to contextualize the two appropriately without compromising on the incredibly nuanced & systematic array of assets that Fire Emblem systems bring to a story?
  2. I agree, the writing does take away from the emmersive experience. Secretly I have made an effort to forget some of the grammatical mistakes I've come across in the dialogue for Say'ri and another Minor one for Avatar. Also, one of the biggest annoyances is that Say'ri's lexicon at times shifts from the usual colloqiual like mostly everyone in the cast to elizabethan english at others. It is clearly evident that just like the world map, the writing was produced very close to the deadline. On a positive note, there were some clever ideas put into the characters however; Kellam the Giant that is noticed by none? =D. Cheers! Thanks Sangyul! The video is not necessary, I will have to try this. Hopefully, my time counter won't reach 130 hours like the man in the video. I am assuming this will work with non-avatar characters as well right. Who would've thought the bookmark convienience could be such a loophole. =D So it can be done with others. Great! If you have maxed out supports, how long did it take?
  3. I... I don't know what to say to that. Do you seriously not enjoy the story one bit? The gameplay is alright, not the most balanced of the series but it's alright. I just don't see how you can play Lunatic+ without caring for characters/story -- that's what awakening is all about. The hard mode was suppose to make you feel more of the reality of what Chrom and the team is going through. But awesome; atleast you care enough to be here right? Cheers! =D Sorry I am not following well. Why is it that we have to specifically recruit Morgan. Again I apologize I am very new to maxing support library entirely. What I understand from this is that we should get to the A support with all characters with the Avatar, save the game, then get S with with Morgan's parent, recruit Morgan but bookmark the mission, then instead of completing it we load back to the file where Morgan is not yet recruited? Is there a video for this? EDIT: Alright, after some research, I think I am coming to terms with this trick. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen,

 I believe hatred is anger with motivation. Undoubtedly, as members of the human race, we have the unique ability to consciously control anger and I believe anger itself is unique to human beings. Animals, like dogs, can not feel angry, they simply rely on instinct and react aggressively when aggravated. If it is agreed upon that we can control anger, hatred then inevitably becomes a choice.
  5. Oh wow! That's neat!!! One more reason for me to love Awakening. Ooooo but that's a lot of grinding... 130 hours!!! Awwww...... that will take forever. Those three and Chrom FeMU pairings were one of the easiest decisions for me. Thier personalities just match very very well. They were born for each other! It get's very complicated, especially with so many opinions on the web about who wants this and who wants that. During my search I came across a user who posted that in the end it's your game so play however you want. I know now that he was right. -- Primrose: Blue haired Inigo everybody! Yay!
  6. Ah! Sorry. That was childish of me. What do you mean by maxing out support library? If there is no new game plus how can you max out support library? I've done most of my pairings based on character traits instead of optimization. The great part of it is was that I still ended up with a gale-force optimization build. =D Cheers! I agree it but a tiny moment in grand scheme of events. However, it was never the events themselves that made the story any better for me. What did was Lucina. I just had to see Lucina as a child of Primrose because she is, well, awesome, especially with that electra complex. This relationship just made the story all the more enjoyable. I am going to do some research on this maxing out support library. I really don't want to find out that max-stat Cordelia and Primrose was a waste of time.
  7. I didn't pair Panna/Tharja/Marribelle with anyone. If I do, it would be Gregor-Panne (least favorite). I am open to Tharja/Marribelle pairing suggestiosn. I have Kellam/Libra/Henry left. Sorry, I am new to this forum. I am reading a lot of this crossed out text here. Is there some special meaning in it? Also did we get any similar pairings? =D The story is soo much more awesome with Chrom/Avatar.
  8. Primrose (to family): Okay everyone strike a pose, this is going on Serene's Forest so smile! Primrose: Aaaaand say cheeese! Lissa: Ah! *Snap* Family: Cheeeese! Vaike: Lissa! Get a grip! Primrose: Okay! Now let's get this negative to the barracks. The family artwork in the background was done by deviant artist Mudkipblader. Everything else is official. So who else had these pairings!? Would love to hear from you! Cheers!
  9. In my humble opinion, First of all, it seems that many english speakers have not found the game’s story to be as compelling as the rest of the game itself (and I include myself in that batch). Recently I’ve come across an insightful argument that caught my attention. The writer argued that story length was too long/expansive for the game's twenty or so chapters. I believe this is precisely the problem with the game. There are too many arcs and some that do not need to be there and still some that are just not believable like the old classics. A Prince and a Princess are being escorted by ONE meagre Knight across the country? Come on! What is that? The logic of that action given the current political system of the time just doesn’t make sense. What if Chrom and Lissa found the avatar floating down river to the banks of their garden inside the castle? Yes, that’s is just as convenient but the difference here is that it is much more believable! Details such as these, if they were given a little bit more thought, would have resulted in a much more engaging story. Although, on another note, a more positive one this time; allowing the player to insert themselves into the story was a very clever move on IS’s behalf. A tactician that actually helps out. Who knew right? Lastly, one of the other elements that I believe contribute to a sub-par story is that it’s most fragile component - the dialogue itself - was perhaps damaged in translation when it set out overseas. I sincerely believe (and hope that it is true) that the Japanese versions of the characters were much more fleshed out, their dialogue much more attuned to their personalities than the one’s we’ve received on our end (I am looking at you Say’ri and Chrom). Other than that, I do not think anyway who has been paying attention to the story and have completed the game can say that it was anything other than that they enjoyed the journey of the Chrom, Lissa, Fredrick and ofcourse me, Primrose!
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