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  1. I mean he doesn't have to be the main character,but he could be like an older side character... (This topic should totally be in General FE...)
  2. (RD)Ike,Zelgius and Tibarn...Mmmm...They should make a one of those interactive,touchy,dating sim-type things with every dude in the Fire Emblem series....Imagine touching IKE.... But unfortunately no one will ever make that so...
  3. I want both,but if I get the 3DS version,then by the time the WiiU version comes out I'll either, 1)Be too tired of the game to play it,or 2)Abandon the 3DS one,due to the Wii U version being superior to me. No.2's more likely though...
  4. Bravely Default is one of the best RPGs I played in a while,too bad either Chapter 5,6 or 7? pissed me off,so I traded it in,but I'll totally buy it back sometime...
  5. I never really did get this area of the forum,so people just post whatever the hell they want?
  6. I pretty sure I introduced myself the last time I was here but that was like two years ago and I can't remember my password or email from then,besides no one here remembers me anyway! So hello again Serenes Forest!
  7. SCV's story mode was pathetic,the best thing about that game was the Creation mode. (BTW I'd love to see a Nintendo(hintFire Emblemhint) character as a guest in in Soul Calibur,like Ike)
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