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  1. I should be getting a physical copy of this book on Friday and I plan to take high-quality photos of all the pages. Would anyone be interested in accessing these images for translation purposes? (I confess, I wanted it to see if there was lore- but can't read Japanese)
  2. Update chapter 9 ✦ "Snow and Rainfall" chapter 10 ✦ "Madness is Divinest Sense"
  3. Update chapter 8 ✦ "Midnight Song"
  4. Update chapter 7 ✦ "Belly Full of Worries"
  5. Update chapter 6 ✦ "Forest For the Trees"
  6. My work from 2018's beginning half. Leo/Niles: Lucina+Celica sketch: Three Houses characters:
  7. Hi all, just wanted to share a collaborative fanart project I organized and am publishing. Volume three just came out so I wanted to update this thread! It involves characters from across the game series, here's some previews- Valentia: Fates: Archenea: Awakening: Elibe: There's also a FE Deity inspired series of stickers, and bonus postcards: For those interested in the artists involved please check this info page. Details for Volume 3.
  8. Update chapter 5 ✦ "Flowers of Night, Cloth, and Fire"
  9. Chapter update chapter 4 ✦ "Woman of a Thousand Summers
  10. Double chapter update! (I think I'll add the links to the OP too) chapter 2 ✦ "Stars Burning Underwater" chapter 3 ✦ "Dreaming Mortals and Gods Alike"
  11. Hinoka survived the war and wrestles with guilt as much as her duties as Hoshido’s Queen. Every day is a battle despite the supposed ‘peace’ and when the chance to strike at Nohr’s heart arises, she gives into temptation. Will the cycle of suffering continue, or can it be broken? Bridging The Sky ✦ a Hinoka/Marx fanfic Game: Fire Emblem Fates (post-Conquest) Rating: Teen+ Character(s): Hinoka, Sakura, Marx (most cast mentioned) Tag(s): survivor’s guilt, PTSD, hurt/comfort, politics, seduction, enemies to lovers, bittersweet ending, worldbuilding, and whump chapter 1 ✦ “Swallowing Sundown” chapter 2 ✦ "Stars Burning Underwater" chapter 3 ✦ "Dreaming Mortals and Gods Alike" chapter 4 ✦ "Woman of a Thousand Summers Yep, I started another multi-chapter fic. I'm trying to keep it on the shorter end, but there's some canon plotholes I'm itching to fill.
  12. I started my own fix-it AU back in 2015, and now have posted 21 chapters to the main fic. I'd never set out with a plan to address Ganz an his entire weirdness as an infamous criminal, but that's the story arc I'm hoping to finish soon. I still find it most convenient to chuck all Touma elements out with the bathwater.
  13. Here's some more old stuff from 2017 Marx/Hinoka sketch: Charlotte/Nyx in the bathouse: Jake for the FE Compendium: Frelians for the Sacred Stones Compendium: Seliph/Tinny for a Jugdral holiday exchange:
  14. Update! Chapter 21: Blood From A Stone, part 1
  15. Update! Chapter 20: A Stranger Mirrored Back
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