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  1. I don't think I have enough to warrant a thread yet, but this is what I'm working on: I'm basically porting over FE1/3/11 to the GBA engine, taking some of the best parts of each into one game. Similarly to FE7, you, the player, has a role in the game as well, as a tactician (replacing Malledus). I'm really doing this because my PSP cannot run DS emulators nor SNES emulators all that well, and the NES version is far too old/slow/clunky for me to enjoy thoroughly. I use my PSP to play pretty much any handheld game now, unless I can run it on my 2DS. I feel it is worth doing because I personally don't like the art style in the DS version, and have always loved the three GBA Fire Emblem games. I'm sure this would bring a greater interest in Marth's story as well, in the fan community. I'd be using the CG from Shadow Dragon, and perhaps some downgraded graphics, if I can be bothered to do so (it isn't necessary in my opinion). Some things I have planned are some of the FE11 exclusive characters, along with the Prologue that only makes its appearance in Shadow Dragon. I'm pretty much just learning about the game itself through text dumps and video playthroughs, since I can't bring myself to play them on their respective engines. I will try to stick to the earlier game's dialogue, but my Japanese is limited and I don't trust fan translations all that much, so FE11 may be the source of much dialogue. I still haven't decided if I will include both books or not. If anyone has some input or suggestions on this idea, I'd love to hear :p Here's a map: White-wolf8 has also given me permission to use these Marth sprites:
  2. Oh, I see. Is there a way to undo that, or will I have to re-map it? EDIT: Doesn't look like it. Was able to solve it by changing tilesets and finding the shifted tiles over again, so meh. Atleast I had a guideline. EDIT2: Even with the map fixed, buildings and armory is still messed up: Also note how the houses have green backgrounds. They don't in mappy :s
  3. I've followed both chapter 48 here: http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/ And this video to a tee: I've read each step thoroughly, I have no idea why this is happening. I have tried it in a fresh rom as well and I get the same result. I am inserting it to 0x01000000, with the pointer 0x09000000, which I believe is where the free space starts.
  4. I assume you mean like this: Not sure what you mean by this: "is it a square, or are there tiles missing from the bottom row (there should be no more than one missing)?"
  5. Hi, I'm pretty new to Fire Emblem hacking, however I am not new to ROM Hacking. Today I re-created the first map from the first Fire Emblem game in mappy, and inserted it, although I've run into some problems with the final product. In game, the map is a disaster: Here is the map in mappy: Here is the chapter data: If anyone has an idea of what the heck is going on, I'd love to know, this is driving me nuts!
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