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  1. I run Lunatic+ difficulty. Sorry for not being specific. Also, I don't really need otp or spawning perfect matches/children. So long as it doesn't hurt my hair-pulling playthrough so badly, I'll live. Sure, I want a strong team (who wouldn't!?), hyper team is welcome as always but not desperately =D I mentioned that I have dlc but only once or twice (if I have multiple characters that need to be pampered) per chapter.
  2. So basically Fe Avatar is fine marrying any 2nd Gen as long as Morgan can marry Lucina?
  3. Lol 'kay. MaMU excluded. xD Sorry, could you please explain extra skills to show? :<
  4. I have been playing with a Male MU the whole time and just now I want to try out the Female one. Aside from the Galeforce, Dread Fighter/Bride, is there any noticeable difference between the two versions? Another thing is that the male MU sort of have several ideal wives (being Lucina, Aversa or Nowi in my last playthrough) who generally give Morgan a huge boost. But what about the female MU? From whom Morgan benefits the most? I haven't seen much discussion about it. I usually go +Spd -Res for Asset and Flaw, but I haven't created my character yet, so it can be changed. The same with 2nd Gen character, as I have yet to pair the couples. Although I do tend to make her a magic/or hybrid. And I have DLCs. Please share your thoughts! Much thank! MaMU doesnt count =D
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