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  1. Now that I actually...you know... FINISHED watching the trailer with my analysis eyes, I actually found a lot more instances of this tile in the game footage. Here, when Claude is shooting an arrow Here, in this map, where they seem to be... guarding it? And when the map turns on the same map, it shows as this light blue, diamond / sparkle shaped tile I've only played a handful of FE games, but I haven't come across this tile in any of those.
  2. Have we discussed this map feature yet? Looks like a unique tile on the map. Could this be something akin to the Dragon Veins? Crests to collect?? Heal spots??? Thoughts? Here is a better view of the space in question:
  3. Would it be possible to get the zoom feature back in the hot springs?
  4. What the heck!?!!! Gdi pastebin! Let me make a new one.... But on tumblr this time! (since even the extra one I accidentally made on pastebin on a guest account is gone! ╬) Edit: Done! Made a new blog especially for this so there's no theme annoyance. http://fe14-supports-specialist.tumblr.com/post/127229541833/fe14-supports-compilation-suppliment-for
  5. Oh yeah, since the whole "Asura support splitting" thing happened after KhyCad stopped updating the pastebin, I feel like I should include the correct version (versions?) of the Asura support(s(?)) in this supplementary pastebin. Also, could someone educate me on what the correct version to link would be, and on what caused the discrepancy in the first place? I never quite understood the whole problem.
  6. I've been keeping track of translated supports with just the spreadsheet alone (with a different-colored marking so that they're easy to identify); but I may just make a supplement pastebin with all the links to the post August-9th support translations and just link to it on the spreadsheet to make searching for them easier. Edit: Done. Here's the supplement pastebin for listing and linking translations done after August 9th http://pastebin.com/kAnZJ3rq
  7. Since I'm updating the support spreadsheet and making this as completed, here's a link to the Kagerou+Tsubaki S-support than an anon translated: http://pastebin.com/XhC6AkgC
  8. I finally got around to updating the two Cyrus supports I started I added the B-A supports for Rinka+Cyrus: http://pastebin.com/kJ0eb71X And I added the B-support for Nyx+Cyrus: http://pastebin.com/4G9UW3Mk And for anyone who wishes to read them, I translated the "Don't die" my-castle conversation lines (not the responses (yet), though): http://pastebin.com/GGcG5HrK
  9. Huh... I just checked the paste bin and there doesn't seem to be a full one on there. I wonder why it was marked as completed... Changed it to incomplete status. Now that makes two C-S Kamui supports that aren't fully translated.
  10. I come to bring you our translation progress report! •All first-gen male friendship supports have been copmpletely translated except for Hinata+Odin and Tsukuyomi+Benoit. •All Kemui's C-S romantic supports have been translated by now except for Lutz. •All direct-link Children-Parent dialogue (as in the child is exclusive to that parent) has been completed except for Hinata+Hisame. •Since I haven't changed the graph on my computer from when I made it on July 14th, let's see how far we've come from right now: [spoiler=Kamui supports, siblings, parents] [spoiler=First-Gen Male-Female supports] [spoiler=First-gen Friendships] [spoiler=Children-Children supports] (you can see how I intended the graphs to look before I realized google spreadsheets didn't support text boxes...) And since that Tsukuyomi+Benoit support hasn't been updated for a month now, I'm just gonna go and translate the last part myself. Nevermind, I'm no good with verb tenses.
  11. If you mean Tsukuyomi, then no it's not just you. His legs are too short in comparison to the rest of his body. Also his face is noticeably less tan than the rest of his body. And I got this Suzukaze as a Great Knight image of of twitter. Whether his armor is actually red or not I can't confirm myself, but damn it looks good!
  12. Saizou Tsubaki support has been translated: http://pastebin.com/pY5ffguy Marked it on the graph. I've been using it to look at the expressions and text formatting as I translate. The expressions really help me write the translated dialogue in the tone that it's supposed to be read in.
  13. Nishiki/ Hinata Support tanslation by Leopii: http://pastebin.com/zASyNgHj
  14. Anon has translated Setsuna+Kagerou C-A http://pastebin.com/qviYE5Z6 Just marked it off on the chart.
  15. Why does Oboro have /amazing/ supports with pretty much everyone? It's getting really hard to decide who to ship her with for my first playthrough of the game. (not choosing couples based on eugenics, but how cute their supports were). Whoever was hired at IS to write all her supports (if it works that way in the industry for writing game dialogue) needs to get a raise (°¬°)b.
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