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  1. So I compile something useful that nobody else has provided, and get warned for that? Really? We're in the year 2019, archaic rules such as "no double posting" are obsolete by now. It doesn't harm anyone or anything, and not a single person was complaining about it. There is literally no purpose for a moderator to try to strong-arm users on a video game message board. All it does is show your insecurity.
  2. Okay, so the latest patch folder, in patch3\common\common\ the files that have the explanations are scrdata.bin and scrdataDLC.bin I couldn't find the file that has the titles of each goal, so I copied from @Silent Mercenary's list, and added the entries to mine. I have it all in this Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/DHtnfctw I'm missing Anna's Great Knight goal title. Once I get that I'll edit it in, and it's complete as of 1.1.0. I'll continue adding screenshots as I get them, but that's the complete list. There's an oddity with Marianne's. Her "Friend of the Animals" repeats 4 times. No idea what's with that. In fact, I wonder if it's actually unused in the final game. I haven't seen others mention they've gotten that before.
  3. Yeah, I remember at the start some folks incorrectly assumed it was a 1.5x boost, but that was because of the Goals that was only 1 Skill, so they misunderstood it. I like how it's more of a gentle guidance, telling you what the unit would most likely be better suited to. And yeah, the flavor text is my main motivation for compiling all of this. Digging around the patch files to see where the text is stored for this for Anna and Jertiza lol.
  4. Awesome, thanks for that link, that'll help so I know what to look for. Marianne having 4 is awesome too. She's a special one. 🙂 Only things we need fresh datamining for is Anna and Jeritza.
  5. On each Lecture day, a student might come up and propose a change of goals, the game labels them as an "Area of Focus". Whether you accept or decline, it gets added to their list of Goals, with a custom title For example, here's Petra offering to focus in sword/bow: Then when going to Goals in the Menu, you find it's called "Thief With a Heart of Gold" I liked these, because it's flavor text for each character, as both their explanation and the Goal's title is tailored for that character. On my 2nd playthrough, a Blue Lions path with the goal to prep for New Game Plus, I started cataloging whichever Goal change popped up, and it's nowhere near complete. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/evgcd9vb4a5wwc1/AADwVLPO4kYBK5QvBgnvWQKma?dl=0 Since I recruited all students, Dimitri never came up once, and I liked his offers on my first playthrough, haha. One of them mentioned about following in his father's footsteps. This is probably something that can be datamined, but I'm not too sure where to look for it at the moment. So I linked what I've collected so far. I got 2 of Anna's too in there. I'm guessing for each unit there's 3 at most, as a good handful of them have gotten that, but not sure if it applies to everyone. I'm in the middle of a Golden Deer playthrough, and the only new ones I've gotten was one for Annette and two for Claude. I only recruited Annette, Ingrid, and Petra for this run, as they have supports with Claude. Here is a pastebin I got from datamining all the flavor text: https://pastebin.com/DHtnfctw
  6. Awesome, thanks. I remember someone saying about it that it didn't loop. So perhaps the added version does loop? But that answers that. Again, thanks for the help.
  7. Awesome thanks. One more thing, does that same track also appear in the vanilla list towards the end? Apparently the same name is also here.
  8. Yes, those are way higher up in the Music LIbrary list. This list has everything except for the one in my screenshot. The key thing is that this mystery one is after the amiibo entries and before the two DLC entries related to the Auxiliary battle and Sauna. The amiibo entries are at the bottom of the list and are not normally visible. https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/User:Fastesthe1/Music_Library_of_Fire_Emblem:_Three_Houses I was thinking maybe Anna's paralogue, too. Has anybody done it and able to provide a screenshot of the track name?
  9. Do you have a name or a screenshot? Cause there’s no mention of this anywhere. And its positioning suggests it’s related to DLC. Been asking around and all I’ve gotten was random speculation saying “maybe it’s this”. Lol.
  10. It's after all the amiibo (which I've claimed all 11), but before the two tracks added via the recent DLC.
  11. This is exactly what I was thinking, too. Both things you mentioned. Especially the breakdown on every detail like recruiting requirements. Thanibomb didn't do any of that. What I do like about this 4chan post, is that it didn't do the assumption that And personally, I'd like to see Also, are there other 4ch archive sites active anymore? Fireden was the only one I knew of and like, I think it died. (it hasn't archive anything past August 17 cause of certain types of spammers)
  12. So out of curiosity, this was confirmed to be completely legit?
  13. Has anybody brought up that certain Support Conversations can have extended lines if you've viewed others beforehand, but only in an active game session, and not watching it from the main menu? Oh lol, it was mentioned on this page before haha. I didn't notice until the Ashe and Marianne A-Support, she references Sylvain. I activated the Switch's save video thing cause I thought it seemed off. Then when I watched it from the main menu, she didn't say anything about it. And this is the dialog log from the support viewer from the main menu. The two lines about Sylvain was right after "Or whether or not we can make other people smile?" I recorded a vid to quickly compare the two: In fact, I think the tell for when the game is deciding dialog based on certain flags happened. I noticed times when the dialog box would disappear for the person, then come back up for the same person. I think the game is looking for the event flags then. i just remembered another instance. Bernadetta and Alois. She mentions Byleth if you’ve done their support too.
  14. @VincentASM Discovered two more wonky things with Supports. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/88931-sharing-my-accumulated-info-and-resources-of-various-things-assets-paraloguebattalion-info-lost-items-etc/&do=findComment&comment=5493104 Basically in short. 1) If a unit doesn't have an S-rank, the points can accumulate all the way to 1001, which is actually used for S-ranks. So that's why me and others discovered when we switched genders, we could buy some straight away in NG+. Because in my case, the game saw Ashe had 1001 points, so toggled S-rank purchasable for F!Byleth. 2) The game won't tell you if you're in A+ range, unless the unit has a potential S-rank (or at least an A+ Rank when I think of it). I have screenshots showing Ashe/Felix who are clearly in A+ range, but it only says A. While Ingrid/Annette/Alois have A+ displayed for M!Byleth. EDIT: Haha, one more thing. The 1001 is also true for the other units. I looked and saw why the endings did what they did for me. It goes in order from top to bottom for picking the A-rank endings. First time I cleared I did S-rank with Sothis, then the pairings went in order of the support list Dimitri is first, so was paired with Dedue as that was his highest Felix got with Ingrid, because theirs was the highest A rank Ashe got with Mercedes, as that was his highest A rank Sylvain got a solo, as there were no remaining A ranks to pull from. Then on my second clear, which is my current NG+ file I picked Mercedes as the S-rank Dimitri and Dedue again Felix and Ingrid again Ashe got with Annette because that was the highest A-rank available, as I took away Mercedes Sylvain alone again.
  15. You can get Gilbert and Catherine's support in Part 2 without issue. Considering that you can't use Gilbert in Part 1, and only way to get support would be Monastery activities, it makes sense. And I can confirm it personally as I got the supports on my first playthrough and never did any kind of monastery activities with Gilbert.
  16. EDIT AUGUST 26 2019: Please refer to my other thread which has the most up to date info: Over here someone is working on all the Support points and mechanics. I've been talking to them about it. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/cotnwo/everything_you_need_to_know_about_getting_your/ The part about "Plus Ranks add 200 points" is incorrect. Every unit has C+, B+, A+ ranks, as Vincent shows. And this is the breakdown for it. I've personally confirmed C+ and B+. 0 - 100: None 101 - 200: C 201 - 300: C+ 301 - 450: B 451 - 600: B+ 601 - 800: A 801 - 1000: A+ 1001: S My Screenshots comparing to the data via the save editor: Lots of pending A Supports. Value is at 600 points. Dimitri with a pending B and two pending B+ Supports. Hilda with a pending C+ on Lorenz, and pending B on Caspar. So yeah. There's a lot of 101s because I was grinding C-Supports. When you reach the threshold, all point gains stop there, and when you do the support it adds +1, so the game puts them at the rank. And a fun tidbit, you can tell who has the most points for your unit by the "Close Allies" listing in Notes. And if there's a tie, it goes by internal Support List order. EDIT: I noticed that in my Game-Data Complete Save File, Mercedes was set to 1001 (she was my S-rank choice) as was Ashe (the game picks an opposite gender char so you can switch genders and have access to an S-rank for NG+). Then I saw other chars were capped at 1000 (like Annette). So A/A+ is from 601-1000.
  17. They only exist as part of the webm video files. Only the Part 2 ones use a static image with the fire embers particles.
  18. I added all the backgrounds used for conversations if anybody cares about that.
  19. And can also confirm for others, Gilbert is Blue Lions only, automatically joins in Chapter 13 (which is the first chapter of Azure Moon). On my second playthrough of Blue Lions currently.
  20. Oh whoops. My b, so yeah, you can start Recruiting in Chapter 2. I guess when I was screenshotting in Chapter 3, I forgot it was available in Chapter 2. And yeah, Catherine at Chapter 4. Haha. I solo'd everything before so was well over 15 to make it work. I checked Cyril and he didn't have any Recruit option at all. Jeez, I guess the hours upon hours of grinding out Skill Levels made me remember things wrong. :<
  21. Also, a minor note. The game checks if you pass the criteria upon clicking the Recruit button. So if you're close to hitting the requirements, you can hold off on hitting the button (or reload the save after checking) to push yourself during the Exploration. If you have stat increase items, or do Faculty Training, or increase support, to reach the requirements, then Recruit them. For example, what happened here in this vid Marianne - Needs 10 Magic and Riding at C. My Magic is at 18, Riding at D+. I had C-Support, so her requirements are 8/C. I attempted to Recruit her, was denied. I reload my save, gift her enough items to push her to C+ Support, and now her requirements are 6/D+. Was able to Recruit.
  22. When I get home I'll boot up a new game and verify if the Recruit option is available during Chapter 2 (5th Month). And Catherine being available as early as Chapter 4, cause it seems off to me. Because the first mission, rout the thieves at Zanado, you can't ask for any mission assistance. And Catherine being available a month before Cyril is odd, too. EDIT: Okay, the Recruit option is available for Chapter 2. And Catherine at Chapter 4 at the earliest is an option to Recruit.
  23. Shamir was Chapter 6 for me. No option in Chapter 5. Also, added the Movie Gallery images, Cutscene CGs/items (including S-ranks) to the Mega folder also.
  24. @VincentASM Here you are, everything I have converted so far. I have the folder numbers preserved with a comment on what they're for. https://mega.nz/#F!OvBkmKhL!GeqaAXOdfv8zLj4Bv6tBrA Be wary of spoilers with the portraits: 3522 - Portraits have some enemy spoilers, crest icons and monastery icons at the end 3537 - Full dialog portraits, heavy spoilers at the end 3539 - Battle menu portraits, has spoilers 3540 - Battle menu portraits, has spoilers 3541 - Large Portraits of Playable Chars (and Jeralt, Rhea, Sothis) Part 1 3542 - Large Portraits of Playable Chars (and Jeralt, Rhea, Sothis) Part 2 The only non-text differences with US/JP versions of images is the Motivation emojis. Japanese uses a different color scheme Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Pink, and the last one is like an "ahegao" lol. Also, I mentioned in the other recruitment thread, but Catherine listed as being available Chapter 4 seems off to me, because the prompt wasn't first available until Chapter 5. I'm way over-leveled, and I've been taking notes when each one is first available (Blue Lions route). Here is my photo of when I recruited Catherine. It's Chapter 5, when Rodrigue visits. Also, the Students saying they're available starting at Chapter 2 is off to me, too. I know the tutorial prompt is in Chapter 2, but the actual option for Recruit didn't start appearing for me until Chapter 3. I took screenshots of each student I could to document their stat requirements, my first screenshot is this one with Petra, which is dated after I did The Chapter 2 fight. Disregard. I was wrong. 😮
  25. I've been spending my time datamining to get all the audio and art assets out. Would it be okay to share that kind of stuff? Would like to help out the site, if possible. Right now, I have Part 1 and Part 2 Roster images (includes Jeralt, Rhea, and Sothis, for the suspected DLC reasons probably) all converted and sorted like so. Was a lengthy process of getting the decrypted files from the NSP, then extracting the DATA bin files, then converting the G1T files to DDS, then converting the DDS to PNG. Most of it is batch, including the renaming tool, so ti's not terribly long. But I got a system down. For example, here's the quality of Jeralt. Whoa, look what I found. It was in the folder that hold all the Tutorial Images, EDIT: Oh derp, that's from New Game +. Okie, my b. Last update before bed: got all the maps converted. They're semi transparent, but if you put em over a black background they're easy to see. Check out Gronder Field:
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