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  1. Byleth/Sothis - Not a fan of Byleth and didn't want to pair him with anyone. Did it mainly because I wanted to see why it was an option. Was good seeing Sothis one last time, but I think I'll have Byleth go solo from now on. Claude/Lysithea - Ending could've been it's own short story imo, would of loved to see Claude's quest for love. Kind of detrimental to future relations between Fodlan and Almyra though... Lorenz/Marianne - Great support, but the ending felt really disconnected from their supports. Regardless, I feel like this is a potential OTP for me. Raphael/Bernadetta - Bernie marrying a commoner and overcoming her trauma sounds like a perfect ending and big middle finger to her dad. The rest just got their solo endings despite having A ranks. I actually wanted to pair Claude with Hilda, but I'm still confused on how to get the endings I want.
  2. Let me paint you a picture! - Ignatz
  3. My issue with Byleth is no customization outside name and b-day.
  4. Looking at IGN's support chart, the majority of same sex supports end with B and opposite sex ends with A. Exception to this is Byleth who A ranks with all same sex and S ranks all opposite sex. With Byleth being a mute and everything else being voiced, maybe voice acting costs are behind this? Personally not too thrilled about everyone being Bylethsexual especially since, from what we've seen, they're hardly a character. Crossing my fingers in hopes that one of the free updates includes S ranks for our units. Wishful thinking I know, but I can dream 😋
  5. My rough Golden Deer playthrough pairings Byleth x Sothis - Head buddies Claude x Lysithea - Tactic buddies Ignatz x Marianne - Goddess buddies Lorenz x Hilda - Noble buddies Rapheal x Leonie - Workout buddies As you can tell a lot of thought went into these. I fully expect to have all these change once the game comes out and we can read the supports. Or if even S supports exist post time skip.
  6. I've been Golden Deer since day one and I love everyone in the class, but Ingrid almost made me jump ship to Blue. As others have said before, thank god scouting is a thing.
  7. I was just wondering if this had been translated yet yesterday, thanks for sharing! Beruka was really cute at the end of this.
  8. Xander x Nyx - I think because of their mutual desire for redemption Nyx really understands Xander's troubles more than most people. Takumi x Hana - I liked how they've known each other personally for quite some time. I also find it funny that even someone like Hana manages to bully Takumi. Arthur x Selena - Brady x Severa and Cynthia x Severa were two ships I liked back in Awakening. This is kind of like the unholy combination of both of them and I love it. Laslow x Charlotte - I know it's because of the limitations of the support system, but it always irks me when Charlotte or Laslow continue flirting after being married to different people. When they're together thats not a problem anymore since they're both cool with each other's flirting. Odin x Kagero - I liked how Odin is one of the few people who really appreciates her art. The transition from A to S support is also well done imo. Asama x Effie - Healer x Tank shipping is always great imo and this support is really great. I liked how it focused on Effie's borderline suicidal devotion to being a shield and how it touched on Asama's religious beliefs.
  9. Laslow is a good dad if you want to make him a rally bot Laslow will pass down Rally Strength (A+ Flannel) Aqua will pass down Rally Magic (A+ Sakura) He can then pick up Rally Resistance (Strategist), Skill (Bow Knight), and Speed (Falcon Knight) from his natural class set and Rally Spectrum from Grandmaster. If you care for Rally Luck you can have him wed Mitama. From there, the only rally he would miss would be Defense. I'd run Spectrum, Speed, Skill, Strength, and Magic/Resistance
  10. Man I always see these on my twitter feed but I never realized that it was being posted here. Thanks for the translations, these are always fun to read! Kind of. He's scared of bugs and ghosts but it's somehow not as annoying as it was with Yarne. I feel he's more like Luigi.
  11. karasu3 translated some more supports on the pastebin that haven't been posted here yet. Thanks for the translations! Pieri/Velour http://pastebin.com/4hsThSxZ Orochi/Grey http://pastebin.com/ubEfYLLY Nyx/Ophelia http://pastebin.com/88z6aJtr Luna/Ignis http://pastebin.com/7gMXfWv9 Edit: Shit, didn't see the disclaimer till now. Sorry about that.
  12. Selena!Siegbert was posted earlier today http://pastebin.com/xqgk5PFf It's okay, but I was hoping they would talk about their parent issues
  13. I did it for Nohr awhile back.
  14. I really wish they would've picked a different name for this hashtag. Whenever I hear torrential downpour I just think of a downpour of tears from upset fans. Anyway, I hope this gets the attention of NoA and Treehouse. While its too late to change this localization, it could prevent further half-assed localizations for future releases.
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/46ygto/forrest_vs_foleo_leos_son_changes_to_forrests/ Forrest's support with his mother has been changed from being worried about how people treat him to how people treat others. The OP goes into more of the changes made in this support chain.
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