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  1. Oh, I wished so much to share them, but I didn't take any when beating Ulver and I saved Epilogue over my Final Chapter save, so there's no way to see their stats, sorry for that :/
  2. I just finished beating the game and I must say, it's a great game, I loved it from start to finish and even though difficulty is very high, I did very well, thankfully without losing any unit in any chapter. I losed two itens in house ruins, but nothing that I needed. Didn't abuse the area spells to beat it. Finished last chapter in 5 turns, killing Ulver with the Critical skill on Ophie and Nia, only needed to use the skill with Brave weapons and boom, 4 hits did it, two from each character. Best units for me: Nia, Althea, Renae(Magic Thief), Kayla, Ophie and beast Eliza, omg, turned out so amazing for me, a beast.
  3. Oh hey, I just found a bug when you recruit O'Riley at chapter 8. He can't move, not even at chapter 9. He simply doesn't have any move, even though he can attack if someone is inside his range
  4. Hey Guys, can someone help me, please? I Already installed everything, including OpenAL, but when I execute FE7x, it says I need to install OpenAL for audio from the game's directory and doesn't open. How can I solve this? EDIT: Okay, forget it. I already made it
  5. Man, what an awesome idea, if I had friends who knew Fire Emblem and liked board games, I'd play it and get addicted. Too bad :(
  6. So, I'm playing the game and I'm currently at chapter 6 now and I must say, Hybrid mode is being very nice to me. One thing that I liked is the difficulty of the game, I think there's quite a lot of challenge in the chapters I played ( Looking at you, chapter of the caravans, 4, I think. ). Quite a good work you did with the game :D
  7. I think I found another problem, the game crashed when I tried to steal a Sandblast tome from a mage on chapter V. Also, as it was said before, trying to use stat boosting itens on base crashes the game too
  8. This is because of Sawyer's skill. If he has full HP when attacked by a magic attack, he will deal magic damage back.
  9. There's a Youtuber called Mangs, he posted some FEH videos in a "Let's play" way and I think he's pretty good at it. As far as I know, he did quite some FE Series LP's, so... Yeah, if anyone's interested, check out his channel.
  10. Red: Lyn, despite the fact people dislike her, I love her very much, She just kills everything she needs too but the best fact is that mine has a pretty good Def and Res, so she tanks and deals good damage. I also have 5* Roy, but I'm still on the struggle to lvl up him. Blue: I don't really have an awesome 5* blue unit, but I guess my best one would be 4* Robin. Green: Camilla. I don't know why but she's just... I don't know, mine has above average speed, she does the killing/tanking job pretty well. Gray: Takumi and 4* Kagero. I don't even need to explain why Takumi, right? Kagero is awesome for killing Falchion things, she weakens then up and anyone, even Camilla, can finish them.
  11. 5* Lyn, 5* Camilla, 5* Takumi and 4* Kagero for now. 5* Roy maybe come in, but right now I want a good 5* Lance user to put in Kagero's place sometimes. Sometimes I switch Kagero for 4* Hana ( Complete Glass cannon ) or 4* Robin (For killing armors )
  12. 5* Lyn, level 30 5* Camilla, level 29 4* Kagero, level 25 4* Hana, level 28 (Sometimes changed for 4* Gunter, level 25 or 4* Robin, level 24 )
  13. My core team is Lyn, Camilla and Kagero. The fourth member can be Hana, Florina, Gunter or Robin, but mostly it's Hana because she tears trough weapon triangle with her damage
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