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  1. I voted for Gharnef. You guys should just give up your votes. You can't win against Gharnef.
  2. Looking at these drawings all together really helped me see the variety in your art both old and new. It's also interesting to compare it to your older art and see your individual style blossom into what it is. I'm excited to see your talent continue to evolve! Great job with these pieces, Jenny.
  3. I know I told him I was going to do this, it's chill. Seriously, Probably going to pick Robin.
  4. Robin's in this game and he was an avatar. Airbenders 1 Fire Emblem: 1 Dank Memes: 1 I'm voting for Edward and Roxas EDIT: I meant Raquesis. Lachesis? Another Edit: My waifu is gonna be Rosa
  5. Murry Crimmas Marek!

  6. I love meat so much, I've never had a beef with beef. Sometimes I'd pork my head into different styles of cuisine to see what kind of new ways to cook it I could find. Admittedly, I'd chicken out sometimes, scared of lamb and whatnot, even if there was no fowl play involved. I squid you not though, I've enjoyed Octopus and squid. Meat is a very important part of my diet. It's succulent and delicious when cooked right, and it's like the marshmallows of the lucky charms. I have a bite of meat to make rice or noodles stay delicious, otherwise the flavor just gets meh. Likewise, I need potatoes, rice, noodles, whatever, something so that I can continue to enjoy the meat. But yes. I EAT MEAT.
  7. hi I just came here to compliment your username

    1. Sunshine


      it is a nice username

  8. Happy birthday, Mark!

  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ready for round two? I got all 16 badges and beat red.
  10. I thought that the reason why is cause apparently in the Japanese game you couldn't just promote by reaching level 21 and you needed a crown, so they didn't want to throw third tier units at you and instead threw the "2.5" Tier enemies. I dunno. Then that makes them lazy for not doing something about it when they made it so easy to third tier afterwards. Hm. I really dislike the way reclassing was handled in Awakening. I was really disappointed that any promotion or reclassing got rid of a unit's unique palette. Kind of excited Stahl and Sully stayed green and red upon promoting though. Gimme Light Magic
  11. Understandable. I see you're very grounded and have made a hard yet sensible choice. I know that if I steel myself, I'll be rewarded with quite the powerful Pokemon. Very well!
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