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  1. He hits his inventory and becomes Giga-man Merlinus.
  2. The others are always you. But it's fun, I'm a huge risk-taker (with my well-built units) so if I see a offer that's at 900... I generally take it :D
  3. Arena whoring is awesome. But whenever I lose a unit, I always end up resetting. It might sound a bit Obsessive Compulsive but I HAVE to have every alive by Chapter 32 T_T Except for Vaida. She's a whore.
  4. Ah shit... didn't even realise when the last post was, I was just sifting through older pages for interesting topics T_T
  5. So after beating the game, I figured I'd give it one more run through before attempting HHM. Port of Badon level (sidequest). We have arrived. And after (some pretty nifty tactics might I add) dispatching all of the enemy units including Fargus' own h4x with my severely underleveled units... I stumble across the arena. I figure I'd raise my Raven and Lucius levels here just so I can get a little bit of an edge in the upcoming chapters. Especially for lucius. However, I then end up getting my Oswin to 20/2 and I'm now contemplating promoting either my Guy/Raven with the Hero Crest received from the last mission. Yes, I have butchered my tactician ratings with the turns taken in the tournament. And yes, I have turned into an insufferable arena whore taking the challenge out of the game just so I can take a sadistic pleasure in watching all my units OHKO all enemy units who are still unpromoted and at a level that is leagues underneath me. Who else has shamelessly arena whored in earlier levels just to enjoy the pleasure of clearing a supposedly hard level with relative ease? General discussion of Arena whoring here, so don't hold back. And if you have experiences of your character benefitting from the Arena... do share.
  6. I use both so that doesn't really bother me. However in all my playthroughs... Guy has always bested lyn in the strength + speed and defense departments. resistance + skill are interchangeable between the two (lyn generally gets better resistance gains) but you wouldn't mind. at 20/3, I placed my Guy in the middle of the map where you get Karel. I performed something akin of a social experiment. Needless to say, he got hit once and killed 9-10 enemy units by himself before the rest of my units caught up. And then proceeded to take out enemy Wyverns at will. Compare that to my Lyn who at level 19/6 died after an encounter with a hero and a sniper in the Lava Cave level. However, this was only MY experience and of course I can't speak for anyone else.
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