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  1. I’ve been cheesing it with Xander’s Strong Attack while he’s dashing, and that’s gotten me the most success so far. Awakening Mode won’t get me that many other kills will it?
  2. That’s really difficult to do. I barely got to 1600 in the 7 minute time limit.
  3. How do I get an S Rank in Timed Onslaught maps? I keep getting an A on enemies killed which screws me over, even though I’ve killed 1500+ enemies.
  4. Why is it I can't combine my Robins? If it comes down to it, should I use my 5-star Robin from now o, or promote the 4-star and go from there?
  5. Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics or translation of lyrics for the anniversary theme that plays while the game is loading?
  6. Haha, I guess there's no arguing it.. I'll get it. Thanks, guys. I'm guessing it's closer to Persona than it is to Fire Emblem though, right?
  7. It's Christmas time, and I've yet to ask for my "big thing" yet, the icing on the cake. And yeah, it's a Fire Emblem game, I like Fire Emblem, so on and so on. But I've honestly heard only mixed reviews about it. Is it worth getting, TLDR?
  8. Oh, jeez.. I completely forgot about that... yeah, so that's a no on Easy Mode. Will A-Supports that transfer to Radiant Dawn stack with Bond Supports in that game? As in will Soren and Ike, who I plan on sharing an A-Support with each other. get +10 Critical Evade Bonus instead of the standard +5?
  9. Hey, I'm returning to this game yet again, and I'm going to eventually use a save or two for Radiant Dawn. So, 1. Regarding using Easy Mode for the generous EXP, is there any reason why I shouldn't use Easy Mode for a file transfer? Like, are there any prerequisties that can only be met by playing Normal or Hard for PoR/RD? and, 2. Should I save all my Bonus EXP for the end of the game, or use it as I go along? EDIT: I'm guessing Random is the best way to go, level-up method wise? I plan on having Sothe maxed out, and I heard Blossom really screws him over in Fixed.
  10. Does Hinata's Personal Skill (Triple Threat, when user is under half HP, half the damage received by Swords, Lances or Axes is also dealt to the enemy) stack with Counter?
  11. So, whether it's DLC where you can actually gain experience, and have the screen list characters as MVP's other than "None," or DLC chapters where you use given units, what's the point of the whole MVP thing? Other than the Outrealms screen, which shows the lowest amount of turns you've beaten a map with, the MVP function seems useless. You don't even see them after you beat the final chapter, alongside other chapters, do you?
  12. But if you don't use customs, how exactly is she supposed to stand out to you?
  13. Unless... you know... You DON'T use customs. As in.. at all.
  14. So I'm just gonna go out on a limb here.. are you an Owain/Odin fan?

    1. Alex95


      What tipped it off :P

      Yeah, I can see a lot of myself in Owain's personality. I liked him pretty much immediately. :)

    2. ~Silver


      Ahh, not bad..

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