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  1. Just curious, but does Smogon have tier lists for games that aren't Pokemon. Tried the search engine on that site's forums, but I don't recall ever seeing anything regarding what I'm looking for.

    1. Just call me AL

      Just call me AL

      The first sentence was meant to be a question, and not a statement.

    2. Colonel M

      Colonel M

      Smogon mostly focuses on Pokemon tier lists. Basically there are VRs and In-Game tier lists.


      Sorry for the late response. Been super busy...

    3. Just call me AL

      Just call me AL

      So, basically, if I were to look on there for something regarding FE, no dice, right?

      And don't worry. It's fine. I'm often busy, myself.

  2. Apologies on not responding. Ill look over everything and Ill post some thoughts within a few days. I cant do it atm, but reversing Percival > Rutger. Rutger will go back above Percival later today.
  3. Best 1) FE12 - 3 2) FE6 - 2 3) FE10 - 1 Something tells me FE5 would surpass FE10 to be honest but I have barely played the game. I think 12 was solid outside of the Chris shit - the games difficulty is incredible in my opinion and the lower difficulties have a flavorful amount of units to choose from. I loved FE3 Book 2 and I felt that this game was well done. It's a damn shame it was never printed to the US - I feel this game would have gotten them out of their rut faster than Awakening, but I know many players disliked Shadow Dragon too (which looking back is a better game than some give it credit for). FE6 makes the player think outside the box at times and the power level throughout the game between playable characters and enemies seems well balanced. I even enjoy the story to some extent. The only flaws I have are Axes should have been given a little more love in Hit rates and weapon ranks made a little less shit for building. Radiant Dawn is pretty interesting from having to manage a lot of different things between armies to maximize output in all of them. Story is so so but the maps are very cool and have a lot of interesting mechanics. Honorable mention goes to Conquest because, though its story arc is really bad, I commend them for trying and at least making yet again another challenging but rather enjoyable hard game. Outside of Chapter 10. Worst 1) FE2 - 3 2) Revelations - 2 3) Awakening - 1 Realistically Gaiden is a pretty bad game. It's a game that just has a lot of things that either make it too easy or too frustrating. I still enjoy Awakening from time but it is incredibly flawed in a lot of ways in a difficulty perspective. The story is really rigid and I feel it just stems from the so-called Avatar and its odd plot devices. I wouldn't say it's a terrible game, but definitely flawed. Revelations is a joke game too - I talked to some people who even felt robbed after buying Revelations. Dishonorable mention probably goes to FE9. Maniac Mode is pretty garbage, but the game has a lot of upsides to it in its story being fairly solid and the like. BEXP is a dumb mechanic though rofl.
  4. Though I could pull haha April Fools and the like... ...No currently Alance are under Zealot but I wanted to leave it open to discussion. As far as Zealot vs Alance it seems to me the issues lie into Alance's cost of needing the Knight Crest and needing attention and spoonfeeding throughout the earlier portions of the game. They don't contribute heavily per se until Chapter 6 at the earliest where the chapter requires units moving in a lot of different directions and Thany / Marcus can't really do everything at once. The case between the 4 (Tate / Zealot / Alan / Lance) is pretty close IMO - so that's why I wanted to openly see discussion for it.
  5. Yodel is best due to having auto-S in Staff rank, so he requires no work. Just his late join-time is the only bad thing about him. 7.5/10 Karel is basically a bad filler. He can maybe help in the chapter he joins if you want, but really you likely won't take him to Final in most cases. I suppose that if you feed him boots and toss him the Wyrmslayer he's an alright filler, so that kind of helps him a little bit. 1.5/10 Abstain from Merlinus.
  6. Being generous: 10 Chad: 23.65 HP | 7.5 Str | 7.5 Skl | 17.2 Spd | 9.4 Luck | 4.25 Def | 1.35 Res I also gave the benefit of the doubt with the Goddess Icon for you, which is 11.4 Luck by the way. Iron Sword: 12.5 Atk, 104 Hit, 17 AS, 45 Avo Steel Sword: 15.5 Atk, 89 Hit, 12 AS, 35 Avo Armorslayer: 15.5 Atk, 99 Hit, 11 AS, 33 Avo My personal reference: +1/-1 Atk if WTA / WTD, +10/-10 Hit if WTA / WTD. Alright, let's look at some of these scenarios: Vs Knights
  7. Have a couple changes to suggest and discuss. SOme of them were provided early on, so if there wasn't a lot of opposition I might just make the change. I will note what changes are made. Percival vs Rutger and the Dancers I think it seems to me that I might've jumped the gun on the bump up on Percival; however, I do adamantly believe that Percival is superior to both of the dancers. Elphin and Lalum definitely help contribute towards LTC strategies and their contributions definitely are invaluable in some ways; however, the biggest gripes I have involve that Lalum and Elphin are often replicating units... that include Percival often. Percival is one of those units you're always going to use since there's no real opportunity cost of using him (well okay, the opportunity cost is heavily outweighed by the benefits). Durandal Percival helps free up Alan and Lance from having to grind up to S Rank Swords and allows them to use Swords more liberally (they definitely want C Rank) and, thus, contribute more towards their Lance rank to get A Lances. A Lances is really big for Alan and Lance because Silver Lances provide a lot of Mt and decent Hit rates. While Silver Swords definitely do as well, they often come at the cost of being at a triangle disadvantage against the Mrymidons, Mercenaries, Snipers, and the Wyverns in Bern. There's definitely truth that Alan and Lance can go for Durandal, but realistically Percival just makes the situation a lot easier. Dancers definitely help here and there mid-game, but their biggest contributions definitely happen later in the game where Percival is already good at anyway Thus, I think I want to naturally conclude that: ... Rutger Percival Lalum Elphin Is the best way to rank the units still. High Tier (aka Tate) I'll agree that Tate might have been given favoritism a little too much in the tier list, but I want to stand by that Tate is a unit that often gets shit thrown at her for almost no reason. It's true that there are units like Zealot and Alan and Lance that potentially are big players; however, Tate is also a huge help with Flying utility alone while also having passable combat. Honestly, I don't get why her mediocre combat is such a bad thing considering it actually helps her argument more when she has the option to be a combat unit or ferry utility unit. Considering that there are times where Shanna is not trained Tate has the advantages of having more bulk and easier ways to slip as a combat unit. Flying is huge in Chapters 13, 14, 14x, and 15 alone. It's also great for almost all of Ilia. Sacae is a bit more flat, but I want to point out that Paladins also perform subpar in Sacae due to the Nomads being naturally nimble and harder to hit with Javelins (also Zealot and potentially Alan risk being doubled). On the other hand, I think I want to conclude that Alan is better than Lance in most cases. The leads are super small, but the biggest advantages are that Alan has a lot easier time ORKOing with the early promotion and just being able to blitz through the Western Isles with Marcus and Zealot. Irysa and I did find that there are ways to have Lance ORKO with some help, but it requires doing some shaky things like holding a Steel Blade while having a pocket support nearby (probably Alan himself). Alan also has super small leads early on in the game such as durability and Luck - Luck may seem really small, but Lance does have moments where his lower Luck can make him a little more fragile, too, from critical hits. Thus, my suggested changes are as follows: -High Tier- Saul Shanna Shin Niime Astor Tate Zealot Alan Lance Upper Mid Zeiss was one I felt was too high after thinking more about it. The biggest issue is while he definitely fits into a lot of compositions perfectly, he also has some negatives against him at that point of the game and there is the smaller redundancy of fliers coming in. I don't want to weigh that as a total negative against him because in routes like Ilia he's very good with just a little assistance - early promotion and a Speedwing basically fix him up into tip top shape. The issues, though, is that he's a little later in the availability scale. This causes Cecilia and Clarine being below Zeiss super questionable since Cecilia and Clarine provide early and mid-game healing while Cecilia also provides Aircalibur / Bolting support. It's not like these two are foot units either. Furthermore, Deke is one of those combat units that is overall solid and, if he is trained, does more than fine throughout the game. He's probably one of the best Axe users considering his higher Skill. Noah being raised above Cecilia and Clarine was mostly due to how Noah can really put a huge stomp on the Western Isles and continue through Ilia, but I think it's more beneficial that he is below those two since Clarine and Cecilia still provide a lot for the team early on and later on in the game. It's just in a different scale of things. Noah also has a lategame that's almost non-existent, either, once we arrive in Bern. Originally Irysa suggested Klein > Sue, but after more discussion we felt that Sue was good enough to go over Klein. Klein has some very strong advantages that make him a solid unit, but realistically a trained Sue can replicate some of Klein's strengths later on in the game and has the mount to boot. This one is kind of hard because the counterarguments fall towards Klein being a unit that's good right out of the box and, theoretically, always has utility when a flying unit exists that's fairly strong (FalcoKnights and Wyvern Riders / Lords).Klein has a lot of cool niches, but in the event of training Sue they just pale a bit in comparison eventually once Sue gets to B Bows. There is the extreme cost of her needing training and some babying, but being on a mount and being a Bow unit does kind of help her out in that it's easy to snag free kills while not being a detriment Movement-wise. Sue vs Noah was also brought up, and to be fair Zeiss could probably join in the mix with that too. I think in the end it may naturally pan towards Sue > Noah > Zeiss; however, these three are pretty close to each other and really need a direct comparison like Zealot / Tate / Alan / Lance do. Suggested Changes: -Upper Mid- Deke Yodel Cecilia Clarine Noah Zeiss Sue Klein Echidna Igrene Ellen Mid Tier wasn't really scratched, but to bring up the discussion points from earlier on Irysa: While I definitely agree that Bartre not costing the Hero Crest probably puts him at an edge over Fir, Fir is also a unit that can be rather helpful the short time she's on the Isles provided that she keeps her Wo Dao. Once it breaks, and assuming in the isles still, she's still "okay" but she's very dicey to be left alone without careful attention. The thing is she is really nice for having a Swordmaster within Sacae to help clear through some of the Nomads while being alright at handling the bosses. She also is okay in Ilia, though FalcoKnights can really tear her a new one if she isn't careful or doesn't have something like Lancereaver. I'm trying to at least give Fir a chance here since I am naturally biased against her (to the point where I could have argued Lot over Fir...), but I am trying to be as fair as possible with her first. Lugh and Lot's movement makes a lot of sense. Roy's earlygame is basically within Chapter 1 and then using Rapier for 4 and 7. Though Lot's contributions aren't exactly huge he does help with having Axes and being rather reliable to double things like Soldiers and can double Armor Knights with Hammer (Ward almost has no chance for this, for the record). Lot and Lugh's earlygames aren't too bad as far as they help a lot with some enemies that you'd rather not your main units eat a counterattack from if possible or just softening things up. Treck can definitely go above Fae for all I'm concerned - Fae's utility is really small in the grand scheme of things considering she's a 5 Move 1 range unit. tldr: Basically Irysa's list is probably what I would change it to, with maybe debatable arguments towards Fir > Bartre still. Lower Mid I'll probably quote Irysa on this once more: So I think the issue I have now isn't so much on putting Lilina over Gonzalez, but actually keeping Lilina under Garret. I get it, even years ago I wouldn't have agreed to this probably, but after some discussing with Irysa and attempting to apply the scenarios realistically I can buy this. Let's go over a couple things: Base Lilina: 16 HP | 5 Mag | 5 Skl | 4 Spd | 4 Luck | 2 Def | 7 Res | 4 Con Elfire - 13 Atk, 87 Hit Fire - 10 Atk, 102 Hit Honestly, the biggest thing is Lugh has to be about Level 11 or C Tomes to match or beat Lilina's combat. The thing that helps Lugh slightly is that he's faster to double some slower Pirates and Fighters in Western Isles and he's obviously available earlier. I am, however, not arguing for Lilina > Lugh. The thing I'm arguing about is that Lilina has decent enough 2 range chip to be worthwhile as a filler unit in the Western Isles. Consider that you probably will whiff ORKOes against Pirates and Fighters, especially Fighters, every now and then. You also have units that some units might struggle to double such as some of the Archers. Fighters and Pirates, with Steel Axes, have insanely low Avoid. Those that have Iron Axes or Poison Axes that still have meh Avoid and they're still rather low in the Res department. You also have Roy Lilina support which is incredibly quick and gives a free Attack point and 5 more Hit. That's small, but that suddenly makes Elfire go from hitting at 64% Displayed to 69% Displayed. The difference? 74.44% True Hit vs 81.09% True Hit - so about a 6% Accuracy difference, actually. That means instead of hitting 3/4 times you're hitting about 4/5 times. I don't want to oversell it since Lilina has a ton of flaws and training her to even 10/1 to be a Bolting Bot is a pain in the ass (and then has questionable reasons as to why not just use Cecilia), but she's not necessarily a unit that I would always turn down in the Western Isles merely for her being able to chip from 2 range pretty hard and, if you do grow her out, she at least has a hefty hit with her while being able to double stuff like Armor Knights and can OHKO units like Wyverns with Aircalibur once trained. I think the only arguments for Garret is that he has a small use in Chapter 16 if you have him be used against the Armor Knights and Chapter 21 as a pit stop Wyvern Crasher - but that could also be done with Gonzalez amongst other units too (Gonzalez, to compare, has the same Skill at 10/1 to Geese's Luck lead, but Garret's 10 Speed vs Gonzalez's 15 Speed - which avoids Doubling from Wyvern Lords and means easier doubling against Wyvern Knights). Again with Gonzalez - I don't want to oversell it either, but I just want to point how terribly Geese and Gonzalez are and, honestly, no one should really separate the two of them IMO. Whether Gonzalez is superior in that you throw some training and 5000 Gold to make a deployable Wyvern Killer in Chapter 15 or just use Geese at base is debatable I guess, though I think both of the niches are incredibly small and both can nearly replicate each other. I think this makes Gonzalez slightly better, but I can't deny the cost of 5000 Gold (or more boots, practically). Nothing else to note. Suggested changes: -Lower Mid- Lilina Geese Gonzalez I don't think anyone is really going to argue Hugh > Geese. I'm just going to do it. Changes being made: * Rutger > Percival * Hugh > Geese Discussion Points: * Tate / Zealot / Alan / Lance * Noah / Zeiss / Sue * Lilina / Gonzalez / Garret * Fir / Bartre / Rest of Lower Mid Though these are listed as discussion points, do not feel that you can't stray away from these either. If you think there are potential other shifts that can be made, you are more than free to discuss them as well.
  8. I like this guy. He should run the Tier List instead. Sorry for being late. I can't think of a team to draft for Mons so I'll do some ratings instead! Raigh is basically a 2 range chipping machine that can sometimes tank a hit with Nosferatu. His lower end Skill and Luck probably means he's a little inaccurate with the Dark tomes. Could be a combat unit I guess but it costs way too much. 2.5/10 Cath is basically Narga's waifu. Thief that's free for the chapter she's in at the least in either 12 or 16. Her durability is shockingly better than Chad's, but still worse than Asthol's unless she gets a level or two. Good luck with those stats. 2.5/10 Miledy, on the other hand, is the best unit in the game. The only nail you can constantly put on her is her availability, and she makes up for it by completely dominating the rest of the game straight from when she joins. The fact she can make Sacae almost a joke is hilarious as fuck. 10/10 Cecilia is the best IMO. She has the greatest style, the weirdest promotional thread for her, and great aesthetics. Don't ask about #2, it was a great meme though for what it's worth. Wait, you wanted a real ranking? Shit. Basically A Rank Tomes and C Rank Staves are pretty great. Aircalibur and Bolting is instantly free on her, and with training she could gun for Forblaze. C Staves means she can Hammerne for free. It's nice that she could potentially reach B Staves for Rescue since Rescue is really all she needs with Physic access. Mounted helps her a lot too. Personally I think Cecilia is hated by a lot of people for all the wrong reasons. She's definitely flawed, but she has a lot of great things going for her too. She's basically free to deploy from when she joins and isn't ever really deadweight. 7.5/10 Sophia gets you a Guiding Ring and that's about it. Basically in the grand scheme of things it's probably easier to train and get Sophia somewhere before Wendy. Realistically - don't bother. 0.5/10 Fae is kind of so-so utility. Basically she can put a heavy hit on a Wyvern or Dragon. 30 uses is super limited though so the chances of her being trained to be useful is... well... yeah. 3/10 Percival is really damn good. Great stats and weapon ranks. No real cost to deploying and makes a pretty big impact within his uses. Overall Percival may not fly, but he's so good that you're still going to use him. 9/10 Igrene comes with B Bows. That's not too bad since Killers and Brave Bow is sufficient and she has good combat stats otherwise. Probably will not reach S Bows, but her Bow utility is still very solid. 5.5/10 Garret can play on mountain peaks and kill some Wyverns. That's about the extent of his contributions to be honest. Being a little lighter actually does him some favors over Gonzales. 3/10 Hugh is basically a unit you pay to hit hard with Aircalibur. Even if you pay for cheap Hugh he can contribute in the joining chapter with Elfire against the Armor Knights. Nothing spectacular which makes it absurd with his high cost. 1.5/10 Douglas is a brick. A brick that once dondon gave Boots too and asked for a refund. He's durable at least and everything he hits he'll hit hard. Magic is nasty for him though and there are definitely only super niche moments to use Douglas. 1.5/10 Zeiss is hard. I think the biggest thing going for Zeiss is that he's a free flying unit that can be really good with minimal investment. Speedwings plus early promotion makes him very reliable throughout Ilia, and you can just keep him unpromoted for a while if you want to try to work his Lance rank. D Lances, meh Speed, and availability are the only drawbacks, but he's still very good and helps the team a lot. He's worthy of a 7/10 ranking, but I feel that he still needs a little work to get going still, so I think it's better to give him a 6.5/10. He might still be worth of a 7.0/10 with Speedwings and early promotion, though. Niime is awesome. Just try to catch her Warp ranges and access to Apocalypse. She can Nosferatu tank with Angelic Robe or two and she just is a bad ass unit overall. 8/10. Dayan more or less contributes with some meaty 2 range chip. Outside of that circumstance he's mostly used for Chapters 20 and 21 and maybe assisting in Chapter 23. 2/10 Yuno is really nice for giving one more flying unit for Chapter 21 - which is big because there's a lot of nasty traps within the chapter. She's still not bad to deploy in terms of being a ferrybot. 2/10, though I want to give Yuno a 7/10 after Horace gave her a 0 of all things with Wendy. I could at least name some small uses for Yuno over Wendy to give her like a 1 at least.
  9. Sorry to bother you on this, but I think I'm also going to make a small adjustment to Tate (7.5) and Gonzalez (3.0).
  10. Irysa saw this and then I told him on Discord I wouldn't respond until after he posted. Magillanica Lou Mayvin covered it pretty well honestly. I'll address the Tate issue more in a moment with Irysa's post. I do agree Asthol is a bit too high. I think the main reason I put him there above Alan and Lance is because they both require funneling, and there could be argued a rather large cost of not being able to funnel Shanna. Still, Alan or Lance trained is very good so they need to be re-represented properly. Sue's biggest issues lie in that she really requires some funneling. What helps is she's useful in Chapters 7 and 8 while being forcefully deployed in 9. The issue is Sue still needs to be shoveled kills and she desperately needs C Bows. I think her ranking is pretty fine honestly, I don't see where she should suddenly skyrocket against Lott is kind of meh I admit, but I think he's better than some people give credit to. Probably could drop a bit, but I don't think by a lot honestly. Lot has more usable bases from the getgo in comparison to Ward. To compare Ward loses 2 AS in comparison to Lot's 3 when using Hammer. Ward has 3 AS. Lot has 4. Some AKs do have 0 Speed too. It is rare, but there are also instances where AKs that have 2 AS and Wade never doubles those either. Oujay could probably drop below Juno and Dayan. Outside of that, it gets really shaky since we're looking at super extremes as to why to use a unit over another. Although Irysa mentioned this, it's really helpful that Percival is a lot more RNG-proof per se and has more workable weapon ranks. C Axes, for example, gives Killer Axes which are nice against some units. He never has to purposely touch Axes just to use Hammers, either, whereas Alan and Lance have to force themselves to use it once. He needs so much less grinding to use Durandal too. Deke going up a tier is something that's always discussed from time to time. I think the stopping plug is that Deke is an above average foot unit - while great, it's not something that screams awesome either. He has some things going for him and it's worth looking into some comparisons for him at the least. I'll state that I'm open to the idea, but I think there will need to be a lot to argue for Deke in comparison to some of the units in the same tier. I'll explain why I put Percival above Rutger. Percival's contributions, though they can be replicated by a trained Alan or Lance, are still difficult to replicate in a sense. Percival just has very solid base stats at the start (including weapon rank). Percival can contribute quite a bit from when Marcus passes the baton as shown in many of dondon's playthroughs. Such examples are: - Being one of the better killers for Zephiel since he has a faster access to Durandal and has much better combat parameters. - Clear through Dragons in the latter chapters with said Durandal as well. - Durable enough to live through quite a few brutal encounters. I get that Rutger is really big in earlygame, but the problem that I have with Rutger is that his bosskilling at times can be replicated in a few instances or is inferior to things like Armorslayer Marcus / Zealot. Basically Rutger is best against units that he can double and Marcus / Zealot are iffy to fight against. The few that pop to mind are Dory (which Rutger has realistic death chances against too, but he's obviously better), Henning, some of the monsters bosses in Western Isles, and a few others. Another potential nick against Rutger is that, though it requires training, you could also argue that Deke or Fir could potentially duplicate the bosskilling in some instances. For Deke this is a lot harder, but there are instances where he flat out kills things better with his higher Strength stat if he can hit S Swords and Fir isn't the worst to train in Western Isles. Here's basically how I viewed Percival vs Rutger. - Rutger is definitely one of the best earlygame units. I feel that his contributions are large in his bosskilling and a few instances where the army is objectively weaker, but even by the time you hit instances like Western Isles it's likely a Paladin stormfest with the occasion of borrowing Rutger to kill the boss. - Percival has very solid stats and weapon rank upon jointime, takes very little funneling to really be a high functioning unit, and is rather difficult to completely copy with something like a trained Alan or Lance. - I do admit that this might've been a bit preemptive because Rutger has a large availability over Percival, so I could re-concede Percival over Rutger. So I kind of want to discuss this one more in-depth because there's a lot going on with it. This also will answer people's questions about the ranking. The deal was, originally, the flight was rather large lead for Tate while having good enough combat stats to work. I still stand by that statement; however, I do think that those four are very debatable and require a lot more in-depth look. I think what's worthwhile is to do something that's rather extreme - compare the four of them side-by-side. I can't do this right away - it probably won't be until the weekend or my actual weekend (next Tuesday / Wed / Thursday); however, I want to post to state that I am open to re-arranging these 4 and think it is worthwhile to actually investigate it in nitty gritty detail. For the record Astor will definitely drop below them. Bartre vs Fir is really a unit that has midgame utility versus a growth unit that has small niches if used for them (bosskilling). I'm open to interpretation on this one. The main reason I put Fir above Bartre is that Fir is still pretty nice in Western Isles to a point (she's just really shoddy in taking too much at once sometimes) and she can work around some of her flaws with Lancereaver. She's at a cost of a Heroes Crest I admit, though, so there is that nail against her I guess. I agree with Lugh and Lot over Roy honestly. Lot is kind of bad offensively and Roy's contributions are likely worse than Lot's earlygame at times (it's literally just Rapier against Cavs and small things in some of the earlier chapters). I think the only way Roy > Lot is that Roy is seriously trained since trained Lot is kind of shaky throughout the entire game in Speed. So this was one we spent probably, what, a good hour discussing in Discord and resulted in it's like Hugh lol with Lilina versus Gonzalez. For what it's worth I'm willing to put Garret above Lilina and Gonzalez. I think Lilina vs Gonzalez really outlines on how much you value accurate chip with a potential of Bolting / Aircalibur if promoted versus Gonzalez, if strapped to someone like Tate, can be a combat machine against some units like Wyvern Lords, Lance Paladins, and FalcoKnights. Gonzalez is a bit easier to train at the start per se outside of his accuracy liability, so there is that to consider. The accuracy liability, though, is a huge issue and it doesn't really patch (aka it never really fixes itself) until Gonzalez promotes. Still, Lilina does have Elfire chip with a decent Roy support helping it out a bit too. I think the only flaw to that argument is sometimes Roy is being ferried towards the throne whereas Lilina may not always be nearby it (so it's almost like a perk more than anything). Lilina being OHKOed constantly certainly doesn't help often until she's promoted or you give her an Angelic Robe. The more I think about it, the more I've kind of been convinced on how Lilina could be seen as a better unit than Gonzalez, but I think the issue lies in that Gonzalez unpromoted can still be an okay combat unit and, when he promotes, you could argue he's promoting in a more optimal time (like Bern or maybe midway through Ilia) and, by that point, boots are within the grasp. He's at least useful in clearing the Generals at that point in time and he may actually hit towards S Rank Axes this way, but without concrete proof this part of the concept is kind of in smoke. I think the issue lies in what you see more as a detriment - a unit that's always OHKOed and needs to be protected for what sometimes may be superfluous 2 range chip, or Gonzalez's brutal combat that sometimes isn't always accurate at the cost of unpromoted Shanna or keeping Gonzalez unpromoted. Both are superfluous, though, when fully trained at the end of the day. That's partly why I could buy Lilina > Gonzalez since deploying her probably isn't a huge deal so long as she's chipping with Elfire or other tomes against dodgier units like Mercenaries. Anima's accuracy puts the court in her favor, anyway. Definitely agreed since Geese is a useless chump. We kind of discussed the two, though I have also will talk about the Dancers vs Percival. I think the one thing that goes for the dancers is that they're available a little earlier than Percival. I think the issue is that Percival is likely one of those units that could potentially be Danced as well, which while is a point in favor for Dancers, it still is a point in favor of Percival as well. Dancers vs combat units get really superfluous because the nitty gritty of it is hard to compare (after all one is combat unit and the other is strictly utility). I think on the basis that Percival does have some utility in that he's a combat unit that's somewhat hard to replicate in some areas I disagree with putting him below the Dancers. As for Zeiss vs Tate, though Zeiss has better durability Tate also has a lot more availability and will shave more turns in the long run by flight utility alone. Zeiss's combat is pretty average outside of Pegasus Knights to be honest and maybe against some units like Generals where Zeiss's higher base Strength is likely doing more favors for than Tate. It's also really hard to see Zeiss a whole tier above Deke and Tate below Alan and Lance honestly. Tate still is great because, even for strict flight purposes, it enables more free use of Miledy too. The solution may be to move both Deke and Zeiss up, but honestly that might even be going too far because Zeiss is available rather late in the game and needs some work to really be decent (or at worst he's still a good flier unit but his durability lead is all he has and in some cases it doesn't always matter - though there are instances where he could probably be more reckless with Rescue drops). Sorry to not quote you Jedi and RFoF, but still good to see the latter again and, as for the former, I think we can address that throughout more stat comparisons and the like of what needs to happen with Tate. I do want to forewarn that I think people are kind of hating on Tate a little too hard IMO, but the units around her (Zealot especially) have a lot of potential going for them.
  11. Irysa mentioned your name change and yet I still forgot about it lol.

    I would be interested in the FE7 Ranked thread by the way if only to see the philosophy changes and the like.

    1. Colonel M

      Colonel M

      Forgive me for my shit wording. I mean "to at least see philosophy changes and the like".

      Only... that isn't the only reason >_>;

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      It's okay, lots of people still know me by my old name.

      If I can get it to a place where it feels good, I'll probably post it.

  12. He might've purged it. The website was from years ago. I'll remove it for now or dig around for it in the meantime.
  13. Reserved post as I will be detailing some changes that I made on the side.
  14. Greetings. You may know me as esteemed Tyrant Colonel M. I have been lurking the forums for a little while and also have been posting a little bit. Recently I was looking at the this thread and it made me re-consider how the FE6 Tier List hasn't really been updated in a long time. For the short-hand version: I think that the tier list isn't too shabby, but could use some improvement. This topic, by the way, is not to detract from the current "Let's make a tier list" thread. In fact, I heavily encourage users continue to post in there as it helps gauge opinions overall. Link to old tier list Basically what I have decided is to re-do the tier list to a point. The rules I will place in the spoiler tag below the tier list. I realize a lot of the higher ups like Gwympage have went to Reddit and some like Red Fox of Fire have since likely retired; however, I figured that I could still post this and maybe finalize everything within it or settle old scores. The tier list assumes both routes. No route is favored over the other. -Top Tier- Miledy Marcus Rutger Percival Lalum Elphin -High Tier- Saul Shanna Shin Niime Alan Lance Zealot Tate Astor -Upper Mid- Zeiss Noah Deke Yodel Cecilia Clarine Klein Sue Echidna Igrene Ellen -Mid- Fir Bartre Roy Lugh Chad Fae Lot Treck -Lower Mid- Gonzalez Garret Lilina Cath Raigh Oujay -Low Tier- Dayan Juno Wolt Dorothy Karel Ward Geese Hugh Douglas Bors -Utter Shit- Barth Sophia -The Worst Character in Fire Emblem History- Wendy
  15. I forgot to post sorry. Dorothy is pretty much a glorified Wolt. Nothingreally great about her - she basically just chips from 2 range with a Bow which can be nice for Chapter 7 and maybe for Chapter 6. She isn't going to ever be used seriously but her small contribution is more worthwhile than Bors. 2/10 Saul is basically your go-to Staff person. Though he lacks a mount he makes up for in Warp range - which is arguably more important in later chapters. He also has decent Magic range for things like Physic when they finally pop up as well. Saul shouldn't really be used for combat, though I guess he can be tolerable under the circumstances you train him. Still - best as a staff bot. 8.5/10 Sue is a basket case. On one hand she's not necessarily a bad unit - her lower level kind of helps with her okay bases, and her access to 2 range makes it easier to scum kills. She can help against Wyverns in Chapter 7 and she's good for the push through Chapter 8. Her biggest flaw is probably her abysmal Strength at the start, but the bows definitely help her out. Eventually she can become a pretty solid unit with investment and, funnily, she could even hit Murgleis before Shin. This helps give her small edges in using bows like Killer Bows and Brave Bow a lot faster. I think, overall, I've had a better opinion of her than in the past and definitely hold less of a bias against her. Being mounted with 2 range is really what helps her case out to being used. I think she's gotten to the point where I can comfortably give her a 5.5/10. I might be slightly underselling Sue, though, so feel free to correct me on this. Zealot is a slightly stronger yet inaccurate Marcus. He comes baked with D Axes so he can Hammertime without any training - something that does help for Chapter 8. Zealot's Speed is a blessing since it makes him a bit more RNG-proof against Fighters in the Western Isles. He probably should leave Silver Lance usage to Marcus, though. Still, very solid unit that contributes roughly the same as Marcus - though the accuracy issue is quite noticeable at times. Low Luck can also be seen as iffy too - it leaves him a little more vulnerable to crits. Thankfully, Zealot is pretty durable which helps out. 7.5/10. Treck is one of those units I really want to call awful. His combat prowess is below average and the dude is at Level 4 by Chapter 7. I get that Sue is Level 1, but Sue at least has okay 2 range. Treck's 2 range is with Javelins, which have questionable accuracy. E Swords is godawful for Western Isles too. He just passes combat-wise for the short time you need him, and to be fair he's still another mounted unit which you can't really nick against him on. 4/10 Noah is actually not too bad since he can promote rather quickly and become really serviceable throughout Western Isles. Very good throughout Western Isles and can still be usable for mounted utility and slight filler in routes like Ilia. The only nick I have against him is that his later combat stats are pretty bad due to early promotion and his stats won't carry him all the way to endgame. Still, C Swords is great since it gives Noah access to good weaponry and still an overall solid unit. 7/10 Asthol is the primary choice for a thief for Roy's campaign. He has quite solid stats to where he's actually usable through Western Isles as a more agile combat unit (both in Speed and movement) while having sight range in fog of war. His durability is actually not too shabby for a Thief - in comparison Chad likely has a third of his Defense and a 10 HP detriment. Cath just barely passes above Chad in durability too. He's damn useful for what he has to do, and he does it well. He steals quite a bit to make his contributions worthwhile - just a shame that Chest Keys and Door Keys really outclass him in thieving a lot. 7/10 Oujay is pretty shit. He's actually worse in combat parameters in comparison to Asthol for quite a while and his growths are pretty meh. I guess if you dedicate training him he can work... if only his Con was a point higher or his Speed was a little better. 2/10 Barth is one I'll hit up from past me: Barth Vader comes in and you can tell from the Sith Lord's suit that he's a goddamn Armor Knight. 25 HP / 14 Def with 10 Str, then 100% HP, 60% Str, and 40% Def growths? That's pretty solid. Heh, get it? Barth comes at a very poor time though. See, when we got Bors, we were wishing for something like Barth. Instead, we got something Grandjackal loves to hype. By this point, we need mobility in the chapter. Ironic, really, that Ostia is known for its defense and makes its rooms so fucking huge that it would take years to get from outside to the throne. His low Skill is a minor deterrent while were still in Ostia... But that changes quickly in the Western Isles. Honestly, this is probably the one game where AKs could get Swords, as otherwise he would be decent in the Isles. Unfortunately he's either stuck at WTD or with inaccurate axes. As for his durability, it can get questionable with his Spd; however, remember that enemies need sky high Atk to do significant damage. For example, Wyvern Lords have roughly 40 Atk, which would do 36 damage to a 20/1 Barth. Then you have Nomadic Troopers that are lucky to even dent him. Still, having little avoid and little CEV doesn't help either, and Bern's army is rather "skilled". Don't forget Mages... Who pretty much wreck his shit thanks to his 1 base Res and 2% growth. They're usually quick enough to double too. So if Barth encounters Mages, be prepared to see Barth fried more than Anakin when he fell into the lava after battling Obi... For minor extra credit he can early promote, but why be a cockblock to Alan and Lance? Not to mention he has so much Con he can wield Devil Axe with no AS loss, which leaves... Yeah... People carrying him is a greater issue than the Great Gonzales. Still, 4 Mov AK with a poor join time, sort of right stat output but lack of CEV makes him a terrible tank. I almost think Rutger makes a better tank than Barth sometimes... Sadly, the force is weak with this one. 0.5/10 Wendy... I've only met two debaters that seriously attempted to "hype" Wendy. One was Grandjackal, lover of Armor Knights. The other was Inui... which... confused the fuck out of me. Here's a fun video to watch: 0/10 - Worst character in Fire Emblem series to date Lilina provides meaty chip. That's... about all she has really. She's arguably a much better Lugh for a couple reasons. First, she does at least have the "lord" status where her EXP rate is slightly higher. The second is the extremely fast support with Roy - which does help a little bit. I wouldn't call her by any means amazing nor really someone that you should always use over Lugh if you train Lugh - just that there are times where her contributions are okay and tolerable. She's still a pretty shit unit. Pretty cute I guess. Weird how she's good in Heroes. 3/10 Shin is really good. Hard Mode bonuses on top of having solid bases and a mount make Shin very good. If you aren't using Shin, honestly, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. Shin's only real cons are lack of 1 range per se and that his Bow rank is very sluggish. Still, Shin is a damn good Nomadic Trooper and he can ferry some of the fatter units if necessary. He's really fucking good in my opinion, and the lack of getting to S Bows only is significant for one chapter at worst. 8.5/10 Fir is a unit that gets super overhyped. Honestly in terms of efficiency I'm with dondon - this chick is almost worth her 2/10. Though, Irysa does bring up decent points that she's an okay unit that can help contribute if trained and she's not necessarily the worst thing in Western Isles. The issues lie when Wo Dao breaks - she's stuck with pretty mediocre combat. Furthermore her status as a Swordmaster requires being babied with Lancereaver in some instances - a weapon that's highly sought by Rutger as well. I'll be honest to admit that I'm super brutal against Fir, but you have to understand that I do not value Fir very highly at all in the grand scheme of things. The argument against "RNG screwed Rutger" is super flimsy and happens maybe once in a blue moon - not to mention you're playing with the dice when using Fir since eating a hit is bad news (and though rare against Fighers and Pirates, it's still possible). Call me harsh, but I feel she deserves her ranking of a 4.5/10. I feel this is weighing her fairly without showing too much favoritism. I almost gave her a straight 4, but I would have to go back and give Lugh a 4 too and I think she's at least better than Treck in being more useful in Western Isles and later on potentially. Gonzalez, on the other hand, is one unit I've actually changed my mind on more. Irysa and I discussed this when I saw what he ranked Gonzalez. Gonzalez is pretty accurate to describe as a "paper threat". To describe - Gonzalez looks rather intimdating on paper - he has very high Str and solid Speed, decent durability, and Berserker just makes him a threatening machine. What stops him, though? His absolute garbage accuracy and Con. Gonzalez barely hits a lot of units unless he has a triangle advantage over them. His combat uses are pretty slim - mainly killing Wyvern Knights and Wyvern Lords are his only niche while sitting on Peaks, which is Chapter 21 at best. It's kind of funny because a 10/1 Gonzalez complately shits on Wyvern Riders and can still be nimble enough to avoid hits from Wyvern Lords while eating a hit back. He's coincidentally better in Ilia where there's a bit more peaks to work with and Lances are still favored a lot, but his issues lie in needing very niche support carries. A part of me thinks there's a hidden strategy to deploying a 10/1 Gonzalez somewhere and just having him do whatever the fuck he wants. I don't think it exists outside of Chapter 21, though. I think it's safe to give Gonzalez a 3/10. What this rating entails is that Gonzalez has a niche, but his niche has significant flaws and cost behind it. If he could hit a fucking unit or his Con was less (well, ideally, both) he would be miles better. Alas... Geese is shit. Look at Gonzalez, but magnify every flaw that Gonzalez has onto Geese. Add more insult to injury in that Geese's low Con is actually a detriment too. It's funny because Hard Mode Gonzalez can be more accurate than Geese at times... 1/10. Elphin and Lalum are best ranked together. The only differences are that Elphim is more durable, which helps, though Lalum is in a better route IMO. They're very solid at what they do - they allow units to perform a second action. Dancers are invaluable. Enough said honestly. 9/10 Klein is a weird unit. His A Rank in Bows is really nice because Silver Bows have a fuckton of Mt against flying units. Furthermore, he's all good to go to use Brave Bow. His high Skill and good Luck also make him accurate enough to play with LongBow too. Klein has solid enough stats after his Hard Mode bonuses to be a serviceable Sniper that has significant power behind his attack. He's even fast enough to sometimes ORKO. If he can't with Silvers, he probably can with the Brave Bow. Great unit, sometimes underrated by newer players. 6.5/10 Tate is weird in that she's a better combat unit most of the time in comparison to Thany. Thany can outperform Tate thanks to having more time to train, though, so there is that against her. Still, Tate is a good flying unit with decent combat parameters and more Falcoknights aren't a bad thing. 7.5/10 Echinda isn't too bad - C Swords means she can use Wyrmslayer at base while B Axes makes her serviceable with Killer Axes. Echinda probably won't last forever, but she can be a great help alongside Ilia routes in terms of raw combat stats and can be used for a while. It's kind of weird, but I actually dig her hairstyle too, and I can't really say I'm a huge fan of short hair for some reason. 6.5/10 Bartre is really awkward. He's incredibly strong. So strong, in fact, he can actually match damage output with Iron Bow against a lot of units. He's not too shabby with A Axes, though chances are you're not going to use much outside of Killers and maybe Iron Axes. His high base Strength is incredible and it'll help him for a while. Still, he's not really a great unit. It's funny - I wonder how much better Bartre becomes if he had B Bows. 4.5/10
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