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  1. So if I don't talk to her, i can avoid recruiting her? NICE!
  2. What I'd REALLY like was if there were 2 options on each side. The boys could choose between: -Jakob and Silas in all routes -Niles and Lazlow in Conquest -Subaki and Kaden in Birthright Meanwhile, girls could choose between: -Felicia and Azura in all routes -Soleil and Selena in Conquest -Rhajat and Orochi in Birthright This would just be my ideal vision. They're probably bad choices.
  3. As a european, i can't really talk about localisation, but for what I have seen... I REALLY want to like Azura. I really do. But her decisions are so... dumb. They want to make her seem all "wise and mysterious", but it doesn't work when in plot, Azura's ideas are often really stupid. Seriously, she DEFINITELY is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Rhajat is a Tharja clone. I hate Tharja. Need I say more? And Peri.. oh, Peri. She's just plain awful. Psychopathy is cute, now? It just disturbs me how they try to make her violent, childish and psychotic personality seem cute. It just.. no. What makes it even worse is that she's a retainer. REALLY XANDER?
  4. Conquest/Revelations: Boon: Clever Bane: Fragile Talent: Troubadour Birthright: Boon: Strong Bane: Slow Talent: Oni Savage
  5. Name: Yui Gender: Male Route: Conquest/Revelations Class: Troubadour Appearance: A shota build 1 male MU, with blonde hair (color 24) in a ponytail (style 6) and a girly face (Face 3) Spouse: Niles ---- Name: Luna Gender: Female Route: Birthright Class: Berserker Appearance: A cool build 2 female MU with default face and hair, the hair being light blue (color 26) Spouse: Subaki
  6. I'm a very disturbing combination between: Elise (Her childish, happy-go-lucky attitude and general naivety) and Pieri (her psychotic, unstable personality and love for blood and gore)
  7. What type of person are your main characters? Who will they marry, what will they look like, class, ect? Most importantly, how do you imagine their personality to be like? Name: Haruka Gender: Male Spouse: Zero Class: Rod knight (Will become strategist) Route: Invisible Asset: Magic Flaw: Defence Personality: Haruka is a very shy, timid and reserved boy. From a young age, he lived a very sheltered life which made him have a very innocent view on the world. He believes everyone is a good person at their core. He’s sweet, caring and very nurturing, wanting nothing but the best for others. Despite his timid personality, he has immense courage and will always do his best to help those in need. He hates fighting, and took up the staff instead. He has amazing magic power, yet is very frail. He can’t take hits well and gets sick easily. Combined with his asthma, he has difficulty living everyday life, needing to be taken care of well. He fell for Zero because of his rougue-ish charm and curiosity towards Zero’s adventurous lifestyle. Zero often told him about life beyond the palace walls, and the 2 were pretty close, eventually falling for each other. Name: Serena Gender: Female Spouse: Tsubaki Class: Oni savage (Will become blacksmith) Route: Hoshido Asset: Defence Flaw: Magic Personality: Serena is a loud, prideful, rough and tomboyish girl who loves to go outside and rough things up. From a young age, she’s been “one of the boys” and she never appeared to care for beauty. She’s tough, brave and will not back down from anything. She’s brash, hot-headed and can have a bit of a potty mouth. She can be a bit tsundere at times, especially towards Tsubaki, on whom she secretly crushes. She has a feminine side though. She’ll never admit it, but she loves wearing pretty girly dresses. She and Tsubaki had a bit of a rivalry, Serena constantly challenging him so she could out perfect him. EVERYONE could see that she liked Tsubaki, but she never admitted it until Tsubaki confessed himself. ] Name: Azusa Gender: Male Spouse: Zero Class: Wyvern Rider (Will become Revenant Knight) Route: Nohr Asset: Strengh Flaw: Skill Personality: Azusa is a real creep. He has a disturbed, child-like personality. Around people, he acts very spoiled, childish and demanding, emotionally blackmailing people with tears or hysterical tantrums to get what he wants. He’s mentally unstable and can be quite psychotic when angered. He cries easily and will scream loudly if he cries. He absolutely OBSESSES over Zero, and took quite a few lives already if they got too close. He’s a yandere, due to his overly possessive attitude and murderous attitude towards those he sees as “rivals”. Azusa, in an attempt to “relate” more to Zero, cut his own eye out, so that he, like Zero, can only see through one eye. His heavy bags come from his lack of sleep, usually due to his constant stalking. His obsessed behavior stayed, even when Zero and Azusa became a couple.
  8. You have my full support! I was kinda..devastated, when i saw the trailer, i mean, they did not only wound, they also rubbed salt in it. I am completely on your side, and may we prevaill!
  9. Peach: explosive dance: doesn't drop peaches, but bombs from the sky, while the blasts don't hurt peach. Jigglypuff: moonblast: does a shoop da woop and lasers like samus.
  10. Shadowheart: dark magic heals instead of damage. Sadism: 1-hit kills boost attack and magic by 5, decreases every turn Pretty boy: male variant of demoiselle, and has effect on female units. Holy light: do extra damage to dark mages and sorcerers.
  11. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late, my Internet connection had a problem)

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