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  1. Huh. Neat. How long have you been working on this?
  2. More weird bugs time! Delmud ended up being a Bow-wielding class without a name. It looks like some kind of soldier-type class, but his combat animations are broken and lock up the game, so I assume it's a class that was dummied out and has no proper animation. Easy fix, just turned on Map-Animations for him (Good thing too, he's so far my most useful, non-DkPrince-Oifey character I've got so far. Also, Celice ended up a Duke Knight, which is cool (Having your Lord be an Armor-type was fun, but I got tired of it about halfway through slogging through the Desert one square at a time in Chapter 5), but he did not start with a lance, so he literally can't attack enemies or counterattack. He started with a sword he can't use, so that was weird.
  3. Well, since we're talking about weird bugs, I've encountered a game-breaking one in Chapter 5 that has stopped my progress. Apparently the game doesn't like it when the HiPriest (playing the part of Thieves) raid the towns. As soon as they move onto the door-tile on the towns and start raiding the game locks up. Maybe it's got something to do with playing the HiPriest's map-animation? Not sure how to fix this one - seems like a job for someone well-versed in the ins and outs of FE4 - so I'm kinda leaving it alone for now. Other Non-Game-Breaking glitches: Also, I think making Sylvia anything but a dancer broke the "Dance" scene more than it was already broken. I tried saving and reloading several times to get Sylvia's dance to play (She's currently a Sniper) but her sprite just disappears and it just locks up and plays the song forever. Another weird one on Chapter 4, the Level 4 arena enemy was an AxArmor with a "Hero" axe. However, when we got into a fight, what would happen is he would play the Throwing Axe animation, but the axe would be invisible. Then, hit or miss, the screen would go dark for a moment, and the enemy would disappear, and then my counterattack would whiff, and my character would just stand there like an idiot forever and ever. Even pressing B to try to cancel the fight did nothing. When I tried the Bow-Arena course, it was the same sort of thing, except it was a Warrior with an invisible bow (I forget what bow it was). The only way to get past level 4 Arena would be to use characters who could double-attack for enough damage to kill him before he counter attacked. This was before I changed the Armor-mountain-movement cost so I'm stumped. Lamia actually did the same thing (Had an invisible weapon and then disappeared) but my character could hit and kill her, so it wasn't a problem then. Not game breaking, but it did screw me out of a lot of Arena abuse. Also, not a bug per-se, but the wyvern riders between me and Lord Byron were so strong that they instagib him immediately before I can even get up there. Not game-breaking, but unfortunate. I wanted to see what nonsense holy weapon he hands me :( (And then the game breaks because HiPriests don't like capturing towns or something, so it became moot)
  4. Uh oh. Possible problem with how the randomization turned out. I think Making Sigurd an Armor-type unit causes the game to be unwinnable. I'm in chapter 4, and since he's an Emperor (Which has so far been completely OP and I love it) he can't cross the mountain range into Silesia, and therefore can't capture the final castles, unless there's some other way for Armor units to go across mountains. I'll probably find a workaround because I want to keep playing (I put WAY too much time into my mutant randomized superbabies NOT to see how they turned out) but that's probably something to think about if you make a full Randomizer package. Also, Lachesis being a Cleric turned recruiting her into a matter of RNG manipulation, since she gets ganked before any of your units can actually get there, but that at least doesn't break the game. In other news, THIS IS SO FUN. I love this and I'm having a great time playing. Edit: For anyone else stuck on this, I fixed it on my ROM by going into Nightmare and simply changing the movement cost of Armor units from 128 to 3. Hopefully this doesn't cause any unintended horrifying screwups.
  5. I've been planning out my FEXNA game, biding my time until the public release. I don't want it until it's finished, so don't worry about that. Given that I want to have an Awakening-style Support system (Every male supports with every female, possibly with babies involved, and damn that's a lot of work), I'm going to have a godawful amount of writing to do to give supports to everyone. I also notice that in that last batch of screenies, there's what looks like a support/base conversation editor, which is awesome! My question is: it looks like the Support editor points to a specific (text?) file called, for example, RoyMarcus_C. Is it possible we could know the format of these support conversations, and how to write them beforehand so when FEXNA comes out, it's just a matter of plugging in the right, already completed text file? OR do you instead build/write conversations in the editor itself? in which case I can just write the dialogue beforehand and copy-paste it in. Hope that makes sense, the more work/planning I can get done before the editor comes out, the better.
  6. This is really cool. I'm actually curious about Village Maiden's stat growths and what Lucina's stat growths are when Village Maiden is her mom. I'm interested in figuring out a "Village Maiden" system for second gen characters when FEXNA finally comes out of Beta, and I want to see how IS handled it on a nuts and bolts level.
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