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  1. We have our Spring banner with more Elibe and the obligatory Spring Est Est is drawn by DSmile who works on various VN titles Fir is drawn by kaya8 who also drew her normal version Narcian is drawn by Yamada Kotaro who also drew his normal version Idunn and Fae are drawn by Umiu Geso who also drew Winter Lissa and Ophelia among others. Will add Bartre when he is added.
  2. We finally have our new Three Houses banner that people have been asking for. Bernadetta is drawn by new artist Nekomochi who appears to have worked on some other gacha-style games Annette is drawn by Tsukito who also drew Spring Marisa Ferdinand (von Aegir) is drawn by Sainosuke who also drew Forsyth Lysithea is drawn by Enkyo Yuichiro who also drew Selkie, Soleil, Halloween Nowi, and Bride Ninian. Will add Flame Emperor when the update goes live. EDIT: Flame Emperor is drawn by DAI-XT who also drew Osian
  3. More FE7 characters added. Nils is drawn by Kippu just like his sister, Ninian. Fiora is drawn by Konfuzi Kokon who also drew her summer alt. Rath is drawn by Shimomura Watari who also drew Haar. Leila is drawn by PenekoR. Will add Heath when he is added.
  4. Maybe. I'll check the FE Cipher Wiki later. Also added the new Resplendent Heroes (didn't buy Feh Pass myself so I just found them on image boorus) Lyn is drawn by cuboon CORRECTION: Cordelia is drawn by Noy who also drew Hilda.
  5. The official trailer for this year's Valentines banner has dropped with the artist list. Rudolf and Alm/Celica both sport new artists that I couldn't find anything about (Miyamoto Satoru and Tsukkii respectively) Faye is drawn by Tobi who also drew Kliff Conrad is drawn by argon who also drew New Years Hrid I will add Silque when the new maps drop. EDIT: Silque is drawn by HAKO who also drew the maid twins and a bunch of launch characters.
  6. In preparation for the rerelease on Switch, Heroes gives us a Tokyo Mirage Sessions banner! Eleonora is drawn by Kakage who also drew Mercedes and Valentian Catria Kiria is drawn by cuboon (Reinhardt, Olwen, Palla, etc.) Mamori is drawn by Himukai Yuji who also drew Fae, Raigh, Lugh, and Chad Tsubasa is drawn by Azu-taro who also drew Ewan I also added Travant, the newest Grand Hero Battle, who is drawn by everyone's favorite artist: Soeda Ippei I will add Itsuki when the new chapter releases.
  7. If you want to hear the true craziness of surprising voice actors, let me introduce you to the Legend of Spyro trilogy. This reboot of the Spyro the Dragon games into a more story-focused action beat-em-up series really went all out for the VAs with some big name Hollywood actors. Spyro himself is voiced by Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins in the live action Lord of the Rings movies) Spyro's mentor Ignatius is voiced by Gary Oldman (Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies, also more recently won the Academy Award for Best Actor for playing Winston Churchill last year) Sparx has three voices throughout the trilogy: David Spade (Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove), Billy West (Fry from Futurama), and Wayne Brady (Whose Line is it Anyway?) Speaking of Spyro the Dragon, shoutout to the old games where half the characters in the first game are voiced by Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs) and half the characters in the second and third are voiced by Tom Kenny (SpongeBob Squarepants) including Spyro himself.
  8. Finally getting one of these out on time. We got more FE4 Gen 2. Shannan is drawn by Okuma Yugo who also drew Male Grima and Keaton. Altena is drawn by new artist Kibayashi Senri, who I could find nothing about. Ced is drawn by Suda Ayaka, same as Lewyn, his canon father in Thracia 776 Larcei is drawn by Asatani Tomoyo, same as her mother, Ayra.
  9. Oops, I haven't updated this thread in awhile. Why don't I fix that. We've had a few banners since I last updated, let's go through them. WINTER BANNER: Sothis and Nino are drawn by Maiponpon and Amagaitaro respectively who also drew their normal versions Marth and Elice are drawn by Mayo who also drew Marth's wedding alt. Young Zephiel is drawn by Fujisaka Kimihiko who also drew Jakob and Dimitri The Tempest Trial unit, Jaffar, is drawn by newcomer motsutsu, who is another artist from Exys. LEGENDARY BANNER: December's Legendary Hero is Celica in her Rigain outfit drawn by Umiu Geso who also drew Winter Lissa, Ophelia, and Fallen Delthea NEW YEARS BANNER: Lethe and Selkie are drawn by kaya8 and Enkyo Yuichiro respectively who also drew their normal versions Alfonse and Sharena are drawn by Argon who also drew New Years Hrid Anna's long awaited alt is drawn by newcomer Hanekoto who appears to be a freelance artist The Tempest Trial unit, Eir, is drawn by Ito Misei who also drew Valentines Eliwood and Adrift Mikoto
  10. Our new banner adds a new OC and some new Thracia characters. Mareeta is drawn by kiyu who also drew her Fallen Heroes version. Eyvel is drawn by Miyajima Haru who also drew Soren, Lyon, and Leon. Osian is drawn by a new artist: DAI-XT who works on a lot of different mobile and card games. Our new OC Peony is drawn by Yoshiku who also drew Lene, Bride Caeda, and New Years Gunnthra. Will add Tanya when the update goes live. EDIT: Tanya is drawn by mattsun! who also drew Bride Tanith Kempf is drawn by newcomer Kano Akira who appears to be an animator who's worked on a lot of different projects. And the first of our OC villains, Triandra, is also drawn by Yoshiku
  11. Forgot to update this thread earlier, but I guess now I can do the new banner and the new Mythic Hero together. Larum is drawn by Kawasumi, who seems to like drawing the smols Perceval is drawn by Yura of the many pretty people Echidna is drawn by PenekoR Igrene is drawn by cuboon Brunnya is drawn by Yoneko who also drew Duma Chad is drawn by Himukai Yuji just like his buds Raigh and Lugh And our new Mythic Hero Altina is drawn by Tellius artist Kita Senri
  12. Sacred Stones makes its triumphant return! Ephraim/Lyon as a Duo Hero are drawn by Yamada Kotaro Gerik is drawn by Suekane Kumiko Tethys is drawn by newcomer Tokki who is a freelance artist. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1723558 Ewan is drawn by newcomer Azu-taro who draws for various gacha games. Ross is drawn by Meka Cormag is drawn by Argon who also drew New Years Hrid.
  13. Nope, I forgot to add him. For the Heroes who've been left behind. Rolf is drawn by Mikuro of the many Camillas Valbar is drawn by Homazo who also drew Oliver and Mordecai And Conrad is drawn by Teita who also drew Arvis, Innes, and male Byleth.
  14. Valentia makes its return. Forsyth is drawn by a new artist, Sainosuke, who appears to mostly do art for otome light novels. Python is drawn by Suda Ayaka who also drew Lewyn, Naesala, and Edelgard Silque is drawn by Iack making a big redemptive return from their last appearance with Hot Springs Camilla And lastly we have a Catria alt drawn by Kakage who also drew Mercedes. I will add Valbar once his artist is revealed. Oh and Conrad too since he's apparently also there.
  15. Being trans doesn't make you any less of a woman than a cis woman. We all support you, and thank you for telling your story.
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