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  1. Being trans doesn't make you any less of a woman than a cis woman. We all support you, and thank you for telling your story.
  2. It's time for this year's Halloween banner! We continue the trend of getting new Heroes as seasonals first with Ilyana (drawn by Fuzichoco who hasn't drawn a Hero since Halloween Sakura from the first Halloween banner) and Dozla (drawn by Kita Senri) We also have L'Arachel drawn by Konfuzi Kokon who also drew her regular version. And last but not least we have our first Duo Hero in Hector/Lilina, drawn by Wada Sachiko. I will add Rolf at a later point.
  3. Yeah I think this is the case as well. It's pretty obvious if you compare their early Heroes art to the art they did for Fate/Grand Order (which launched two years prior). It also makes sense when you consider they drew four different characters at launch (Hector, Raven, Lon'qu, and Olivia) so that's 16 pieces of art they had to make.
  4. I figured that was who it was but I wanted official confirmation Bantu is indeed drawn by Yamada Akihiro, who hasn't drawn anyone since launch, while Astram is drawn by AKIRA who hasn't drawn anyone since Flying Olivia.
  5. We have new Archanea characters! It's been awhile hasn't it? Phina is drawn by Mayo Sirius (Who is definitely not Camus) is drawn by Suekane Kumiko (just like Camus, to whom Sirius has no connection) Norne is drawn by Kaya8, who hasn't drawn a new character in awhile Nagi is drawn by Okaya who also hasn't drawn a new character in awhile (not since Mathilda). They also drew Summer Adult Tiki, who is... somehow related to Nagi I think? Astram and Bantu don't have their artists revealed yet but I will update when they are. Also remembered that I forgot to add Death Knight, who is drawn by Yamao.
  6. Forgot to update this part of the thread too. Time for a mega post. Brave Heroes: Each Brave Hero was drawn by the artist for their game of origin (except Eliwood since Wada Sachiko has taken over for all the GBA characters) And surprise TT reward regular Sigrun is drawn by Pikomaro who also drew her Bridal version. Legendary Heroes: Julia is drawn by sachie who also drew her brother, Julius. And now for the new Heroes: Splendid Soiree. This year's version of Performing Arts Ishtar is drawn by Chiko, making it that Chiko has drawn one character in each of these banners (Olivia in Performing Arts and Micaiah in Hoshidan Festival) Reinhardt is now drawn by Yamada Kotaro, who is getting a lot of work on various characters now that he isn't drawing a million versions of Lyn. And Nephenee and Berkut are drawn by the same artists who drew their normal versions in Heroes (HACCAN and Asatani Tomoyo respectively) We don't officially know Rinea's artist but I think she's also drawn by Asatani Tomoyo to match Berkut. Won't update the OP with that until we know for sure, though.
  7. We have more Three Houses characters! Hilda is drawn by newcomer Noy, who seems to be a freelancer. Hubert is drawn by PenekoR who has drawn several characters in FEH already. Mercedes is drawn by kakage: another newcomer. They work for a company called i-Prime but I can't find anything about it. Last but not least, Petra is drawn by yet another newcomer: Azura, who has also done work on Fate/Grand Order. EDIT: Also added the winners of CYL3 Eliwood, Camilla, Micaiah, and Alm are all drawn by the artists from their games of origin (Wada, Kozaki, Kita, and Hidari respectively)
  8. Added the last two new Three Houses characters. Male Byleth is drawn by Teita, who also drew Arvis and Innes Sothis is drawn by Maiponpon who drew Male Corrin and Lucina
  9. Apparently they also did character designs for Kid Icarus Uprising as well so they have quite the resume.
  10. In anticipation for Three House's release next week, the main characters from the game are now added to FEH! Edelgard is drawn by Suda Ayaka who previously drew Lewyn and Naesala Dimitri is drawn by Fujisaka Kimihiko who hasn't drawn a character for FEH since Jakob at the game's launch. Claude is drawn by Sata who also drew Sigurd and Seliph F!Byleth is drawn by newcomer Hirooka Masaki who did the Mirage designs for Tokyo Mirage Sessions (AKA SMTXFE)
  11. And our second Summer banner brings us back to Elibe. Ursula is drawn by Yamada Kotaro Lilina is once again drawn by BUNBUN Newcomer Wolt is drawn by argon who also drew New Years Hrid Lyn is drawn by newcomer artist Teffish, who does work for a lot of different gacha games. Fiora is drawn by Konfuzi Kokon, who also drew Faye and L'Arachel.
  12. Yeah from what I've heard the general consensus on Arjuna Alter is that he's basically Raikou but better. So how many LB4 Servants does that make that powercreep previous Servants? The new 3* Caster powercreeps Irisviel and Arjuna Alter powercreeps Raikou. Speaking of I just finished LB4. Wasn't too bad aside from the fights against Arjuna Alter which were ridiculous. And Agartha is really just as cringe as people warned about. Forget Septem and E Pluribus Unum, Agartha is probably the worst FGO chapter in terms of story so far (unless it massively improves later, I only just got through the Nightless City arc). Luckily from what I've heard both Shimosa and Salem are supposed to be pretty good.
  13. The 30 SQ are probably the same 30 SQ that JP got from Mafia's "Rule Breaker" in the 2nd anniversary livestream. For the rest of the anniversary rewards it'll probably be like last year where it gets delayed to coincide with JP anniversary and Anime Expo.
  14. Got Nightless Caster off a free single roll. My EX Rank Luck is still going strong.
  15. The first Summer banner is here and it's all OCs again. Laegjarn is drawn by Maeshima Shigeki again Laevatein is drawn by newcomer artist Masatsugu Saito who is best known as the artist for all the main heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Helbindi is drawn by Meka in a convincing imitation of Maeshima's style Gunnthra is drawn by Kippu, whose last hero was Linde from last year's summer banner. Will add Ylgr once the event goes live but she appears to have been drawn by Tobi. EDIT: Forgot Masatsugu also did the Awakening DLC art for Einherjar Celica.
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