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  1. And no arguments were made. I was just summing up my personal reason for why my choice would be a toss up between Anna and Tiki. If somebody says, "I would choose Leif because his sword is cool!" then that is their opinion and I won't argue with it. Edit: Oh, so you meant you don’t want to hear any such things brought up whatsoever even if they factor into a person’s own decision. Apologies, I thought you meant don’t bring up such things to argue against somebody’s choice (IE somebody says they want Lief and another person argues that’s a bad choice because “too many swords” or whatever.). There are many people for whom such things may be a factor in their own choice, however. So you may want to be a little more clear by adding something like, “By which I mean I don’t want to hear any such things mentioned at all even if it factors into your character choice. If your choice is affected by such things then don’t say why you want your character, just say who your character is and GTFO.”
  2. I feel like the Fire Emblem roster in Smash got an unfortunate fate, though arguably not as bad as Zelda (Twenty years of the big bad being a Falcon clone, and now we have THREE Links that ALL use bombs/boomerangs/arrows/spin attack?! Make it stop...). If it were possible to rewrite history and make a better roster for Fire Emblem, I feel like I'd choose these four characters in order: Marth (The very first lord, and could represent all sword wielding main lords as far as I'm concerned.), Anna (Kind of the mascot with endless possibilities for how she could work.), Tiki (The most recurring playable character if you discount remakes, and could have fun possibilities.), the White Wings (The most recurring playable characters if you count remakes. I've seen several workable and fun ideas for such a character. And something like that just screams Fire Emblem far more than just about any sword lord.) Unfortunately, all my attempts at building a time machine have ended in failure, so we'll just have to endure what we got thus far. If we could get just one more, then any of the three after Marth above would please me, as long as they're done creatively (So help me, if I see another Marth clone...). The only way I could see another FE character actually making it in this game is if they do decide to add one via DLC to promote Three Houses. That would be unfortunate if there are only new characters since it would mean another Roy would be born (A character that essentially becomes more of a Smash Bros character than a FE character.). But recently when again watching the Three Houses trailer, I noticed that at the very end when the talking stops, you can hear a sleeping sigh that sounds lot like Tiki's voice... at first I thought perhaps that was just another dragon that resembled Tiki, but now I'm wondering if it might actually be her... We won't know until we get more info (if we ever do...), but if that does turn out to be Tiki, then she automatically deserves to be in far more than any other character in Three Houses.
  3. But... She's another sword user... Or was that just them making up BS to inadequately justify the overload of Fates? lol
  4. I'm beginning to think a more appropriate title for this game would have been "Fire Emblem Fates Warriors with a touch of Awakening, featuring Marth!".
  5. Man, this homebrew stuff is really confusing... and really inconvenient seeing how it apparently requires things like hard to find games or outdated updates. Isn't there any way extract a save with just the save data on the sd card without homebrew? Surely one of the eggheads out there could figure out some way to just edit the save data directly... Normally I wouldn't be interested in hacking, but since it's now clear we're never going to get the last of the games content no matter how much money we're willing to throw at them, hacking is the only way.
  6. This excuse about not including many popular lords since it would mean too many swords makes me question if they have their priorities straight... The main thing many have dreamed of getting from a game like this is a dream roster of their favorite characters first and foremost. If they suddenly think it wiser to not include fan favorites just because it would mean half the characters are sword users and the weapon triangle wouldn't be balanced, then the weapon triangle should either go screw itself or have a lot more thought put into ways to balance things out. Here's one thing I wonder: how will weapon usage work in this game? Will it be like HW where you select a weapon before the battle and your whole move-set will revolve around that one weapon? Meaning if a character has more than one type of weapon (like Robin being known to use both swords and tomes), they will use just one or the other every battle depending on which one they chose? If so, that right there somewhat ruins the "too many swords" reasoning considering many of the popular characters could also bring something besides a sword to the table (Ike with axes, Lyn with Bows, and so on, and I'm sure there wouldn't be too much complaining if a couple characters used an extra weapon they weren't known to use in their respective game); just have non-lord characters (like OCs for example...) mainly use sets of weapons that don't include swords and everything would balance out. Of course I won't be the least bit surprised these days if what ends up happening is the roster is just full of the Awalening/Fates characters (which I've gotten a little sick of already) with a couple Shadow Dragon ones. And then, just one day after release (Or even a month or two before release), they announce a seventy dollar season pass for DLC that will include characters like Ike, Lyn, and so on that many folks wanted from the get go! lol
  7. lol It doesn't matter if the internet rage is great enough to make volcanoes erupt. It all comes down to if it succeeds in making enough profit for the bigwigs to say "Hey, our screw-you methods worked to make sufficient profit before, we should do it again... maybe even kick it up a notch!" Our only hope of avoiding that is if enough people put their money where their mouth is and don't buy this, that way they'll consider it not worth repeating or even taking to the next level.
  8. Being announced before release doesn't mean it was pre-planned, it means it was decided on and they're letting folks know, otherwise every bit ever made including Bayo would have been pre-planned. There's no way for us to know whether or not the big outcry over the lack of Mewtwo is what made them select him as the very first DLC or not, but the fact that they had nothing more than a still model to show off at his announcement would suggest work on him had only just started. And what you called "ehh" DLC has the same problem as "bad" DLC: supporting it will only prevent good DLC from ever happening. That is why I hope enough people can see the problem and refuse to buy into this nonsense; only then will they get the message that we don't want this kind of junk and be forced to consider doing good DLC, otherwise they'll just continue to take this crap to whole new levels.
  9. As I said before, even things that are actually worked on afterwards can still fall into that category that I have a problem with. Especially when much of it is either superfluous or filled with shady choices like there being multiple grinding maps instead of just one. Sources? Even if certain things from Smash were per-conceived, they didn't just say on day one "here is everything we will include in the future for this price", which is part of why there was no season pass. Doing such would have essentially just locked them in a position where they might have well have just delayed the game a year since people's feedback would be irrelevant. The fact that people got to vote on a character shows in the end they at least did one case of DLC right. It absolutely is since it is the bad practice DLC that utterly destroys the chances of any hope for good practice DLC. That will always be the main problem with it. That's why I don't want people to support this type of DLC and only complain when these practices get even worse.
  10. Since it still falls under what I described, it is indeed even if it costs just one cent. It is to me when it ruins the chances of DLC done right for good reasons. If a person just embraces sham DLC with open arms and never even thinks of the possibilities that DLC done right can bring, then it is those people we can thank for this sort of nonsense only getting worse. Imagine FE Switch potentially having a batch of pre-planned DLC that was done by the time the game was released but slowly released over half a year with no regard to feedback at all but done strictly to charge people an extra sixty or more bucks since they're just going to buy it into such nonsense regardless. That's why I think it better that people be aware of this problem and only support DLC that clearly is done the right way with the right intention. Otherwise sham DLC will just continue to get worse while real DLC will get more and more scarce.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, any pre-planned "DLC" that could've easily been included in the main game just by delaying it a couple weeks falls in that category. As does many pre-planned things that do take time as well just because of the fact that such things may very well have been deliberately withheld from the game just so people would have to pay separately for it. It doesn't have to be shoved down your throat to be sham DLC, and the fact that it isn't is what I hope can convince people to not bother buying it. It does when the whole thing is planned from before the game's release solely for jacking up end consumer costs of what could've otherwise just been there from the start without the need of any DLC. Even things that may have actaully taken some extra time can fall into that category depending on how it was planned/executed. (Likely including over 70% of season passes.) The bottom line still remains, having that "DLC" (especially when it all comes announced ahead of time with a season pass) completely and utterly destroys any and all chances of us ever getting real DLC based off our feedback.
  12. Which changes nothing about the concept/model behind the so-called DLC which is what I was talking about. At least it can(and should), unlike with sham DLC. Exclusively for Celica's side? It doesn't matter either way because it has nothing at all to do with what I was talking about. It is not in response to consumer request, it is all part of the bigger pre-planned sham DLC. And as long as that model is followed, we have no hope of ever getting real DLC. Which is why I think it is important for people to not support sham DLC.
  13. Hence why I distinctly said I implore people to not buy it. DLC should be extra content developed after the game is out based on consumer feedback to enhance their experience. That's "real" DLC done the right way. If people buy into this sham model of DLC, it ruins the chances of ever hoping for games with real DLC. In this sham model things happen like "pay to get extra class upgrades that nobody will likely need since the characters being maxed out will likely already be strong enough to make the game easy"; no need to pay even more to change it from easy mode to cakewalk mode. Real DLC would be something like several people wishing X would happen, and so eventually a DLC comes out that gives people such. Like, maybe if it become a common nitpick that Alm's side ultimately gets more units than Celica's (don't see why anybody would gripe over that, but you never know), they could make a DLC that gives her side an extra unit. Like I said, my problem with sham DLC isn't the fact that it is nothing more than a scammy cash grab, it's the fact that it destroys the chances of REAL DLC ever happening.
  14. Geez... I never imagined the fraud DLC problem would get so bad that they end up asking people to pay more than the game itself for barely even a fraction of the content. What really bugs me the most is the fact that this ruins any chance of us getting what I call "REAL DLC". This is clearly another now-common case where there was extra content being worked on alongside the game and planned to be withheld in order to essentially just jack up the price of the game for many people. Simply delaying the game a month or so would make it easy for all this stuff to just be included directly in the game, but then they wouldn't get all those extra bucks from the people that cant resist this scheming method. I consider this the fraud DLC model, and always implore people not to fall for and support it because not only will that only make it worse (Imagine FE Switch coming out and having a day 1 DLC season pass for "just" eighty bucks! ugh...), it will also ruin chances of "real DLC". Want to know why Smash Bros didn't have a season pass (and thus can be rather pricey if you want ALL the content)? It's because it is one of the few examples of DLC done right. The game was finished and they didn't know for sure what they would end up adding afterwards. They even had a big ballot for people to vote for whatever new character they most wanted (which resulted in a character that many were sure would never make it into Smash). DLC made after the game is done and that involves at least some degree of feedback from people towards the game itself is what I'd consider real DLC. I was hoping it would be possible for FE games to get such a thing, but now I am doubtful they ever will. For example, imagine if Fates could've gotten real DLC; it could have addressed common things people wanted. Like the way many folks thought there should've been at least one more female exclusive class with there being only 2 female vs 4 male classes (real DLC could've done something like add map that brings back the bride class). Many folks thought Shadow Gift and dark tomes in general were useless since Nosferatu was the only one and was nerfed to Hell and back (real DLC could've increased the variety a bit). And plenty of folks were hoping for a 5 star difficulty map that would essentially be Fates's equivalent to Awakening's Apotheosis, but that ain't gonna happen on the fraud DLC model because it wasn't in the plans from the get go!
  15. Yes, quite a few. That's exactly what I am thinking of doing. Unfortunately, up to now, there has been an annoying thing called region locking that has made it so that getting the Japanese version of a game would be quite a hassle. It's a real pain to have to buy a completely separate system for a single game, and the fact that you'll never have that game on your "main" system. That problem will still be there for the Gaiden remake, which is why I won't be getting that one until after all is said and done if I do. It seems they finally removed region locking from the Switch however, so I guess I'll most likely to just get the Japanese version of that system's game from the get go.
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