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  1. Thanks! I've formatted some of the portraits through Usenti already, but it's a pain in the butt - I'll get to all of them eventually haha. The first chapter is still a work in progress, I'm still working on changing the player units before adding enemy units. I guess I was just trying to see if my map designing was okay - I've been trying to take feedback from youtube videos on map designing and trying to make them engaging.
  2. Hey guys, I had posted a long time ago about creating a Fire Emblem Hack, but irl got in the way of such an ambitious project. With coronavirus keeping us all home, I have decided to try to give another crack at this pet project of mine. The way I want to structure the story of this hack is by having disjointed stories that all eventually come together, similar to how some of the newer Fire Emblem games have been structured (Shadows of Valentia, Three Houses, etc). I plan on having the plot follow three Lords at separate times: A common blacksmith named David, the daughter of a minor noble house named Christana, and a high ranking knight within the Holy Empire named Dreythus. However, instead of having separate acts for all the Lords, my vision for the hack is to have each chapter feature a different lord - think of how Chapter 5x of Sacred Stones is just plugged into Eirika's story. So for instance: Chapter 1 - David Chapter 2 - David Chapter 3 - Christana Chapter 4 - David Chapter 5 - Dreythus Chapter 6 - Christana Eventually, all 3 Lords will come together to defeat the common enemy. I understand that with disjointed stories, this will prove to be challenging to form a cohesive narrative, but I'm hoping that this vision can result in a much more in-depth character driven story. In terms of gameplay, as a sort of purist I want to keep it as similar to the GBA:FE games as possible. Thus, I don't plan on introducing abilities or a magic/physical split. However, I do plan to make some changes that help balance classes a bit, such as nerfing cavalry units and 1-2 ranged weapons, buffing bow units, and changing how magic classes are used (specifically, I want stronger tomes such as Fimbulvetr and Fenrir to have a niche rather that be completely outclassed by a simple fire tome.) My hope is to create an engaging and interesting world where every chapter feels important to the story in some way. I'm currently using FEBuilderGBA, but I will explore other options as I continue some of the baseline work. I've attached the map of Chapter 1 and the playable character mugs (I'm aware some of the coloring may be off - I'll fix the palette's when I actually plug them into the game.) Let me know if you guys have any suggestions, feedback, or tips, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Hi everyone! Long time lurker here and think I've commented a few things before, but never formally introduced myself. Got Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword for Christmas when I was 8 years old and have been in love with the series ever since. I've been trying to make a fan game for a long time now, and now that I'm switching from my macbook to a PC soon I'm really excited to be able to start really working on it. I love making custom GBA style portraits, such as the one in my profile pic, and I'd be happy to help anyone that might need portrait work for their fan games!
  4. Looks great! I really like Astrea's new portrait design. Looking forward to this.
  5. Hey Blademaster! Love the hack so far. Only one glaring issue I found, and its when I'm trying to promote Artemis. When I use the guiding ring on her, the screen just turns black and essentially freezes. Otherwise, everything else looks great.
  6. Hmm, alright. I'll look into fixing some of them. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. This is what I used (btw I'm not sure if he has a Serenes account, but huge shoutout to TheFlyingMinotaur for this.) It's a little difficult to get the palettes perfect since every color under the spectrum is there, but could you be more specific about what's wrong with the face colors?
  8. I'll be honest, I actually completely forgot about him. I've actually never played Birthright, only Conquest and Revelations (and I completely ignored him on Revelations). But yeah, I mean hopefully none of my characters feel like a gimmick. And I may try to split str/mag, but again this is still in its conceptual stages and I'd rather not get overly ambitious. I was just listing the Levin sword as a weapon I was likely to try to implement, as well as like a physical ranged sword, I.E. dagger. I know the light brand is a thing, but more choices never hurt anyone haha.
  9. Hey all! This is my first post on the forums, though I've been a lurker for years now. I've played through most of the U.S. released Fire Emblem games, as well as many of the Rom Hacks here, but I've wanted to make a hack for a long time now that highlighted Fire Emblem's medieval setting to its fullest extent. This hack will feature a strong story concerning conflicts between the different noble houses and lands, but still incorporate the spirit of Fire Emblem games. While this is still in the conceptual stages, the idea is that it will include: - 20 something chapters, telling a rich story within the context of the world. - Custom Classes (and omissions). I want this to be a very character driven story, and thus some generally playable classes may not be represented as it would be difficult to explain their role. For instance, I don't foresee there being a playable shaman/druid, and there won't be any heavy armored female characters. I will try to incorporate some custom classes. I also want to make some other class changes seen in more recent FE's, such as reducing the movement of all non-cavalier/paladin mounted units by 1. - New maps - New weapons, including those unavailable on normal GBA FE's (hello Levin Sword). - Custom mugs and new characters (previews shown below). I really hope that I can give my characters some real creative depth. For instance, your first healer will be a masochistic priest who looks like a thug, and the only pegasus knight you receive is a male. The goal is to have it so each playable character contributes in some way, however small, to the overall narrative of the story and not just feel like a throw-in. Plot: Long ago, the continent of Ishtaria was beset by constant war and fighting, until one day the Goddess Levinia descended from the heavens and put an end to the bloodshed. She entrusted a portion of her power to mankind through a vassal that would be known as the Apostle. The Apostle held immeasurable power and would be known as the voice of Levinia herself. The Apostle would be reincarnated into a new vassal upon the death of a previous one, and this cycle would repeat until the day Levinia herself came down and delivered salvation upon Ishtaria. The first Apostle, Octavius, founded the Holy Empire of Orvel which would rule over the continent for centuries to come, until the War of Three Kings, which separated the continent into four Kingdoms: Orvel, The Marshlands, Merelden, and the Desert Kingdom of Tanaris. The Marshlands were subject to a bloody civil war that ended with the marriage of Lady Beatrice of House Stormholdt and Lord Gabriel of House McTyiere. Together, they had two children, Lord Markeith and Lady Christana, before Lady Beatrice passed away from illness. The story follows Christana and Kellan, Gabriel's bastard son. While Kellan grew up separately from the lordly siblings, the three were close and often played together until Markeith's assassination some years prior. Kellan is accompanied by his longtime friends Colette, Jory, and Macveil. Preview: I've attached a preview of the portraits I've made below. The numbers denote playable characters in the order they are recruited. All others are NPCs, enemy characters, or characters I haven't decided if they are to be recruited yet. I've wanted to make this hack for a long time now, and I really hope I can show you guys some progress in the coming months. Please, let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback, any would be super appreciated.
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