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  1. If Eclipse doesn't pick right now, then I'm not able to pick, since it's almost 11 PM in here, and I need to sleep since tomorrow I need to go to school
  2. Holy shit it's your birthday.

    1. Squidmark Iggy

      Squidmark Iggy

      Happy birthday man (assuming you remember me)

    2. Terrador


      I... think we did a draft together something like nine months ago? Hung out in IP chat for a bit? And thanks, man!

  3. NOTE: This Event was made in another forum and I moved it here because not a lot of people came in and signed up. Therefore, if you see those usernames in the signup section, you know why. Hello there! I assume that you people that clicked on this topic happen to know a thing or two about Fire Emblem. If so, then you probably know about affinities, especially in the GBA games. Now then, in this community event, players will have to pick one of the seven affinities in the game: Light, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Dark and Anima. And with that, you must use the characters that have the affinity that you picked. After the players have picked their affinity, they must pick another affinity, much like how they picked the first one. Other rules include: 1) This event will go through the route of: Lyn Hard Mode+Eliwood Mode or Hector Mode. Players who chose Hector Mode can choose between either Normal or Hard, wheras Eliwood Mode players can also choose between the two modes. 2) All of the Lords, Merlinus, Ninian, Nils, Marcus (If Eliwood mode is chosen), Oswin (If Hector Mode is chosen) and Athos are all free to use. 2a) If players who chose the Ice affinity go through Hector mode, they cannot use Oswin as that is Marcus' affinity. Same goes for Anima players that go through Eliwood mode, they're not allowed to use Marcus since Anima is Oswin's affinity. 2b) Dark affinity players are also able to use Bartre, as he must be trained to recruit Karla, who has a Dark affinity. 3) Permadeath is on, and if a Lord dies, a unit chosen by the player will be sacrificed instead. 4) Arenas are allowed, but only if players need to let weaker units catch up. 5) Units that do not have your affinity and aren't free to use can: -Not fight -Not heal other units -Act as a meatshield (Without weapons) -Steal and Open Chests -Act as death fodder -Rescue -Visit Villages Of course, it's up to you if you want to use them as death fodder/meatshields/whatever. Anyways, considering that I, as the creator of this event, need to be in contact with the ones who signed up for this event, it would be best preferred that you'd have Skype, because that's the only contact method that I have. :v And since I know that most of you who downloaded the ROM don't have most of the modes unlocked, I will be giving you a save file that unlocks the other modes, and even all of the support conversations, just in case you need to see which characters have your affinities. Link is here. Remember, you need to rename your ROM file to the same name as the save file's. Which is FE7. :v Anyways, if you have any questions, please ask me. I will answer them, if possible. Signups: Denning (SF Name: Blackzero) (HNM/Anima and Wind) Nimbostratus (SF Name: Nimbostratus) (HNM/Thunder and Light) Marf stop playing Kirby (SF Name: N/A) (HNM/Ice and Thunder)
  4. Huh Haven't actually joined a SF Skype Chat Is it possible that I can join?
  5. Gaiden, eh? Interesting. Enjoy the shitty growths! You'll love 'em.
  6. Innes should be called Seto Kaiba Because oh my fucking god he looks like Seto Kaiba with white hair.
  7. >0 Luck on Maria ...wow. I'm quite surprised by that. Probably because I thought Maria had something like 8 Luck.
  8. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9432937&t=9252140 OH HEY IT'S BEEN A WHILE. ...I'm sorry.
  9. But I like Oliver! He's funny. In FE10 at least. In FE9, well... that's another thing.
  11. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9396140&t=9252140 A wild update appeared! What will READER do? ...I dunno, your choice, I guess?
  12. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9394983&t=9252140 Alright, time to finish this chapter. You know, the one with Lucina. Also! There is a poll at the end of the update. Be sure to answer it. If you want to, anyways.
  13. Lolis? In MY Fire Emblem? ...Okay, if it's a dragon loli, then... it's like a normal Fire Emblem. If it's not a dragon loli, then it's weird. FE Logic at its finest, yo!
  14. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9394659&t=9252140 This is the first ever "Update that is not actually an update but is in fact a montage" type of update. ...Fine, I will do the chapter next time, OK? Do not worry.
  15. Gordin Ramsay should stop doing Archery and continue cooking instead. :V
  16. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9394247&t=9252140 Hey hey, I have a new update for you!
  17. Horror Hill? Huh. We're going to see more Zambies! Hooray! ...Or walking crap, though... yeah, no.
  18. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9393488&t=9252140 Lookit here, some update we have! ...I guess. NEXT TIME: Lobster Army, 'nuff said.
  19. Aah, the good old Bullshit As Fuck Promoted Enemy Units. Who doesn't love them?
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