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  1. Oh, you and your store exclusive amiibos :P Oh well. After getting a Ganondorf amiibo, my collection stands at 13 amiibos, and I got them in this order: Pikachu, Yoshi, Ike, Marth, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Robin, Donkey Kong, Olimar, Kirby, Greninja, Charizard and Ganondorf. Well, I think my collection's doing pretty dang fine, and I also happen to see a Little Mac and a Wii Fit Trainer in my Gamestops soooo...
  2. Can I tell you about the magic that is Xerosic with an Entei that has Blizzard, Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt?

    1. Squidmark Iggy

      Squidmark Iggy

      Oh, and the third battle with Lysandre that has a Tyranitar with Reflect, Iron Defense and an ASSAULT VEST.

  3. Uh... UKULELE PICHU! From Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs! ...That should be a reason to not make Pichu a clone.
  4. OH. I SEE HOW THIS GAME WORKS NOW. Aaaanyways, you should use a BS Clause for this game, just so that you can deal with the crazy stuff this game throws at you. That, or you could reset, like ever single FE Player ever! ...You're all gong to kill me after saying that, aren't you.
  5. Roy has some Supa Hot Fire coming out with that 6 strength, yo. Allen confirmed to be the best fighter in the army Now watch an army of Swordmasters reking him in sacae route
  6. OH BOY FE12 WITH SB I'M HYPE (even though FE11 with SB seems to be even more hype)
  7. RANDOMIZERS ARE ADDICTING LIKE CRACK. I am following at the cost of my health.
  8. You do know you forgot Ulki and Kysha/Kyza, right? Or maybe you're not using them?
  9. Fiona's not a Laguz :P Also, Kysha's his name in the PAL version. Kyza is his NTSC version name. Really hype for the Nealuchi solo, too.
  10. ...Oh boy that Micaiah. As if the game wasn't easier before. (Then again, you're not using that many Laguz in Part 2 aside from... Nealuchi, and that's it.)
  11. Y'know, the screens are a bit small. Other than that, good luck! Though you won't need it: It's Fire Red, and it's a pretty easy game, if you know what you're doing. Also, if you ever need a teammate suggestion, why don't you choose Golduck? He needs some love :->
  12. I just saw all of these replays with the Delfino Plaza remix from Fortune Street. It was a blast. Try it! Also, Lol'd at Jewkilla and HitmonSTEVE, HitmonBOB and HitmonJEFF. God, I love dem names.
  13. Here's a question: If you would fuse a Robot Master with a Pokemon, who should you fuse?
  14. Hang on, DRACOKNIGHT MARIA?! You made that run here, didn't you?
  15. Right, I have some questions. 1) What was the craziest thing you ever made in an FE game? 2) Why you chose the username Refa? 3) Favourite Video game franchises? 4) Ya like Pringles? 5) What is butter?
  16. Me too :P Also, can I have some advice for some 3DS challenges? Like, Get all of the red targets in Target Blast and the 10 collective hours. Any advice?
  17. I wanna finish all the challenges in Smash 3DS. I still need to finish the 10 collective hours challenge. Can someone help me?
  18. Yes, you heard it correctly, I'm doing a Nuzlocke of X! ...Because I have to wait for another week for ORAS. That, and It's been a while that I played X. Might as well do it! Standard Nuzlocke rules are: Catch the first pokemon in a route If it faints, it's DEAD! Nickname ALL THE POKEMANZ! And finally, Notepad clause: I mustn't change my team after I captured 6 pokemon. I can replace a team member with a boxmon if said member dies. Nickname theme will be Megaman based. With that said, LET'S GO! Player: Roll, Gender: Female. (Yes, I chose female, I like customizing the female characters in X and Y ^_^) Anyways, basic stuff, Fletchling pecks you, neighbours, blah blah blah. Suddenly, POKEMANZ! I chose a Fennekin, and I called it Fire Man. (SPOILERS: It's a girl!) WE BATTLE SHAUNA: Who gives a shit. More plot! And now, we go to Route... 2? Yeah, it's 2. I caught a Weedle! Named him Hornet Man. Trained Hornet Man a bit, evolved into a Kakuna. Santalune Forest, caught a Pansage, named him Wood Man. Trained Wood Man a bit. Hornet Man evolved into a Beedrill. Route 3, and I caught a... Burmy. Fiiiine. Caught a Burmy and named her Quake Woman. (She's from the Megaman Archie Comics, and I count her.) Yes, I'll try to evolve her into a Sandy Cloak Wormadam. Route 22! Caught an Azurill, named him Bubble Man and HE HAS HUGE POWER YESH. EV trained Bubble Man so that he has max Attack, HP and 4 points of defense. GYM TIME! everyone is at level 13, with Fire (Wo)Man being level 15. GYM BATTLE! Switched everyone so that they could have the Exp (especially dat over 400 exp from Vivillon) Don't worry, no one died. Fire (Wo)Man evolved into a Braixen, too! Route 4! We get a Ledyba and called him Star Man (Because he's the Five Star Pokemon, Duh!) Lumiose City, we battled Professor Sycamore and we get a Bulbasaur, appropriately named Plant Man. Route 5, we get a Doduo named Search Man (Because Search Man has 2 heads.) Rival battle against fatass! His Corphish was no match against Wood Man. END PART 1
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