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  1. >ORAS gets released >Will buy, but he can only play it after a week. This will be the longest week in my whole entire life. RAAAAARGH!!!
  2. You lucky 'merican bastards... I have to wait TWO FORSAKEN WEEKS so that I can get both Smash Wii U and ORAS. Saying it again, you lucky 'merican bastards...
  3. CHAPTER 5: Trained RICKEN ASTLEY a bit, moved [email protected] paired up with GOOGLE CHROM up to the north, along witheveryone else. 6 turns. CHAPTER 6: Moved GOOGLE CHROM along with CAIKE MAN to the east, and the rest of the team to the other side. Gave Gaius to CAIKE MAN and Validerp to RICKEN ASTLEY. 5 turns. GREEN HILL CHAPTER ACT 2: Made SHADOWMAN kill the north Barbies, Anna died and the village was destroyed. (There was a Rescue staff, right?) But I grinded RICKEN ASTLEY so that he could get gud. (And so that he could f**k LISSA SIMPSON.) THIS CHAPTER WAS FREE. [spoiler=STATS:] GOOGLE CHROM: LV:13 EXP:61 HP:31 STR:14 MAG:1 SKILL:14 SPD:15 LCK:13 DEF:15 RES:2 WPN LVL:B SWORDS LISSA SIMPSON: LV:5 EXP:90 HP:18 STR:3 MAG:7 SKILL:5 SPD:5 LCK:10 DEF:3 RES:8 WPN LVL:D STAFF (yay mend abuse) 5 NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S LV:6 EXP:67 HP:34 STR:17 MAG:2 SKILL:15 SPD:13 LCK:8 DEF:17 RES:3 WPN LVL:B SWORDS, A LANCES, C AXES CAIKE MAN LV:12 EXP:56 HP:34(+5) STR:16 MAG:3 SKILL:12 SPD:13 LCK:8 DEF:11 RES:2 WPN LVL: C AXES SHADOWMAN LV:14 EXP:58 HP:30 STR:15 MAG:1 SKILL:11 SPD:9 LCK:10 DEF:19(+2) RES:4 WPN LVL:B LANCES RICKEN ASTLEY LV:10 EXP:20 HP:25 STR:3 MAG:11(+2) SKILL:11 SPD:8 LCK:14 DEF:9 RES:4 WPN LVL:C TOMES
  4. You know, I could be Tonton's replacement for this run :D It could be fun!
  5. Hey there! I'm Mr. Iggy Koopa, and I'm going to do something special... So, for those who don't know, this is a game called Megaman and Bass, first arrived in the Super Famicom in 1998 in Japan and arrived worldwide on 2002-2003 with the Game Boy Advance, it's known by the fans of the classic Mega Man games as one of, if not, the hardest game in the classic series. "But Iggy!" You might ask. "What does it have to do with this topic?" Well then, I present to you... THE OMEGA RUBY (Or Alpha Sapphire) MEGAMAN & BASS CHALLENGE! Like any classic Mega Man game, this game has 8 Robot Masters. This challenge focuses on these robot masters! But I'm not alone! In fact, 7 other people can join this challenge, so that we can have at least one Robot Master! Let's see them, shall we? [spoiler=Tengu Man] First arrived in Megaman 8, Tengu Man is based of... a Tengu! He was originally an experimental robot that could generate artificial typhoons, and was later weaponized by Dr. Wily. In this game, he joins King's army by Dr. Wily's orders. If you pick Tengu Man, your starter will be the Seedot line, and you will have to catch Grass and Flying Types, and/or they must learn one of the following moves: Leaf Blade, Air Slash, Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado, Hurricane, as a reminiscent of Tengu Man's weapons in both games he was in: the Tornado Hold and the Tengu Blade. [spoiler=Astro Man] Astro Man appeared in Megaman 8, like Tengu Man. He was originally built to work in a planetarium, but Dr. Wily modified him for combat. If you choose Astro Man, your starter has to be Solosis, you must catch Psychic Types, Pokemon that originate from space, and/or they must learn Cosmic Power and Double Team. The reason for the latter is because of Astro Man's weapon, the Copy Vision. [spoiler=Dynamo Man] Dynamo Man used to be a robot guide for schoolchildren on field trips during power plants. When King modified him, he was given a powerful generator that could create an electric field. Given Dynamo Man's name and appearence, there's no denial that you must catch Electric Types if you pick him. Your starter has to be Joltik, and you must also catch Pokemon that can learn the move Discharge, as his weapon, the Lightning Bolt, is a screen nuke. [spoiler=Cold Man] Cold Man was originally created to preserve prehistoric DNA inside his body. King modified him to be his bodyguard. If you choose him, your starter will be Cubchoo, and you must catch Ice type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that learn Icicle Crash and Barrier, Protect or Iron Defense, as a throwback to his weapon, the Ice Wall. [spoiler=Ground Man] Ground Man is a Robot Master created by King to excavate ruins, but sometimes hoards treasure that he finds for his own personal collection without consulting his leader. If you pick him, your starter will be Rhyhorn, and You must catch Ground Type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that learn Drill Run and Dig. [spoiler=Pirate Man] Pirate Man is a Robot Master from King's army with the appearance of a pirate captain. He was created to attack cargo vessels at sea. He is fearless and ruthless and will do whatever it takes to reach his goal. If you pick him your starter will be Corpish and you must catch Water Types, along with Pokemon who can learn moves that have "Bomb" in their name, as a reference to Pirate Man's weapon, the Remote Mine. [spoiler=Burner Man] Burner Man is a fire-themed Robot Master from Mega Man & Bass, created to destroy natural environments. He entered King's army and was ordered to destroy nature. King tricked Burner Man into believing that he must burn a forest every day or else a self-destruct bomb inside him will explode; this isn't true, but Burner Man continued to burn forests in order to stay alive. If you pick Burner Man, then your starter will be Chimchar. You must catch Fire Type Pokemon and/or Pokemon that can learn Overheat, Blast Burn, and Fire Blast. [spoiler=Magic Man] Magic Man is an illusionist themed Robot Master, and a member of King's army. He was formerly a member of a circus, but he enlisted in King's army in order to show off. If you pick him, your starter will be Slowpoke, and you must evolve him into a Slowking. And you must catch Normal Type Pokemon and catch Pokemon who can learn Trump Card. Other than that, good luck people! :D EDIT: changed the games into Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, since they're coming close.
  6. Ooh, FE8! Kinda wanted to join, but whatever. Guess I'll be watching here...
  7. CHAPTER 3: Recruited SHADOWMAN, went to the east side, and GOOGLE CHROM killed the boss. 8 turns. CHAPTER 4: Spent money on tonics, split the team into 2 groups, and SHADOWMAN chipped the boss for GOOGLE. 5 turns. [spoiler=STATS]GOOGLE CHROM: 26 HP, 11 Str, 1 Mag, 12 Skill, 13 Spd, 10 Lck, 12 Def, 1 Res. FREDDY FAZBEAR: Same as last time. LISSA SIMPSON: 18 HP, 2 Str, 7 Mag, 5 Skill, 4 Speed, 9 Lck, 3 Def, 6 Res. CAIKE MAN: 27 HP, 12 Str, 1 Mag, 9 Skill, 8 Spd, 4 Lck, 8 Def, 0 Res. SHADOWMAN: 23 HP, 11 Str, 1 Mag, 7 Skill, 6 Spd, 5 Lck, 14 Def, 2 Res Yaay :D
  8. Since this is a No avatar run... I made an avatar called Wuss. Because why not. Anyways! Let's start! PREMONITION: Ya can't screw it. 2 Turns. PROLOGUE: Freddy Fazbear and Google Chrom did most of the job. Lissa Simpson paired up with Google, but nothing too extreme. 4 turns. CHAPTER 1: Google Chrom did most of the work, killing all of the goons. Freddy Fazbear killed the boss and Lissa Simpson snuck in two heals, and Wuss ran away along with Virus man and Sully from Monsters&Co. 6 turns. CHAPTER 2: Again, Google did most of the job. The Caike managed to dish out two kills and Freddy killed the boss. 7 turns. [spoiler=STATS] |HP|STR|MAG|SKILL|SPD|LCK|DEF|RES| GOOGLE 25 10 1 11 12 9 12 1 C SWORDS FREDDY 29 14 2 13 11 6 15 3 C SWORDS B LANCES D AXES LISSA 17 1 5 4 4 8 3 4 E STAVES CAIKE 24 9 0 8 6 4 5 0 D AXES Total turns: 19
  9. Oh look, a run that's similar to mine! Guess I'll have to look it, then! (I also really need to update my own run...)
  10. Good luck Shinehollow, gonna follow this :D Here's hoping you'll get a Dunsparce.
  11. I definitely want a Kirby, Donkey Kong and Yoshi amiibo! But the other ones are also very tempting... Hnngh! Must... Resist... Urge... of... Buying!!!
  12. My middle name is Henry. ...And that's it. There aren't other italian FE names other than Lucia, if I recall correctly...
  13. I think I'm kinda good at smash, even though smash 4 is my first ever smash game. I've beaten Classic at 8.0 intensity.
  14. I wonder where's Kisara now... I'm ready for doing a fight against him...
  15. No, no, it controls normally. The problem is the whole circle pad went off. I have to superglue it, right?
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