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  1. I'd like to join the blade tourney! My FC is 1977-0250-8724 Now, who shall I choose...
  2. Dammit I have a cold. Stupid mucus. Guess that's life. Oh well. And now, it's time for !
  3. Good job Ninty, stay awesome for the next 125 years!
  4. I WANNA BE IN. *ahem* Sorry about that. I'll gladly join this tourney as a substitute!
  5. ...I don't know what to write here. so have a
  6. I thought Luck sucked. (Though it is useful for Armsthrift and Despoil, but WE)
  7. Eh, not that I plan of using this avatar for a long time. I only wanted to do a little joke, that's it. I think I'll change it in the next days if it irritates you.
  8. JESUS IT'S 11:32 PM HERE. Gotta go. Bye!
  9. Everybody loves me now I feel so appreciated now :)
  10. Hello there. So, I want to do a Jagen solo on H5 FE11, and I want to buff up his growth rates so that he won't be annihilated by lategame enemies. But I don't know how to nightmare, can you help me? (PS: I think I might add even Wendell.)
  11. Oh, and I thought I wrote it correctly. Never mind, my friend code is 1977- 0250-8724. I apologize for the trouble this little typo did to you :P
  12. Well then, my FC is 1997-0250-8724 My NNID is Trolltorb and my Mii's name is Nicholas! I usually play Pokemon, and if you wanna battle, call me!
  13. dafaq you said did you said something ITALIAN?!
  14. I'm here, now. Shall we make fun of FE characters?
  15. Still playing the demo, and had a blast playing as Mario and the Villager. Next time, I'll play as Link and Mega Man. (Boy, it reminds me of that E3 tournament...)
  16. You first write an S, then an M and then S. Tell me, am I the only one who likes Super Mario 64 Bloopers?
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