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  1. I can definitely say that Lot is a Lot more useful than Wade. Then again who uses Wade in this run Anyways, yay, you're in Italy! Why don't you visit me?
  2. Heh, dem races yesterday. Kinda sucked. (I did net some second places, though)
  3. You know what? Use Guy. And probably Ambulance Nino. Other than that, good luck! You'll need it.
  4. Because, as the gif in my sig says, DEAL WITH IT.
  5. Alright... Cake eating contest? inb4 im not that much of an eater or the cake is a lie
  6. Then, we shall do a thing that someone might have done... SWEET RAVE PARTY!!! Who wants to join?
  7. I'm bored. At least it's a normal feeling that we humans can feel.
  8. I got neutral temperatures here, yo. Gimme a bit of your cold and hot here, and I'll give you a great offer you'll never regret.
  10. Yo Wassup guys, I'm doing stuff on the internet.
  11. I WANNA BE A FIGHTER. I should get an axe, right?
  12. This is where my gif in my signature came.
  13. Well I'll train to use Pikachu at its finest! Probably I will also main a Fire Emblem character (Probably Marth) and Kirby. (Gotta love that pink puffball.)
  14. Been playing the demo, and I really like it! I'm still a newbie at smash, and this is the first time I've ever played it, but it seems I'm slowly but steadily getting better! I think I'll main Pikachu: Pokemon was my first ever franchise, and I really like the Yellow Rodent! One question, though: Pikachu's Up+B move, Agility, how do you make it so it doubles? Like, do you have to tap the Circle Pad in another direction? Or do you have to press Up+B again, so that Pikachu can use Agility again?
  15. Time to do another part! [spoiler=Part 4: Probably the most Metagamed part ever.]CASTELIA CITY, HERE WE GO! LA, LA, LA LA LA, LAAAAAAAAAAAA! (That's a Spongebob reference, BTW.) It's a black ship! Totally not suspicious at all! WOO FREE BIKE! WOO FREE RARE CANDY! WOO FREE EVERYTHING! And after we got everything we could get, we go in DA GYM. ...Except we can't. Leader's missing. Oh hey Iris. You're totally not the champion of this game. :D And now, we have to go to the sewers! This means NEW POKEMON! ...Two new ones to be sure! Jake the Grimer and Radd the Rattata! (The latter one is really clever.) EHMAGERD IT'S PLASBAD!!! jk they were a joke. IT'S A CAVE! NEW POKEMON! THERE'S ALSO A PARK! EVEN MORE POKEMON! Dolph the Onix, Bord the Timburr, Linde the Eevee, Palla the Petilil, Norne the Skitty (got Palla and Norne from a trade) Ymir the Darumaka and Vyland the Scraggy! Okay, let's grind for Burgh. ALL TO LEVEL 24! NEWS FLASH! During grinding, Linde evolved into an Espeon, Bord is one level away from evolving, Radd evolved into a Raticate (Now his name is even more clever). Catria also learned Aqua Tail. Game=Broken. Let's fight Burgh! Ymir, Cain, Marth, Dolph, Jake and Wrys joined the team. Dolph also wears an Eviolite. Anyways! Ymir took the first trainers and MISSED A FIRE FANG ON THE FIRST SEWADDLE. GODDAMIT YMIR, EVEN AS A POKEMON YOU HAVE HIT ISSUES. And then, Cain took care of the rest of the pokemon. Marth defeated a Dwebble, while Wrys took the last Trainer's Pokemon. The battle against Burgh... Well... I started with Dolph, and he used Stealth Rock (See? There's metagame in this part!), and Swadloon used Razor Leaf and Dolph fainted. It was a crit. Then Jake defeated that Swadloon and I used a Revive on Dolph. Dwebble comes in, gets the Rocks' damage, and Dolph boosts his Attack with Rage, and defeats Dwebble with Smack Down. Leavanny comes in, and I send out Jake. Leavanny starts spamming Cut (Ahem! Who teaches their ace Cut?) and Jake spams Sludge. We won, and we get the Beetle Badge, and a shitty TM! (Prior to Gen 6, that is.) Anyways, tune in next time for even more Pokemon! Even more items! And a new scientist dude! (No, it's not Laurent.)
  16. That has to be one of the funniest avatars I ever saw: every time I see it, I can't help but giggle a bit! :D
  17. Title says all. Also known as: "Iggy's way of boosting people's ego, himself included."
  18. Magicant the best. Also, as a request... I don't know, something with Kirby? Go crazy.
  19. I'm glad there's a Porygon-Z trophy in this game, since it's one of my favourite Pokemon, with Dunsparce being my absolute fave. (Why yes, I'm a fan of Normal Types.) Also, yay It's the first time I posted on this thread :D Gonna download the demo tomorrow!
  20. Apparently we don't need nuzlockes to reveal the killer butterflies' potential.
  21. Man, Mystery Dungeon... I love all of the games, especially Gates, as it's my favorite of the three. Sure, there aren't much pokemon than the other games, but there was Move growth! And shared EXP! And the characters had at least three emotion mugs, unlike someone... *coughhackmd2dusknoircoughhack*
  22. Man, Allen REALLY dosen't want to cooperate. Hoping for the best on this run. (Especially the one known as Sophia.)
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