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  1. Bye Serenes, it was nice knowing you...

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    2. King Marth 64

      King Marth 64

      I'm sorry to hear about that. Have fun, soon.

    3. King Marth 64

      King Marth 64

      I'm sorry to hear about that. Have fun, soon.

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      Where are you going?

  2. Because I didn't need to! It was so obvious even I could take the hint! You don't add loads and loads of qualifiers to kill any possible misunderstanding ever when you say things, do you? No, sometimes the context makes things absolutely obvious. This is the case here, hence why I was AND STILL AM convinced that you deliberately twisted it out of malice.
  3. Because it's not a "legit" question. And you ARE pushing my buttons, you KNOW I won't give your "legit questions" the time of day and how I react to them and still do it anyway. If you actually WEREN'T just doing it out of sheer cruelty then you'd take that as grounds to just plain give up, wash your hands of this and move on (Like what I'm constantly begging you to do!) but you don't. And if it'll fucking shut you up, I'll answer your bloody question! No, I'm not saying that everyone hates being hit on, not even remotely. I brought up sexual harassment because Soul basically said that people should just be happy that someone likes them that way, in the context of people getting uncomfortable after being hit on. I refute this by bringing up sexual harassment and might I add that I was far from the only one to do so! Follow me? I hope so because I think it was all pretty obvious. This is why I got pissed off and said that you were just being a tool, let me break it down for you: 1) You blatantly strawman my statement into extremes that obviously weren't intended. 2) Nobody supports your original question! Normally if I make one of my mistakes I get swarmed! That MSN thread you brought up was a great example, loads of people got on my case there! But here nobody supports you until after I blow my gasket. 3) You don't give this treatment to any of the other people who made this argument. 4) And most of all, you did this with the foreknowledge of exactly how I'd react. Further supported by all your following replies.
  4. The comments you provoked in full knowledge of what I would do, you know full well how I respond to that sort of thing and you keep doing it just to provoke it. You just push my buttons to make me do this. And then I'll bring up how I beg you to leave me alone every single time, how I just want to go about my business without constant insults and harassment.
  5. Well, I guess the pretense bubble just burst. You're not doing this for the sake of logic. You just admitted outright that you want to flamebait me, and that's all it's about. The thing is that's actually trolling, which is a Code Of Conduct violation, not to mention a douche move in general. So if you do what you say you're going to do then I'm just going to have to bring it up to the moderators. I don't want to do this but if you won't leave me alone any other way then I will have no other choice.
  6. 1) That is a terrible desire that you need to do away with entirely. 2) It's not a good reason either. 3) It's a waste of your time. Due to your horrific behaviour I'm making a point of never listening to anything you say. Even if it's something I'd accept from anyone else. If your goal is to get me to give in to your arguments then you might as well give up because you're entirely doomed to failure.
  7. You said it was stupid and mocked me, can you not see how that's insulting? And you missed another crucial question: WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!
  8. You said it was stupid and mocked me, can you not see how that's insulting? And you missed another crucial question: WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?!
  9. Makes sense! ...The company's called BIMBO? Gee wizz, I hope they buy the rights to the Hostess name or we'll never hear the end of it...
  10. Okay, look at my question. I was asking Soul if he knew/understood something. Technically Seph could answer it saying something like "No, he really doesn't, he defended pervs when I spoke to him." or "Of course he does, he got mad at someone who was sexually harassing Soluna!" but that's not what he did, he just had a go at me. Good enough? 1) You shouldn't have done that. 2) I had every right to "blow up", you just insulted me out of nowhere! How am I supposed to when you KEEP TROLLING ME?! If you want me to "chill out", leave me alone! This isn't the first time I've said that either, why don't you just leave me alone?! If you can't stand to read my posts then just put me on Ignore!
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