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  1. So the blindfold seems a little weird if you don't know the context. Since I don't know how to explain the context without writing an essay, here's his mug without it.
  2. I appreciate the feedback, and tried my hand at fixing the issues you pointed out. As far as the head angle, I tried to fix it by shifting the shading on her face, but other than that I'm not sure how to adjust anything without reworking the face. Hopefully it looks better. You were pretty close when describing her. She's actually meant to be Ephraim's daughter, and developed something of an ego (Trying to fill his shoes) because of it.
  3. I took a while off to work on other things like being an adult, but now I've picked back up and made a new portrait. For this one I had live feedback from my artist sister (begrudgingly) so It should be a little cleaner. I still cant shade though.
  4. I'm really not good at these kinds of edits, but I tried to make the jawline less rough, and changed up the eyes as best as I could (Edit* Made the eyes better some more). The attire comes from the lore I've made up in my head, as well as info from the paired ending. My idea was that he left home at a young age to explore the world, and Neimi gave him her headband as a keepsake. Edit* I see what you mean, Hopefully that'll clear up when I ever get around to looking into FE8's color Palette. Right now Im basically ripping the exact hair/armor colors from them, but what I want to do is alter them a bit for a unique Palette.
  5. Still looking for critique. Something about the face here bothers me, but I cant quite place it. *Edit* It's the eyes, Eyebrows are missing and he's wondering why. *Edit Edit* Almost Immediately I see flaws all over his poor face. The jaw, The eyes. I'll fix them soon as possible, anything I've missed please let me know. The intent is Colm/Neimi's son. He left home and found his way aboard a pirate crew.
  6. Niemi & Colm have a son and daughter, Franz & Amelia have a daughter, and Lute & Artur have a son, so I'll work on them next. This first one was the easiest because Syrene had a sister to splice off. I might work on Franz and Amelia next because they've got a similar situation. Been busy this week, but I should have the next one out in a few days.
  7. My intent was to create FE8 Kyle and Syrene's child, hence the messy hair and Vanessa's face. I've been taking a look through the paired endings and compiling the popular ships for a potential (likely never to take off) sequel to the game. I can see now the face looks kinda tilted where the hair parts straight down, so I'll work on fixing that.
  8. Using Nickt's splicing tutorial, I kinda made something decent. I'm looking for critique, advice, and possibly a shading tutorial since I know the least about that. And props to anyone who guesses what I was trying to do here. *Edit* I'll have all the posted works up here so you viewers don't have to scroll every time I update.
  9. So I've been scratching my head for years about this. Every now and again I like to pull up my old Sacred Stones rom and tweak the character classes to re-run the game. I use'd to be able to change the palettes to match the classes on my old computer, but that tanked and I had no backups. I've got most of what I need, but all the download links to the two modules I still need have long since been dead. If anyone happens to have a save of the Palette Association Editors made by Zeld and Zephyr, I'd appreciate it.
  10. I've looked everywhere, but I cant find a live download for the Palette association editors. If anyone still has it and could share, that'd be swell :)
  11. So I'm currently working on starting a FE inspired D&D campaign with some friends of mine. I plan on using Roll20 as its an online game, and that enables my players to use Avatars. I have been making them mugs based off Official art from the in game characters, but some of the tweaks required for each character are beyond my ability. So if anyone would be willing to help me out here I'll share my requests. If nobody is willing to work on this for free I'm willing to work out a price for these 2 edits. Thank you :)
  12. I can see how I need to beef up lute, and that Ross needs his head straightened (though this will be a challenge for me), but what's messy about Garcia? His neck, his body proportion, or the direction he's looking? The concept behind the splice wasn't to create a new mug, it was to change the class of the already existing character. My reasoning behind that is TL:DR
  13. I've been toying around with randomly reclassing FE8 characters, and I decided to try my hand at splicing some more appropriate portraits for them. I'm quite new to it, so the splices aren't entirely detailed, this first post is mainly looking for insight about my stitch work. Lord Colm and his knight Niemi. Merc Garcia and Theif Ross. Fighter, Cavalier, Myrmidon, and Monk in their respective, miscellaneous orders. Thanks.
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