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  1. Kill the madman for winning in what I thought was a near impossible situation after the Shinori flip and our association. I was panicking hardcore LD2 because I did not expect those swaps at all. Especially the amnesiac claim working as well as it did. Apologies especially to my scumteam for losing my cool I just couldn't handle the pressure this game.
  2. Thank fucking god Refa. Also people were complaining about me tunneling since way back so I think Sully's interpretation of my actions are just wrong there.
  3. I object to my nightmare read being insubstantial? For a D1 case it's not terrible, Nightmare's reads post were bad in teh same waffly sense as Junko's except worse than Junko he didn't have a strong read. Then mackc makes a weird post ignroing JUnko because apparently he hadnt read JUnko and I call him out for it. I don't think I made these votes stating they were the strongest things ever so it's misleading to criticise them for being weak when I never presented them as such! I always wanted to lynch Junko, I even said so. @Refa
  4. Is that Sully case really what has driven this turbo? Yes my Shinori and Mackc votes were weaker than my Junko vote of course that is the case. But I could hardly push Junko any fuirther with him subbing out and I wanted to check my other suspicions at the time. Shinori's post wasn't random I asked him to make it so my vote is a follow up of that. I fundamentally disagree about my points pushing JUnko out of proportion but w/e. I think that case is mostly fueled by paranoia from my P5 game tbh. I think Paranoia is getting the better of you again Refa. Can't believe you're pulling thsi shit after antihero.
  5. He could easily be lying it was less than like 4-5 hours into phase when I left and he hadn't claimed. Even if it gets him lynched later down the line it makes sense to make a claim that noone likes lynching. Look at how successful it has been!
  6. Also felt like they weren't going to be shot at or targetted by Athena
  7. Fable because they are a solid townread who I thought would benefit greatly from a calmer one v one situation. Felt like they were getting too frustrated at the stuff in thread.
  8. God Amnesiac is the classic scum fakeclaim wtf is this why is everyone buying it.
  9. god I leave to focus on my work thinking I didn't need to worry about this game and I'm getting turbo'd. Refa wtf are you doing man what inconsistencies are there in my posts? I'm the other co-networker btw.
  10. Wow there are a lot of votes on Junko, more than I thought. Forgot this in the post above but I never really knew why Shinori was scumreading me (I thought it was solely on the fact that I commented on his post count) so that was where my problems with it started.
  11. Happy that Mack made the 180 but then he scumreads the hydra because Junko townread them and Refa scumreads them for tunneling me. I don't think Snike has really tunnelled me, nor do I think that has any relation to Refa's scumread on Snike. (Which is mainly about Snike tunnelling Athena). @Mackc2 What do you think of Athena, eclipse and Omega whose slots were all targetted by Junko at one point or another. What about the other people Junko townread? Really lazy play here but I suppose it could come from either alignment. @Fable should ask him this stuff in the QT if he doesn't in thread. Eclipse's word walls about me vs Junko feel really contrived to leave with essentially no strong opinons on either of us. Basically sheeping BBM here. To clarify some things because you seemed to have missed it but my bit about BBM is found in the spoilers here. Junko ignored this this and continued to spout that there was no way for me to interpret BBM's actions the way I did even into D2 and it was more than a little frustrating. I don't like how you ignored this too. Were you saying that Junko's actions could be explained by Apathy or your actions could be explained by Apathy? My biggest grievance with this suspicion is that I don't see why you would go through all these hoops to keep Junko null but then vote him anyway? @BBM thoughts? @Omega. what parts of eclipse's tone do you find towny? Can you give a quote for anything in particular? I thought her interactions with Zeus were some of the worst at the time you posted(and that was the only bit of paranoia I had about the slot D1, otherwise I thought she was town). I felt like Fable had genuine frustration with the slot but eclipse was sort of going through the motions of scolding him and kind of egged on other players. @Snike which of Shinori's opinions do you like and why? @Refa Does Snike's content this game not remind you of Antihero? There he tunnelled me really hard in what was a really nitpicky OMGUS but he was just angry town. Here he reads the same kind of anger at getting cased with while tunnelling Athena the same way he kind of tunnelled me. How do you think his behaviour here is different, if at all? @SullyMcGully Junko had plenty of time to defend himself before, in fact part of my grievance with him this phase was his defence of his actions D1. What do you think about my content itself? The analysis I make, the arguments that I made, the questions that I ask? Everyone suspecting someone doesn't necessarily indicate that they're scum (although tbh I don't feel very suspected right now. I think the only people with suspicions on me are Shinori, BBM and now you). @Makaze What are you thoughts on eclipse's summaries here? She does have a couple of town reads albeit not explained in great detail. ##Unvote ##Vote: Junko Should've done this yesterday.
  12. Omega I think I was one of the first to scumread nightmare after that listpost and it might've been me you were thinking of before you scumread Shinori for it. It was just a bad post at the time that wasn't paid much attention to made worse by the fact that he ended up voting me. At the time I was facing a fair amount of criticism so it felt a bit like he was piggybacking off of that. I don't think Shinori's big response to Refa really changes much it's mostly self-defence. Is there anything of Refa's not about yourself that you agree/disagree with? Why? I think my vote is better spent here for now though: ##Unvote ##Vote: Mackc2 @Mackc2 Thoughts on Junko? Is there a reason you're not engaging with Fable? @Snike I just feel like it's nitpicky I'm afraid. Why is Athena being coached now but not before when his content was bad? Can you give a general thoughts post on other people with reasoning? @BBM I expected more from you because it's a 22p game so PoEing someone down D2 is kinda ridiculous. But then you come in with a bunch of well thought out cases on eclipse and wepaons which is definitely more of what I expected. Still glossing over JB's content but he voted Mack for not commenting on Junko when he has openly admitted to not really reading me vs Junko. While I appreciate the Mackc vote @Jaybee Can you read Refa's case (page 51), my post here D1 and my post here coming into D2. The Junko posts these were scrutinising were one and two. I need to go back and re-evaluate what made me townread weapons and eclipse D1 because agreeable cases against them are building fast and furiously but I recall thinking eclipse was surefire to be town D1 and weapons to be likely town. A problem I have with eclipse is that her quote walls are huge and that is a big turn off for me.
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