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  1. Hello, everybody. I am currently doing a Lunatic Conquest run (chapter 12) with a +Mag/-Lck Corrin for a Malig Knight build. I'm thinking about getting Draconic Hex at lvl 15 as a Nohr Noble and training my tomb skill level in the meantime. But most likely scenario is Heart Seal right when she promotes. Promoting to Wyvern Rider right now with no magic options feels kinda weird, but let me know your opinions. Also, Jakob's kinda been pulling Corrin's weight as a Paladin. Corrin doubles, but she doesn't net more kills than Jakob already does (S+ support). Thanks in advance!
  2. Let's say corrin is surrounded by 4 allies and is attacked from a distance, and counters back. Which adjacent ally supports corrin in attack stance? The one above him, below him, or to his left or right? I've been wondering about this because of how many times I've been in attack stance with a non-fighting unit such as Elise rather than another unit like Effie. My main question: Is there an order of priority for who supports in attack stance? And if there is, what's the order? Thanks in advance
  3. Odin always ends up being a bench warmer for me and I just want to use him. I heard his physical stats makes him a decent dread fighter, but the question is, when should I use dread scroll? I'm very early in the game - Conquest ch. 10 - and odin's almost level 11. I'm wondering about this mainly because of the possibility that his exp curve will slow down dramatically and fall behind in the long run. Also, I kind of want Astra on Odin (invest in swordmaster then change to dread fighter, or vice-versa?). Thanks in advance :)
  4. I just got a 3ds xl (with typical 4gb sd). Should I get physical copy of awakening or get the digital on eshop with dlc already provided (which is would be $38.50 + the game's cost)? The game alone I heard takes over 1gb, but I'm not that tight on memory since I'm not planning on getting a lot of games. Thanks in advance! Sorry if this is a really financial question in comparison to others, but I guess this was the closest topic I could find...?
  5. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

    1. King Kazma

      King Kazma

      Thanks, Marth! Sorry for being more than half a decade late lmao

  6. How do I prevent the upcoming 2.0 patch from causing my progress to start all over? Will I just have to replace 1.0 with 2.0 or is there anything else?
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