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  1. I've mentioned my amiibo and Marth Nendoroid before, the former still being the bulk of my collection. But now I finally have some pictures to share. Amiibo: You might've noticed three tin badges of Eliwood, Roy, and F!Morgan sitting on top of Lucina. Got these in 2016 at a convention (I think it was AM² or something like that). The selection was only from Awakening and Fates. Pity I hadn't played Fates yet, else I'd have gotten F!Kana instead of Eliwood. *shrug* Closeup: My Marth Nendoroid figure. Got it at the same convention along with the tin badges. And lastly, my Awakening 3DS. I hardly play it anymore, so it's really just an FE collector's item at this point. But I still cherish it. Not shown: My 3H Black Eagles t-shirt; an image showing the official art of several FE7 characters grouped together, ripped out of a Nintendo Power magazine; and a standard paper-sized promotional FE8 poster which should still be lying around somewhere. Except for Path of Radiance and Birthright, I have all English localized FE games, including spinoffs. (Shadow Dragon and FEW are digital, the rest physical)
  2. It's done to waste your turns, of course. If it takes most of your turns to defeat the other units, you can run out of turns before you have a chance to engage the lone blocked unit in the corner. Admittedly I've employed this "bad war tactic design". So far I've only had one success via exceeding the turn limit. Any other success I've had have been surrenders; One guy didn't even try, and I'm not exactly a pro AR defender. '_'
  3. You may not have known unless you skimmed through my old posts, but I am a big Sonic fan. Not one of the obnoxious ones, I promise. Admittedly this... Sonic Direct, as it were, was average for me. But there were things to be excited about. As I favor the classic series, I am most hyped for Sonic Origins, for 3 reasons. The statement of "updated features" may mean we're finally getting Taxman's mobile ports of Sonic 1 and 2 on console. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is finally getting a re-release after roughly a decade. I'm curious to see if MJ's tracks get replaced with remastered prototype/PC music. Sonic CD--one of my favorite games of all time--comes to current gen systems (previously only being playable via backwards compatibilty [Xbox One -> 360] or by streaming/PS Now [PS4 -> PS3]); and assuming this comes to Switch, this makes it the first time CD's been available on a Nintendo platform since Sonic Gems Collection on the freaking Gamecube! What piece of Sonic news are you most hyped about?
  4. Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, an obscure 16-bit Disney platformer that isn't talked about enough, has a fittingly memorable game over screen. (I base this on the PC version) Maui/Donald Duck is yanked by a green hand and dragged supposedly into hell, which normally happens when you lose a life. But for a game over, this happens on the hill w/ blue background seen on the title/level start/continue screens, after which four shocking chords play. Sad music then plays as a muddrake (a small tribal Disney duck) lays some flowers at Maui's "grave", takes off his hat/wig to briefly mourn and shed a tear before walking off......in his normal walking animation which makes him out to be happy (makes sense in context). "Game Over" appears from the top and the sad music ends; followed by two cartoonishly upbeat notes (by what I assume is supposed to be a tuba). It's like those funny endings to a cartoons episode, except you died. And that's kinda hilarious. This is repeated in most traditional Kirby games. Only Dreamland 3 and 64 don't have this scene. These two games don't have a continue choice, so this is automatically explained. In Superstar (Ultra) - if this counts as a traditional Kirby game - has the most memorable scene when master hand sends Kirby to the moon (star), if the player quits. Dreamland 2 doesn't have it either. If you continue, Kirby and friends wake up and go on their merry way. If you quit, a night sky appears from the top of the screen as they continue to sleep.
  5. I remember seeing The Blazing Blade in a catalog of GBA games, not to mention that bizarre commercial. We went to Gamestop and my sisters happened to pick that game out. Played it and enjoyed it a lot. Later we got Sacred Stones and Radiant Dawn, and soon I was looking up the series' history such as the Japan-only games and representation in Smash. That's when I went full-on Emblemier and never looked back. I've got most of the games that have come out since, and all but two of the FE amiibo (which is incredibly lucky for me).
  6. I'm pretty sure the skinship was the biggest factor. Also interesting to note is that the Japanese box for the Valentia Complete Edition of Echoes shows a CERO C rating (even though Echoes itself was given a B), because it came with a disc containing HD cutscenes from RD through Echoes, and as such, all the cutscenes from Fates.
  7. Damn that's a lot of orbs O_O" Yeah, better a legendary alt than the potential risk of ending up the cohort of a duo--which would personally piss me off, especially if he actually has his red armor. And [as a legendary alt] while I'd prefer he still be a swordie to keep consistent with my dream team, I'd be fine if he used lances, since he technically could in Tellius. Well if nothing else, at least he's finally getting a refine. 😄
  8. But he's already a red armor. I want this more than anyone. After almost 2 years since Zelgius was added, it's starting to feel like a pipe dream. Really, the only chance he has at adorning his red armor and gold cape once more is by getting either a Legendary alt or heading a Duo with Sephiran, or possibly Levail. And I pretty much am Levail as far as my fondness for Zelgy boy goes. At least I try not to gush too much. I know he's just an alt, which they can do whatever they please. Really him not being colorless merely threw me off a bit, and he is still currently an alt-with-no-default (I'm totally coining this term 😛). Not that I'm terribly concerned. If nothing else, we agree that he and Ena shouldn't have both been red breaths. Indeed a missed opportunity to have dragons that function like magic beast units. Concerning the lions, I'm still surprised we got Caineghis before Skrimir. I expect we'll get Soan at some point, as we've got Dheg and Altina already.
  9. Under the unlikely assumption that he never gets a normal version or they add his son to correct this, Dheginsea to colorless breath. He's a Black Dragon laguz who fires ebony black breath (they even called his weapon Blackfire Breath). Putting aside the fact he's an alt-with-no-default, why did they make him red breath alongside Ena, who was part of the same event? A dragon-central event, no less?
  10. There are various changes in enemy/boss/item placements, new weapons that would be seen in later games were added, and mission 1 now takes place at night. You can read some of the the specifics here. MS6 by itself is on PS2, yes. It released in all three major regions. Sorry, no Vita, no clue.
  11. Might be the fact that she's voiced by Erica Mendez i.e. Lianna, Bernadetta, Diedre, Raphtalia, and much more. Even more hilarious, all of those except Bernie use some form of magic (unless you reclass her, of course) But yeah, great show. I skimmed it when a friend was watching. I should watch it again from the top.
  12. I know you wanted us to focus on older games here, but I feel the need to mention a certain someone from Echoes who was horribly shafted in the lines department. No, it's not the newcomer Faye. I'm talking about the pink fluffy-haired cleric from Novis, Miss "I'm ready to roll!" Genny (incidentally my favorite female character from SoV). Celica's story events see plenty of screentime from Mae, Boey, Saber, and Conrad. But Genny? Poor girl shows up in only one story event with literally only one line, and it's right at the beginning of Act 2 when the priory bell tolls for the death of Lima IV, right before you gain control of Celica. "Oh dear. I hope she’s dealing with this okay…" Very sweet and all, but......that's it? That's all she gets? Even though you will choose to recruit her (let's be real, only a fool or a challenge seeker passes up Celica's only cleric [Shade notwithstanding]), she doesn't partake in any later story events at all when even the other clerics get a fair share. Sure, there's the village exploration quotes, but all recruitable characters have them so, adorable as hers are, I'm not counting it here. And her one support chain? Is with Sonya, who can be missed (And guess what, I picked Deen my first playthrough -_-). Surely she could've been part of the fun; maybe as the gentle, peaceful one who tries to stop Mae and Boey from bickering so much, or she could comment on Boey's fear of Terrors by reassuring him that she can keep him healed and easily Seraphim the monsters to heck (if she's learned it). And she could easily have benefited from another support; maybe some girl talk with Mae, or being flustered at first then quickly warming up to Saber (since she likes older men, and their endings subtly imply the possibility they got together). I know we're talking a character from the remake of FE "Everyone-Gets-One-Line" Gaiden...but still, with Genny being a fave of mine, the lack of lines was really apparent. Poor girl only has her named said once, in her A support with Sonya. At least Duo Alm in Heroes made up for it by actually acknowledging her existence.
  13. Ahhh...see, I was not aware of that. Though I probably should've figured this, considering CA's icon is a squiggly alteration of TA's. If it functioned the way I thought it did, it would probably be near broken, or at least high tier for a B skill. ...What if a hero with CA is hit with Trilemma?
  14. I've gone up against Matilda with a green unit, and against a -raven tome with F!Grima, but the damage (and the up/down arrows in the combat forecast) suggests the WTA is not being neutralized; nor, in the case of CA3, is the WTD being reversed. Unless I've horribly miscalculated, it's like CA doesn't even work at all--completely useless even compared to its cousin Triangle Adept. But CA, given it's supposed function of making your unit's weapon a -reaver without the disadvantage, sounds way more useful to me personally. Is it like this for anyone else? If so, is it an issue I should consider making an in-game inquiry? (Though as it's an oldish skill, I'd expect they'd have long gotten feedback on it by now)
  15. It's a compromise that ends up being an improvement. They can even be pulled on Legendary Remix banners (not sure about the regular Legend-Mythic banners), which can have non-Legendary focuses. So not only could a character you want end up on these banners at a higher base % rate, you can even spark them when this was originally exclusive to new hero banners. The boons outweigh the banes; Special 4*'s are a-OK in my book. Only got Innes and Ayra so far. Pretty much all the favorites I want are SP 4*'s now (Zelgius, F!Morgan, F!Kana, Genny). I didn't have any better chances before this, so I welcome this change. Look at that. I finally play FEH now and I finally get to relevantly post in the FEH subforum. 'Bout time, huh? ^_^
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