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  1. Yes, lots of animations are recycled--especially among cavalry--while having some anomalies such as the aforementioned Thief Panne . War Monk shares its axe animations with Hero (male), not the Fighter/Barbarian lines. And I believe the Griffon Rider's animations are unique.
  2. Just try and tell me BK/Zelgius ain't worthy of legendary status. Antagonists have gotten it before, as Grima has shown. To say I would be surprised is a bit of an understatement.
  3. As of right now (mid-November 2020), we've yet to see the return of the Lloyd or Geno Mii costumes from Smash 4. I have pondered many a time on the chance at least one of the two characters gets in, what would they do--no, what should they do with their Mii costumes? Should they just throw it in with the rest of the Mii costumes for the usual price? Should they make it free when you buy the actual fighter (because why buy the costume when you've got the actual character)? Should they just not bring the costume back because of that redundancy (even though this clearly hasn't stopped Nintendo before)? Is there some other way they could go about this? What say you? Personally I think they should make it free with the character, while still being available to purchase the costume individually if for some reason someone only wants the costume and not the fighter himself. ...You see the dilemma here? I know Nintendo has added Mii costumes for playable characters in Smash 4 and brought back Smash 4 costumes for the Ultimate newcomers (Chrom, K. Rool, Isabelle), but those were all for characters in the base games, not for any DLC fighters.
  4. I like those too! They taste great and they look more healthy, although they probably are not. My preferred fruit snack, Welch's Berries n' Cherries, have 25% each of Vitamin A, C, and E; which already makes them healthier than say, gummi bears. The little pouches at least are something I probably would give out to trick-or-treaters.
  5. I'm a simple guy. I like chocolates and fruity candies. For the longest time Nestle CRUNCH was my favorite chocolate candy bar, but I later found a love for White CRUNCH and Hershey's Cookies n' Creme (I wish they still made the former...). Oh, and I can't forget about the egg-shaped Russell Stover chocolate truffles available around Easter. On the fruity side, I love me a good Ring Pop, Jolly Rancher, or the old classic Wonder Ball (a hollow chocolate shell w/ another type of candy inside) with Sweet Tarts inside. Chocolate and fruity (if tarty) candy in one. 😋 I'd also list fruit snacks but I'm not sure if those count as candy.
  6. Nothing wrong with keeping KT on board, but if I had to pick a new studio to co-develop the next FE, I would go with Bandai-Namco. They handle most (if not all) officially licensed anime (and anime-crossover) games, so I think they'd lend themselves well to the already anime-esque design of FE.
  7. Idk why Ranger didn't just recycle Nomadic Trooper's sword animation when they already recycle their bow animation. But then you look at the Horseman's sword animation in FE11/12 which is Ranger's but much more smooth, likely what they were originally going for.
  8. I agree. Their animations are subpar compared to the gold standard we're used to on the GBA. Ephraim's crit is thrilling, but that's about it.
  9. Originally I had set my favorite as Radiant Dawn for its gameplay, engaging story, and particularly the combat animations which I grew really fond of. Then I set it to Awakening for its (now long worn-off) novelty of letting your Avatar marry and have children. I might've set SoV as a favorite, except I knew FE Warriors was on its way in the Fall of that year. A dream collab come true (albeit unfulfilled in the roster department) with excellent gameplay for a Warriors game. I got a Switch just so I could play it, and I already knew I would set it as my next favorite the first chance I got. And currently still is, unless we get an FE6 remake or a FEW2 with a more favorable roster. The latter would likely stay as my favorite for all time.
  10. Damn it, Sakurai. Just......damn it. I am simply smash-dashed. While I do like world builders, I have zero interest in Minecraft. Always have, always will. And over the years, I'd find youtube comments telling the relevant LP'er I'm watching to play Minecraft, which gets really annoying really fast, and I began to develop a bit of a hatred for the game. Just the game. Let the kids mine and craft to their hearts' content for all I'm concerned. As for me, guess I'll be waiting for the next fighter. I'm set to buy Fighter's Pass 2 anytime I want, just won't be as soon as I'd hoped. All the millions of ecstatic kids on the internet are never gonna let us hear the end of this... 😩
  11. I made this mockup a month ago with a spine included (though the guy I made it for never got back to me...). Hope you don't mind that I moved the logo to the center top.
  12. The North American 3DS eShop is still up and running. No way they'd just shut it down without at least a forewarning.
  13. Smash is actually not what got me into Fire Emblem, as I never had 64 or Melee and due to not yet being allowed to surf the internet at the time, I knew nothing of the series reps besides Mario and Kirby. One day in the mid 2000's we bought a couple GBA games. We got FE7 (and later FE8) and around the time Brawl was coming out, I was able to use the internet so I learned about FE's history and watched some footage of the older games. I then watched some vids of the Zephiel battle in FE6 (both normal and w/hacks), recognized Roy from reading up on Melee's roster, then it clicking for me when I saw young Roy during a second viewing of FE7's epilogue. I became an Emblemier that day. Ok, so that was a bit inverted. What did I actually get into through Smash? Well, with Brawl being the first Smash I owned, we got Metal Gear Solid on PS1, and 2 through 4 later on (even got the special versions of 2 and 3, the latter containing the original Metal Gear 1 and 2 from the MSX). But the most interesting thing is the other series Smash introduced me to: Before and during Brawl's hayday, I had also stumbled upon Super Smash Flash over on Newgrounds, and when I played it with my younger sister, we both rather enjoyed using Lloyd. After looking up his origin, me and especially my younger sis' took a notable interest in the Tales of series (she even watched the Symphonia OVA, and probably the others). Several years later I got my sis the PS3 remaster Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for her birthday so we could finally play Lloyd's game together, and though the only other one we've played since is Xillia 1, I think it's safe to play we've both become fans of the series. This is also why Lloyd is my main want for Fighters Pass 2. Still no return of his mii costume as of yet... I wonder if anyone else was introduced to a series through Super Smash Flash 1 and 2...
  14. These days I alternate watching BlazingKnight, Ghast, and MageKnight404. Once in a blue moon I go back to check up on Shadowofchaos' content. Not exactly sure he counts, but The Green Scorpion does love him some Fire Emblem, and his Blazing Blade LP is one of the most popular on his channel. Incidentally he recently started an LP of Path of Radiance. Both of these LP's are also Ironman challenges.
  15. Just for fun I decided to make an English mock-up for you, even threw in the spine as a bonus (sorry, no back side. I doubt anybody's bothered to translate that). Took me all day to put together. It should be close to the actual size so you can slip it right into an actual DS game box.
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