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  1. Setting aside my obligatory Zelgius x2, I will vote for Nergal x2, Ashnard, and the last one will go to either Nils or Eirika.
  2. I got the BE shirt as a Christmas gift. Should've guessed it came from Hot Topic. Interestingly, the labeling on the plastic bag mine came in said "Red Eagles". Whoever labelled it probably had no knowledge of the game and only had the colors and animals to go on. Anyways, can't wait for winter to end so I can wear it without freezing.
  3. Awesome to finally see TMS#FE in Heroes. Had to happen eventually. I assume his English info hasn't been shown yet, so I'm gonna call it right now: Itsuki's English voice will be Yuri Lowenthal. It fits his build and appearance, even without considering his Marth-resembling Carnage Form.
  4. We Emblemiers have toted Anna as the Random Number Goddess (RNG) ever since Awakening (maybe even beforehand? Not sure...) where she is the secret boss of Apotheosis with insane capped stats only Three Houses characters could hope to match. And Anna is playable in Three Houses too... I think being the Nurse Joy of Fire Emblem wouldn't be enough on its own to make Anna a goddess. Then again, Nurse Joy herself hasn't done any sort of dimensional travel afaik. I know later gens did some trans-dimensional stuff, but I only played up to gen 3.
  5. When my sister and her fiance were playing, they were able to catch more Fodlandies (the result of hooking a Strange Fish Shadow) long after doing that quest. It's probably a very rare chance, and their only use after that point (feeding pets notwithstanding) is to sell them for a decent 2500 G each.
  6. Matthew is my name. I know a Hector, a Heath, a Roy, an Oliver, a Chad, a Mark, a Dorothea (but we call her Thea), and at least three Chris's (I think at least one spells it Kris). I have a friend named Joshua. I knew a Jake (Jacob, actually) and a Clarisse. The closest name to Knoll is my dad, Noel (pronounced the same way). I think my older sister knows a Lyn. Closest I've seen to Eliwood was a teacher in high school (I never had him though) with the last name Elwood.
  7. Since I feel I should give a proper on-topic response, I don't particularly care which 3H characters they put in, but they'll get brownie points for including best ladies Annette and Catherine.
  8. I think it could work if their running speed (in this case, "Mov") were set to 3 or 4 (as opposed to the default 5 Mov for infantry in FEW) allowing them to be a bit slower than normal infantry but not sloggishly so, in the same vein that Tiki (for whatever reason...) has 6 Mov which makes her just a teensy bit faster but not even coming close to cavalry speed. They would have improved strength and defense stats to compensate for their slow movement, but they could still simply be ferried by cavs/fliers (though if this makes them OP, we could either slow the movement of cavs/fliers when paired with armors or make armors unable to be paired up. ...but that's another can of worms). We should also bear in mind that both Edelgard and Black Knight are unnaturally fast for armored units due to their crests/laguz blood respectively, so they could retain the standard 5 Mov or even have 6 Mov like Tiki. Anything to get BK in there. Not that anyone needs convincing, but I said it once and I'll say it again: he's made for FEW; he can already mop the floor after making it bloody with corpses with most enemies in the Tellius games. Heck, I used to replay a spare save of FE10 Part 1-Endgame just so I could wreck the whole map with him. Let me put it this way. For some people such as myself, Warriors games (for me, FEW in particular) are...karmic. Stress relievers. Rage venters when you're in a bad mood. Nothing's quite as karmic as feeling so invincible you can mindlessly curb-stomp everything in your path, with a small challenge in enemy commanders you can defeat with exciting, flashy specials. Being a mindless hack-and-slash isn't all that bad. 'Course I do perfectly understand being left with something to be desired. To each their own. If a FEW2 does happen then at the very least, along with BK, I hope there is a Quick Play mode where you simply pick your units and go to town on a randomly chosen map with randomly generated enemies and bases (within reason). After 100%'ing Story and History Mode in FEW1, I was left with nothing more to do other than pick a map and play for the aforementioned karmic relief.
  9. I'm sorry, did you not hear anything we just said? By your logic, are we to believe then that Athos is unlikable trash because he's only playable for one chapter? Or perhaps there are no Black Knight fans because he has three playable appearances in FE10? Your logic is not sound. Since when has playability, availability, or lack thereof ever stopped characters from being likeable and establishing a fanbase? And this goes beyond FE. e.g. If you think there weren't fans of Ganondorf before Melee came out, you are sorely mistaken. Yes, playablility for any period of time certainly can and does help establish fans of a character, but it is most certainly not a prerequisite, especially for a character heavy series like Fire Emblem. Heroes only serves to bolster this fact, as Nino now has two alts. She does have fans despite her lategame recruitment and that ain't changing anytime soon, so you might as well get comfy.
  10. I took a fullscreen 1080p screenshot of a youtube video, cropped the Sothis sprite, and uploaded it to my imgur. I don't have the best tools for transparency, so I hope this will suffice.
  11. Lloyd Irving Like a Glint of Light Walking on Tethe'Alla Fighting of the Spirit Aviators ~Rheards~ Captivated by the Journey (Tales of Xillia) Metal Slug protags We did get some Metal Slug tracks courtesy of KoF Stadium drawing from SNK's other series. We got the main theme and Final Attack which are two of the three tracks I wanted. The other one I would add is Speeder (Metal Slug 5).
  12. I forgot to add Edward for FE10, as far as an actual playable character goes. Just in case you wondered why my Discord avatar is Edward and not Zelgius.
  13. It's alright. I just took it the wrong way. Don't worry about it. If I may go on a very short tangent: it's sort of a pity but understandably redundant to list favorite FE Warriors OC's since there's only 3 guys (if Velezark even counts...) and 2 girls (Lianna and Yelena). I imagine most would pick Darios over Rowan anyway. I must say though, Lianna is the first character whom I started noticing Erica Mendez's voice talents.
  14. Includes antagonists, only games I've played with the exception of Binding Blade, and no gen split. There are some 2-way ties and even a 3-way I really could not decide. Shadow Dragon: Marth/Tiki Gaiden/SOV: Alm & Deen/Genny Binding Blade: Roy, Rutger, & Zephiel/Lilina Blazing Sword: Everyone, honestly Sacred Stones: Joshua/Myrrh Radiant Dawn: Zelgius & Edward/Altina (Being playable in Heroes helped seal the deal for her) Awakening: Chrom & Owain/Morgan Fates Conquest: Xander & Ryoma/Kana Three Houses: Seteth/Annette & Catherine
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