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  1. o_o Goodness. What, did you move to a farm or something?
  2. Ross is probably the most useful since he'll usually end up a better Berserker than Dozla. Ewan is nice if you don't want to wait for Knoll to have access to dark magic. Amelia I think is a middle ground given her promotion branches. However with FE8 especially, I also prefer to look at the stat caps as a deciding factor. There also the matter of the 3rd+ playthrough "Super Trainee" classes, as I like to call them: Super Journeyman is a poor choice for Ross. It's axe-locked with a crit bonus like Berserker, but other than 2 points of Res, Berserker has superior stat caps in every way. Super Recruit is lance-locked with a crit bonus, the only such for lances. Makes it somewhat unique for Amelia, and aside from Str her caps ain't too shabby (it's the only lance class with 30 Skill). A nice appetizer for the Soldiers we'd soon get in Tellius. Super Pupil is very interesting in that it has access to the whole trinity of magic (also making it the only class in FE8 that can use light and dark magic). It also has the highest speed of all magic classes (27), meaning Ewan will make the most out of Excaliber's speed bonus. ...Or you can revel in the hilarity of this young trainee mage boy casting Naglfar. It's certainly no Archsage Athos, but a neat class all the same.
  3. Congrats on your new home. My older sister + her husband & daughter moved into their new house last week. Doubt you can top their backyard koi pond, though. 😛
  4. I've never had the pleasure of playing Golden Sun, but honestly just hearing the announcer say "Matthew" would make my day and then some. Hats off to all you other Matthew's out there.
  5. I'm feeling some déjà vu here. I'll keep it simple. ...Mostly. Fix weapon stats--or at least the hit rates--to FE7 standards. I truly feel this will make it more tolerable while also maintaining the intended amount of challenge. Give the Binding Blade infinite uses. Can't be anymore broken than Ragnell. ......OK, give it 50 or 60 uses if it must be limited, ANYTHING's better than that meager 20 uses. Oh, and make the Divine Dragonstone 60 uses, and make Flame Stones obtainable (w/ the original Divine Stone's 30 uses) Either have Merlinus function as in FE7 unit-wise, or have Roy be the Lord conRoy convoy as per the norm. Have a New Game+ that features Al, Gant, and Tina from the Champion's Blade manga that retells the game from the manga's--thusly, Al's--point of view (essentially Hector Mode). This of course entails additional chapters and perhaps additional movie cutscenes (see the final bullet point about cutscenes). Have Lilina fill a Lord role or at least a Lucina-esque secondary Lord role. Maybe even a unique class line. Mage Lord, anyone? Give Roy and Lilina special promotion items (like in FE8) but if Roy doesn't use it before obtaining the Binding Blade, it is forced. With this in mind, have Roy's Master Lord model take cues from his Smash 4/Ultimate model. The movie cutscene where Roy obtains the BB shows him in his Master Lord attire even if he hasn't promoted beforehand. Unless they want to animate it twice for promoted and unpromoted Roy; they can do whichever. I know it goes without saying that this remake would/will have full voice acting and movie/2D/anime/what-have-you cutscenes (done by which studio? Idk. This bullet point could very well be it's own topic), but I wanted to list a few scenes in the game I'd like to see get movie cutscenes (I combed through the script to make sure I got these right): The opening/prelude: Basically animating FE7's epilogue where Roy and Lilina are introduced to each other as kids while Eliwood and Hector ponder about recent happenings in Bern, followed by Jahn making his presence known to Zephiel which makes him (Zephiel) give that slasher smile. Finally the actual prelude plays with voiced narration, and then the lightning strikes down, bringing forth the game's title: Fire Emblem Echoes: The Binding Blade [or whatever they'd end up calling it]. I can see this cutscene giving off similar vibes to SoV's prelude. The end of Chapter 3: Hector says his dying words to Roy. It's sure to be an impactful gut punch for FE7 players who haven't yet played FE6. The end of Chapter 8: Roy and Lilina rejoice at their reunion (sound familiar?) but it turns bittersweet when Roy tells her Hector has passed. Lilina tries to hold back her tears, saying she had been taught and prepared for this inevitability and wishes everyone would've just told her; she can take it. Roy comforts her and she cries into his shoulder. Marcus and Merlinus have their heads down in sorrow. Merlinus wipes away some tears, muttering softly, "Oh Master Roy...Lady Lilina......I'm so sorry." The aforementioned acquisition of the Binding Blade. Easy enough to picture. Mid-chapter 22 once the throne room is revealed: Roy and Zephiel have their argument about humanity. They then begin to fight. They clash swords several times. Zephiel performs an Insineous Dine (I think that's what it's called in the manga) spin attack, and knocks Roy back. The scene ends with Roy staring down Zephiel, sweat visible towards one eye.
  6. Yes, you can use the CS soundtracks "The Shackled Wolves" and "At What Cost?" after beating it.
  7. First thing that had come to my mind was Renji's zanpakuto, Zabimaru, from Bleach. Minus the head, of course.
  8. Personally I think the Halo 3 Teaser from E3 2006 was one of the most hype trailers I had ever seen, even if I wouldn't get a 360 till nearly a decade later. Seriously that music and especially the end with the "3" in the O, "Bungie", and "Finish the Fight! 2007"; it still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
  9. I'd very much like something. I don't want to stick with my Mii. To put it quite bluntly, I'm rather flabbergasted there's nothing from FE or even Smash; they couldn't even at the very least give us each of the series icons used in Smash. Melee Battlefield icon, anyone? Those alone would give us more variety, and they'd hardly take any space at all.
  10. First off, the term we're looking for here is "midquel", as it takes place between FE6 and 7 (like how Thracia 776 takes place between a few chapters of Genealogy; that too is a midquel) Secondly, I think it would be better if Al's story were done as a Hector Mode of sorts. This way you can have the manga characters and their intertwining story without retconning the original or hogging all of Roy's spotlight the first time through. R.I.P. Lilina Mode And after clearing Al Mode, you could use the manga characters in Roy Mode with zero bearing on the story, kind of like the Ashen Wolves. ...So long as Merlinus at least levels up by chapter survival like in FE7. Because I highly doubt anyone has ever legitimately made him survive 2000 battles just to max his level.
  11. If you somehow hadn't realized this, remember that if a rusted weapon costs 1 Gold Mark to repair, it is Sol/Luna/Astra. Personally I've only ever gotten a Sol.
  12. I'm hard-pressed to make my own roster and plot, so if I may I'll pick one of yours. I'm going with @Red Dingo's . Two thumbs up. Would play through it ad infinitum. Also: I love it. XD The only two things I would add/change are: For Roy, change the lightning effects to fire (e.g. Strong 3 lightning circle --> ring of fire) though you probably intended for this anyway. Or just give him a new moveset. Throw in Alm to keep Celica company. As others have suggested, he would use the Chrom/Lucina moveset BUT his Strong 6 would be Rowan/Lianna/Darios' golden flurry, substituting the blade's golden glow with a blue glow, basically turning it into a mini Scendscale flurry. I've had this in my mind for a while, but I want to see a new mode called Free Play or Quickplay. Map is chosen manually or at random, the enemies and bases are randomly generated within reason (possibly w/ filtering options); So you can simply pick your characters and go to town. This would allow us to just jump right into Warriors gameplay while keeping things fresh. We need a mode like this that we can keep coming back to even after completing the game 100%. Playing the same history mode maps gets really old. Now that I think about it, there could also be an Arcade mode of sorts where you play maybe half a dozen Free Play/Quickplay maps in succession and receive better rewards at the end based on your performance. If a character dies on Classic Mode, you'd have to start Arcade over to avoid having to waste gold reviving them. Barring that last part, I guess it's like Tempest Trials, Warriors style. Bonus points if the final round is always set to have a villain as the enemy leader.
  13. For a very brief time when I was little I had Pepsi. As far as I remember, I liked it. But then I had to switch to clear drinks like Sprite because, as a side effect of my Tourettes, certain colored dyes in food and drinks would make me hyper (or something along those lines). Haven't had any sort of cola since. Actually I haven't really had lemon-lime either; I ended up preferring fruit-flavored sodas like orange and strawberry, but when going out I would go for Minute Maid Lemonade if I could. I guess that technically puts me on the Coke side, doesn't it? And now I've taken a liking to Ocean Spray Cran-Apple juice. At least it's something healthy.
  14. Being that I had a Game Boy since I was 5 or 6, I had plenty of stupid kid moments with it. In particular, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie comes to mind. It's honestly a pretty easy game once you understand the combat and jump physics. But dumb kid that I was, I got stuck multiple times until I figured things out. For one, I would get to the end of the first level, it stops scrolling, and I keep fighting putties. I am confused as to why it won't end. Eventually I realized that when your power meter is full, you press Select to morph into Ranger form, and you have to do so in order to proceed to the boss (though to be fair, how many people would think to press Select?). Mostly straightforward after that. I could clear most of the levels (they can be done in any order, except the final). And then there was level 2... Shortly into level 2, I come across a conveyor belt and a wall, and I don't know what to do. ......Oh duh, you just duck (yeah, I was really dumb...). Later in the level there's a tunnel you break your way through, when some sort of big drill machine (I guess...?) starts chasing you. Touching it is instant death and you can't hurt it at all. Took me a while to realize that you have to keep breaking down the tunnel wall until you're out of there. And then the drill just vanishes for whatever reason. Man I used to hate that thing. Lastly, though not that important, is the fact that since this was an original Game Boy game with no color, I always just picked the white Ranger, Tommy. But once I finally tried all the others, it became clear that the very first one on the left (Adam, the black Ranger) is the best one in the game. Some rangers do more damage while others jump higher, but Adam does both. Also, if you fill the power meter when you're already in Ranger form, pressing Select will perform a special attack (I think it's implied to be their zord attacking). Not only is it a screen nuke, it also does damage to bosses, and with Adam it takes like almost 2/3 of their health, making them a cakewalk. Besides Power Rangers, the only other stupid moment I can really think of is fainting Lugia and Ho-oh in Pokemon Silver, and then saving the game. I did not know you only had one chance to fight and catch legendaries (sans the roaming ones). A friend traded me a Ho-oh once, but I never got a Lugia. I am forever shamed for never having my respective game's box art legendary...
  15. For each attack, the RNG will roll for each proc skill you have. If multiple proc skills make a successful roll, only the one with the highest priority will activate. Proc skill priority goes like this, from highest to lowest: Lethality > Aether > Astra > Sol > Luna > Ignis > Vengeance So with the set of skills you've listed, if all three roll successfully, Luna will be the one that activates since of the three it has the highest priority. This still holds true even if your Noire has 50+ skill to make Vengeance's rate 100%; in this case, Luna or Ignis will still activate if the RNG rolls at least one of them successfully, otherwise she will activate Vengeance. I don't think it's possible to pass down DLC skills, because it would be a tremendous waste to pass down a skill you can just teach with a scroll. As for the Dread Fighter and Bride skills, I presume they did this to keep their skills gender-locked.
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