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  1. For how little I post on here (just under 400 posts), it's almost surprising I've been here for 7½ years barring a year or two of lurking prior. Almost a decade since Awakening came out in Japan, right? Seriously who even needs Outrealms when time flies as quick as it does?
  2. I suppose the Rankin-Bass specials are just a given at this point. They're all classics of course. Of the few I've actually watched, I'd say Frosty the Snowman is the one I enjoyed the most. I dunno if this counts as a special, but I want to give a mention to Santa Bear's High-Flying Adventure; a short, obscure Christmas movie I once had on VHS. It had simple animation and a simple premise with a nice moral that everything you say or do--be it good or bad, even if it seems to go unnoticed--can make a difference. All in a 20-something minute runtime. Even with that being the case, it's still a holiday classic in everyone's book. Heck, three of the songs ("Christmas Time is Here", the jazzy instrumental of "O' Tannenbaum", and the Peanuts main theme "Lucy and Linus") are played on the radio this time of year. And I'm sure for lots of people (myself included), A Charlie Brown Christmas was our first time hearing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing." Though I always hated how they never quite finish the verse before the audio fades.
  3. Red is the way to go for me, as I have none of those units. And as I had hoped and called it: Muspell is in this one since Nifl was in the last one. Hope I get repeat luck and pull all three reds like I pulled all three blues last month.
  4. I don't have a specific roster (though I'm liking the Saturday morning cartoon picks from the others). Mainly I would just hope for Jim Hawkins and John Silver from Treasure Planet. And especially the following which I iterated at least once for Smash Bros itself some years ago, but seriously I would love if Disney actually did this: Maui Mallard/Cold Shadow (from...Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow {title varies by region}) -- An echo of Donald Duck (inasmuch as using the same model, plus Maui IS Donald, or at least is being portrayed by him) wearing a red tropical(?) shirt and blue cap, and fights primarily using a bug gun. But like Pyra/Mythra, he can freely switch to his ninja alter ego Cold Shadow when he needs to get up close and personal with his bo-staff (or he could be Maui's Super/Final Smash/what-have-you). Now I suppose that Darkwing Duck might be better suited for this kind of moveset since he's got the gas gun and imo could believably wield a bo-staff, but honestly I just want Disney to acknowledge this old platforming gem again. They did re-release the PC version on Steam back in 2019, I think, so that's a start.
  5. I would love to see characters from shows that aired on Kids' WB! such as Xiaolin Showdown, ¡Mucha Lucha!, Jackie Chan Adventures; and my DC pick, Static Shock. If I had to pick just one from each, then: Raimundo (though they'd likely pick Omi first), Ricochet, Uncle ("DO NOT QUESTION UNCLLLLEEE!"), and of course Static.
  6. My biggest oopsie was recent. I had done 30 out of 40 pulls on the Ashen Wolves/Muspell banner, mainly planning to spark for Muspell. The last day it was running was when I usually go to visit my 1½ year old niece (so it was either a Sunday or Wednesday, and in my time zone FEH's daily reset is at 11 pm). When I came home, I had completely forgotten about the banner and missed my chance to spark. And I had plenty of orbs that I could easily spare another 40 to finish the job. Why I didn't just spark the previous day, honestly I don't know what I was thinking that day. Needless to say, I was very pissed at myself. Still kind of am. I have Nifl, but I have several blue dragons already and no red dragons aside from Sothis (and Ena). Hopefully Muspell will be on this month's mythic banner, since Nifl was on last month's.
  7. At this point, I'll take any kind of Shield Hero game. Or at least some better crossovers/cameos, because being in an anime gacha game (Grand Summoner) and being able to control Raphtalia in a simple Pixel Game Maker rendition of Isekai Quartet are not doing it any favors. I hope it picks up after season 2 of the anime airs in April (why do things I look forward to always get delayed twice...!?) An RPG would be ideal though, since the world already acts like one. MMO would be stellar, at least to me (though if DB Online was any indication......).
  8. Ah...shows what I know. Mainly I wanted to get his skillset out there. At least beast slayers aren't too common yet.
  9. I don't think I posted in the previous thread, so here's how I think a proper red-armored, Legendary Zelgius might look like. Zelgius: Begnion's War-Hero "To be regarded so highly as a Legendary Hero...I thank you, Summoner. It's as though my dream is realized at last." (A rephrasing of what he says if he defeats Ike in 4-Endgame (2) of RD.) Legendary Hero (Wind) (This and the Spd superboon reflects his Raven Branded blood which makes him faster than most armors on Tellius) Sword, Armored HP: 49 Atk: 58 (Superboon) Spd: 35 (Superboon) Def: 40 Res: 19 (Superbane) (Atk, Spd, and Def stats match his RD caps [accounting for weapon Mt in both cases]) Weapon: Zelgius' Claymore (!) : Mt: 16. Accelerates cooldown, Distant Counter, effective against beasts. Can move 1 extra space. If HP ≥ 25%, +2 to all stats. When in combat against beasts or dragons; gain Null-C Disrupt, deal adaptive damage (target the lower of Def or Res), and inflict [Gravity] on foe. (This represents Zelgius' dislike of laguz, and specifically how he easily takes down a tiger and Skrimir like a badass. Though he didn't kill Skrimir and Ranulf, he practically immobilized them with his Branded strength. To reflect this, any beasts or dragons that somehow survive his effective damage {not to mention Black Luna} are left crippled for a turn via Gravity. Assist: Shove Special: Black Luna A Skill: Begnion's Pride (!) : Combines Svalinn Shield (negate armor weakness) and Steady Stance 3 (+6 Atk/Def and inflict cooldown -1 on EP). SS3 will not trigger if adjacent to any beast or dragon allies. B Skill: Spurn 3 Warp Powder (EDIT: I forgot armors can't learn Spurn. I wasn't sure what B skill to give him anyway, so I'll just give him Warp Powder again) C Skill: Joint Close Guard (!) : If within 2 spaces of any allies, grants Close Def 2 (+4 Def/Res against melee units on EP) to unit and those allies. (This is meant to reflect Zelgius being a father to his men, and it mirrors L!Micaiah having Joint Dist. Guard)
  10. In a good way, it's a silly idea to think about. If Fòdlan is closer to a Victorian-era setting than other continents, then rather than golf I could personally see them playing croquet or even billiards.
  11. baron tthnde zsbhki nki nvg b ,lade Had it at the start and the end. ....Ooook.
  12. (Lead + Cohort -- Reasoning [if any/needed]) {I will not include any hero in a duo position they've already been in. e.g. No Eirika as the lead or Lyon as the cohort, Ephraim is out completely as he has done both} *An asterisk means, though I may slightly prefer this setup, I don't care a whole lot which one is lead or cohort for this duo. Same-game Duos: *Saber + Genny -- Their endings in SoV (plus Genny mentioning she likes older men) subtly imply they got together Celica + Nomah Rudolf + Alm Emma + Randal Lilina + Roy or Cecilia *Zephiel + Murdoch Young Zephiel + Young Guinevere -- I've always wanted to see this, especially after they first introduced Duos with Hector + Young Lilina Eliwood + Roy -- To parallel Hector + Lilina Greil + Young Ike or Mist -- Parent and child lord is a neat trend, ok? Zelgius + Sephiran or Levail -- You knew I would Levail + Haar -- A Begnion soldier and the captain he once served under Edward + Nolan Darios + Rowan and/or Lianna *Annette + Gilbert -- Either have a child Annette as cohort or War Arc Annette as lead. Harmonic Duos: Ashnard + Gangrel --The two Mad Kings *Nils + Jahn -- Ice dragon boy and fire dragon man Black Knight + ...... I dunno, Death Knight? Or maybe Ares, since he also has the title of "Black Knight" Rowan or Lianna + Any of the fathers (preferably not the bad ones)
  13. Always love a good remix. I have several favorites among FE remixes, though it's mainly official ones. I hope having this many hyperlinks is not an issue, especially for the more recent Premium Arranges and Flower of Enchantment soundtracks... Nintendo GSM 3: Fire Emblem FE3 Sound Memorium ---- Fire Emblem Main Theme FE4 Arranged Soundtrack ---- Almost all of them, really. No particular faves. FE5 Arranged Soundtrack The majority of Cipher Caravan. Very serene and relaxing. FE Premium Arrange I FE Premium Arrange II FE Music Collection - Session ~Flower of Enchantment Toy Music 2 Fire Emblem Smash Bros.
  14. Yeah, that could've been neat. But honestly, I think Heroes was the best way to move forward with the all-star concept (say what you will about gachas). I've always and will continue to give some CYL votes to Nergal since he's yet to truly be playable, he's one of the only major villains yet to make it in; and for many of us, he was our first major FE villain. Come ON already, IS. Even a GHB would do.
  15. First, what bright red armor? BK Einherjar doesn't wear bright red armor. Believe me, I'd know. You sure it's not just the enemy color palette you're looking at? Second, I do agree that they should've given him the proper weapon type. Heck, I reclassed BK and Zephiel to Hero and Grandmaster respectively so they could wield swords. Other characters got similar treatment (Ashnard using an axe?). But at the same time--given the limitation of the Awakening classes--there is some logic behind this choice: BK - Class: General ~Wields lances and axes. Has a higher lance rank, because in FE9/10 he can wield swords and lances Ashnard - Class: Wyvern Lord ~Wields axes and lances. Has a higher axe rank, because in FE9 he can wield swords and axes (yes, really, though you'd never see it without hacking or using him in trial maps) And then there's...Zephiel, whose class is General despite his original King class being sword-locked. Clearly they did this because King is an armored class (though not weak to armor slaying weapons, hence he has the Conquest skill) There were probably more examples, but I can't remember any more off the top of my head.
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