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  1. Most impressive. They must've pumped a bunch of Ailell Pomegranate into it. This bodes very well for the series' future.
  2. Worse is the fact that she still uses her voice clips from Brawl. Like, really? They couldn't recycle some of her Heroes voice clips with her current voice actor? They did that for Tiki and Black Knight and even went to the trouble to dub new English lines for Marth and Roy, so there was no excuse.
  3. This Marth vs Lucina argument is pointless. Why are we even expressing the possibility of something that will simply not happen (not during this installment at any rate)? They're never gonna get rid of Marth, not just because he's the original FE lord, but primarily because he's the original carrier of his moveset. Being from the NES era probably helps too. When has an original fighter ever been outright removed in favor of a clone/Echo? That's like removing Mario because, say, everyone prefers Luigi or Doc instead. Needn't explain why that would never happen. Echoes are variations, not replacements. They can be as accessible and/or high tier as they want, but unless Sakurai's successor decides to do things differently for a future installment, the parents aren't going anywhere. I'll be honest. The more I think about it, the more I think Sakurai should've stuck to the original plan of making Lucina an alt of Marth during Smash 4. I'm sure people would've loved using her all the same. So what if her new age Falchion still has a tipper? So what if she adopts all of Marth's taunts and victory poses? She would lose her Awakening victory theme though, unless victory themes can be tied to individual costumes...... Whatever, you get the point. Look, guys. I get it. Having effectively three Marth clones is unorthodox, ill-received, and the fact that they did it this way is dumbfounding to most. I understand. Unfortunately, we just gotta live with it for this installment. It really isn't any less "Ultimate" this way. And for the record, I for one do still like using Marth once in a while, and I still prefer him over Lucina. I'm far from the only one, I'm sure. So please...don't ever say that nobody uses him, or anyone else on this roster. Every character has their fans, no matter how small in number.
  4. Why do you think I want an FE6 remake so badly? So that Roy's Smash popularity will translate to FE popularity the same way Ike's did. Presuming of course they fix his lackluster stats. My unpopular opinion: I love all the representation FE has in Smash. 7 fighters still boggles the mind. And I've never minded that they all use swords; you may as well complain that there's too many fisticuffs.
  5. 3DS save data is always stored on the SD card, though I don't have any DLC for Fates CQ so I can't vouch for save files 4-9. Unfortunately, even then, an SD card with 3DS save data cannot be used on another 3DS system unless you perform a System Transfer, which...kinda requires the original system to be functional. 😕
  6. I can see the spotlight issue in picking only one of the house leaders. Honestly, I think I'd actually prefer they just come as spirits (all Legend-class, please? FE is lacking a Legend-class Grab and Neutral type), w/ Byleth as a Mii costume. I don't think a Zabimaru-style sword is unique enough to add anything to the table, especially when we already have the whip-toting Belmonts. But then, I'm in the Lloyd Irving crowd, so... who knows. Personally I could easily live with any of them getting in, even Byleth. But I'm trying to keep the fanbase in mind.
  7. Mmmmmmm....MMMMMMMMM!!! That Hector + Lilina duo. So adorable! *_* "Duo Heroes", eh? Now they HAVE to do young Zephiel + Guinivere. I need to see it happen! The limitation of the duel skill also sort of brings Gambits to mind... I'm missing out on too much good stuff 😢
  8. “…No matter how I warn him, he comes. Why is it that the very sight of him tries my patience so? He is truly of my own flesh and blood, yet…” Gotta go with Desmond. Trying to kill your child is bad enough, sure, but could it be anymore sad and pedantic when your motive is nothing more than pure jealousy? Zephiel excelled at everything whereas his father was a master of none. Why any parent would be anything but proud of their children exceeding their expectations is beyond me. If not for Sonia and the Fang's influence, perhaps he might, just might have gotten wise to his own jealousy and selfishness and accepted his son. It is pretty telling when you interpret your (albeit illegitimate) daughter wanting to play with her brother instead of you as him "stealing [her] love" from you. *Cuckoo! Cuckoo!* And speaking of Guinivere, I really have to wonder, would Desmond have felt the same way if she were the one that excelled at everything instead of Zephiel? Would he actually be proud simply because he favors her over Zephiel? Pity then he never sees the impressive Anima + Light Sage she becomes. 😛 Even still, I'm not so sure, especially when Hellene had this to say (though she may have just been trying to hit a nerve): Hellene: “We are here in this manse, while you live in the palace with…that woman. You must be so disappointed that she bore you not a prince but a princess.” Desmond: “Hellene! You go too far!!”
  9. Agreed. And absolutely, so long as wyverns have their C1 dash attack nerfed. That slam was so broken, especially with Minerva having the highest Str stat in the game.
  10. Shortly after [FEW's] launch I bought a Switch just for this game. I ignored the ridiculous PR and too-many-swords conundrum and played through the game, got the DLC, maxed out all of the personal weapons, S-ranked all of History Mode, the whole shebang. And I've said it before: I enjoyed it, absolutely. I had a blast. I set it as my favorite for a reason. While I could and would on occasion boot up the game and mindlessly obliterate armies with Owain and Ryoma's C4 till the cows come home, the shortcomings in certain aspects--the roster in particular--left me feeling a bit......empty. Unsatisfied. Glass half full. As a classic-era Emblemier, I found myself wanting...more. Wanting to use characters from those older titles. Personally, I'm in the group that would really love a sequel that improves on the original's shortcomings, but also at the very least has more diversity in the roster. At least draw from Elibe and Tellius, maybe Jugdral; Fόdan would be fine if they must have something to represent the modern FE era. And this time we gotta have playable villains. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Black Knight (/and Zelgius alt costume for the umpteenth time. ...Sorry) simply needs to be among them. He's one of the few characters in the series who is actually canonically strong enough to mow down thousands upon thousands of soldiers all on his own with ease; He's practically MADE for Warriors. FEW did at least manage a respectable ~1 million copies in sales, and IS has started to acknowledge the older games more recently (if Heroes and, mechanically, Three Houses are any indication). So as long as KT's still considering it, as long as there's still a chance......well, as a certain laguz puts it, "All I will do is stand here, plant my feet, and wait."
  11. That's pretty nice handing out the physical version of the game at midnight (EST), the same time as the digital version.
  12. Since this is a more appropriate thread for it, I'm gonna throw my Metal Slug protags' moveset in here and give it a major touch-up while I'm at it. I'm a little rusty with Metal Slug, so I used the Metal Slug wiki to refresh my memory. Everything in this moveset comes from the first 6 games, as I only have the Metal Slug Anthology which contains those games.
  13. It is a shame, but it's better than nothing. I kinda wish I had a reason to actually open my Fire Emblem series amiibo (even the Alm and Celica amiibo dungeons weren't enough incentive for me). But @Timlugia does make a good point. It's hard to strike a balance in function vs rarity. Between the amiibo functions in Codename S.T.E.A.M. and Fates, it's no wonder FE amiibo are so coveted. Fans of other series could even see it as unfair that the FE amiibo got such good functionality while others never got anything quite that good.
  14. At this point I haven't any predictions. Anything can happen. So I'll list the two I want to see the most. 1) Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) -- Yes, I'm in the Lloyd boat. I want him as the 2nd Namco rep. One of, if not the, most well-known Tales characters. His dual sword moveset and artes are unique and would be easy to implement. He did have a mii costume in Smash 4, so there's always still a shred of hope. 2) Marco Rossi (Metal Slug) w/Tarma, Eri, and Fio as alts a la the DQ Hero -- SNK rep, Metal Slug was a popular run n' gun arcade series though dormant nowadays (never stopped Castlevania or Kid Icarus, now did it?). Moveset could revolve around utilizing the various weapon powerups (but with more variety than Samus'). Examples (Marco is used here since he is the default): Normal attacks could involve punches, kicks, bludgeoning w/ weapon, other weapons for a quick strike, and using the knife (or sometimes a fork like when he has the fat status) Down Special: Cycle Weapons -- Cycle through various weapons and use them with Neutral Special. Weapons include Pistol (functions like Falco's Blaster but faster), Heavy Machine Gun (default weapon; even faster than Fox's Blaster, but individual shots only deal 0.1-0.3% dmg to avoid being OP), and Shotgun (akin to Samus' custom Neutral Special 3, "Melee Charge Shot" from Smash 4 but w/o the charge and a bigger blast radius). HMG and Shotgun have limited ammo that replenishes over time akin to Robin's weapon durability (When Kirby copies Marco's ability, it functions like Robin's copy ability, in that [since HMG is the default weapon] Kirby loses the ability when he runs out of ammo). Side Special: Grenade - lobs a grenade like in Metal Slug. Explodes on contact. Move can be charged up (but not stored) to throw a more powerful Fire Bomb. Up Special: Prisoner Boost or Slug Flyer/UFO Lift -- Took a moment to think about it how Marco would recover, but I came up with 2½ ideas: A Prisoner of War boosts him up from below (akin to Mega Man) or a Slug Flyer/Mars People UFO lifts him up (akin to Duck Hunt or Snake). Final Smash: Slug Barrage -- Cinematic attack. Various Slug vehicles barrage the opponent with vulcan gunfire, then Marco comes in with a Gold Metal Slug tank and finishes them off with an Armor Piercer cannon shot. The animation of this last shot resembles the shot fired in the title sequence of the original Metal Slug game (but probably a bit quicker for pacing).
  15. Received RD for Christmas the year it came out. How lucky I was in hindsight. When I was hunting down Melee to play on the Wii, it never occurred to me to try looking for PoR as well. Much too late to bother now. I've seen a few LP's, and that's good enough for me.
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