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  1. Dag, I'm having a hard time concentrating tonight. I've never played a 3D Fire Emblem for efficiency before, and boy is my rust showing. I'll pick it up again when my head doesn't feel so fuzzy.
  2. I'm recording my run on Twitch, and I'll also post updates here. How are we all interpreting the "50 EXP worth of BEXP per chapter" rule in regards to the first time we acquire a character? Do they get their listed starting amount +50, or just their starting amount and the +50 starts on the next chapter?
  3. Mia starts with 70 points in strength, so it's expected for it to be above her average. With Steel Sword and Fighter Band, she would have 10.2 strength at level 11 assuming perfect conversion. A growth rate of 50 is never disadvantaged by rounding, so any time Mia earned an odd amount of experience she'd earn "free" growth points. 11 strength isn't impossible by any means.
  4. I've never actually played Fixed Mode before, but doesn't that preclude BEXP abuse? *reads link* Oh, that abuse. Those are pretty modest gains outside of the 50+ rate/ increment 1 case; I wouldn't have the patience to do it, anyway ;)
  5. I forget how useful stealing is in this game but whatever Volke is cool.
  6. Darn, this is a tough choice. I was hoping Lethe would make it back to me; she was fantastic in my casual run. I still want a kitty, though, so imma take Mordecai.
  7. Nooooo, HORSEBIRD was my waifu! ;-; Guess Jill will have to do. Next up is splart!
  8. If anyone doesn't know, you can follow this post in the upper right to get email updates. Let's get this party started :D
  9. There's default rulesets available in the Drafting Tournaments Explained sticky. Your link is most likely identical.
  10. I've been itching to play this game again. Are you still using the standard BEXP rules and just didn't copy them here, or? Reyson isn't free? I haven't drafted FE9 before, but isn't the dancer usually free? Are Marcia/Jill as dominant here as Haar/Jill are in FE10? I doubt it but any thoughts?
  11. Is being made in FEXNA if I understand correctly. Edit: I don't understand correctly.
  12. I've been systematically bugging some charismatic Twitch streamers to give Chaos Mode a try. Hyped for the final release, maybe that'll push one over the edge ^.^
  13. Every square on the map is lava, with the Demon King immune if necessary.
  14. You can type your update in notepad first, or the half-measure is to copy your update to the clipboard before you hit post.
  15. Not quite. I've given chapter 14 a few shots and it's proving very difficult. Iron Lance OP plz nerf. Being unable to counter at 1-range is bizarro-Fire Emblem.
  16. [spoiler=Chapter 13x (0|21)] Enemy at the gates! God DAMMIT Bartre Bartre, plz. Those stats don't matter. plz. 0.0 A good level from Bartre? No, that's a good level. Lowen guarded the village until Serra could visit it on the last turn. Bartre softened up Puzon with a Steel Sword of his own, and Rebecca finished the job. Not even Bartre! He couldn't steal anything even if he wanted to! This is just good advice in general. XD This line always gets me. This chapter was exhausting. SO MANY REINFORCEMENTS!!!! Serra cleared out the entire right side, and even grabbed the village on the final turn. Bartre killed everything in the lower left, then swung around north to assist Hector and Rebecca with THE ENDLESS STREAM OF GUYS. Had to rig quite a few dodges against 30-40 hit, since the enemies kept murdering my bros. Unit Lv HP S/M SKL SPD LUK DEF RES Hector 07 28 12 10 08 10 13 02 Marcus 07 25 11 12 09 06 04 11 Bartre 09 32 11 07 12 10 07 01 Serra 06 20 10 15 18 10 06 04 Rebecca 06 27 08 12 14 10 09 02
  17. Wait, you left the Torch staff in the game? Do you realize what you've done!?!?!?!? Mwahahahahaha!!!!!
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