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  1. Well, it looks like @Magnificence Incarnate is the one with the votes. shrug idk i just work here
  2. It's time to send the annual sacrifice to Mafia Universe (though I should note that I had a blast last year!) Deadline to pick someone is April 26th. Setup is this: who we wanna send
  3. no, fuck, athena's right well damn i wish you hadn't told me that, there goes my sense of urgency
  4. it's a 72 hour d1 has it not been 3 days i will admit i've been off work for a few days so my timescale is fucked rn
  5. I've been having trouble getting my hooks into this game and I'm not sure why. 2 hours from deadline seems like a fine enough time to try to correct that. Lemme figure out what's going on here.
  6. Could always go with Amy. Talk to me a bit about why Bart "makes you go :thinking:"
  7. In my defense I've been off work for a few days and my friends were playing. I'm also a cheapskate so I'm just running a blood elf mage to 20 on the free version and then I'll figure out if I wanna continue from there.
  8. The more I read weiner's posts, the more I feel good about his alignment. Just think his general train of thought is something that's difficult for scum to fake. Hard null on Athena pending him posting more. Feel like RAD's been a bit lacking, think he felt a bit aimless when he first showed up in thread, not sure I'd pursue that without a larger body of evidence. I don't know how to read Jordan in a vacuum and might just pass on trying to do so until we have flips to work with. Refa's post shows some real thought process behind their words and I can tell they're actually digging in and looking at things. Slightly wary because I've never seen their scumgame before and I feel like it's probably pretty decent, but feeling good for now. My eyes glaze over every time I try to read that Sully post I'll have some thoughts on it eventually. Shinori and Marth make me feel nothing. Claire's defense of her early post seemed fine enough and she hasn't really done anything else that strikes me as alignment-indicative in any way. My early read was super light anyways so I think I'm fairly satisfied there for now? She's also on the "reread this" list. Bart... I need to reread his posts in deeper detail, but if there's anything that pings me about him, it's that he feels almost too focused. I hesitate to call it an "agenda" because I almost think it's too early to truly have one, but his actions feel kinda... scripted. I would expect a villager this early in the game to be kind of poking around and looking at multiple avenues, but Bart feels very "explore X, ok X didn't pan out let's explore Y", and the conclusions he's coming up with don't feel super organic? I guess I am calling him agenda-y, oops. Bart already has votes and Rad needs to do more so I think I'll ##Vote: @RADicate
  9. I don't know that I've ever seen via's scumgame before but I'd be floored if it looked like this. (translation: he's town)
  10. I picked the wrong weekend to start playing WoW. Catching up.
  11. Have y'all met me? I'm a self conscious person in general. expect more when I get home
  12. Define "eh".
  13. Oh trust me, I know that's how one's supposed to play, I just... don't, for whatever reason. Nothing weiner's done has particularly pinged me so far, but I also know (or at least suspect; I've never witnessed his NOC play, mostly extrapolating from outside sources) that he's a good player and so wouldn't give him a townpass yet either. Gun to my head, maybe the mildest of townreads. His comments about Claire don't feel agenda-driven in any way that I can detect.
  14. I'm also not sure I would characterize what we were just doing as a quarrel but at the end of the day I don't think it matters much so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. The answer Refa's going to give you is going to be not quite accurate, because I've made a conscious effort to change my playstyle a bit since the last time I played with Refa. If you're really curious, my last towngame is here: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/19862-Mountainous-Arson
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