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  1. Whitch randomizer are you using? Cause i get no problem when using OtakuReborn's Randomizer
  2. Yes, but as in vanilla fe8 you can't steal weapons and you can only steal items when your speed is higher than the unit you are trying to steal from.
  3. I actually added it but never updated the post
  4. Unless you do some heavy ASM hacking or table repointing it should work fine, beware that clases and bases are only loaded when the unit joins
  5. I've been looking into it, when you are on the link arena, ether building teams or durign a fight, if you try to open the stats menu the game freezes to a black screen or freezes when you try to change character, but the music still plays. I tested it on a clean rom with the in game growths patch only and it seems to be caused by it
  6. I don't exactly know, but it allows text within the ROM to be edited easily, without it any text edit would end up on weird glitches
  7. Yes, the hp works like the other growths, it changes color depending on how good it is, following the same rules all the other stats, since most units have high hp growths it is rare to see someone with something that isn't green on the HP
  8. Fixed (by Tequila), now the BWL stats only show when not looking the growths , both versions updated
  9. You should post this to http://feuniverse.us/ to, there are a lot of assembly wizards there who will appreciate this
  10. Well, that was unexpected, i'll tell Tequila(the creator of the show stats patch) about it, he might be able to solve it. I'll look for a way to disable/ move them meanwhile
  11. Not really, i made this patch for a friend, and he has a kinda good pc and still has lag issues, this patch really brings the GBA's core to the limit, it might just be me not noticing the lag on my testings
  12. Hmm on my pc it kinda solved the issue, but I've included a version without the HP Bars
  13. Not really, and it will take some time until there is one, i don't know the exact details but the patches are incompatible with the european version and since nobody uses that for romhacking i doubt they will have a port, i would port them myself if i knew assembly, but that won't happend any time soon.
  14. Fire emblem 8: Quality of Life Patch a.k.a. FE8 but it has QOL engine hacks made by the community This is a compilation of some for the QOL improvements that have been made through assembly by the guys at Serenesforest/FEuniverse, intended for those who want to play FE8 vanilla or randomized and want some of the features these provide but don't want to get onto the buildfile or just are too lazy to do so. Content: FE8 Essential Fixes Compilation(compiled by crazycolors) Full list of content within the Essential fixes: Show heal amount (by Tequila) Colored Stats, Show growths in game and Talk (by Tequila) Hod L to Enable/Disable animations ( by circleseverywhere) Battle stats with animations off (by Tequila) Item preview(by Zane) Danger Zone (by circleseverywhere) Monster weapons Stat Display fix (original by Brendor/EA Version by Circleseverywhere) HP Bars (i think it is made by circles, but i'm not sure, if anyone knows correct me please) Let me know if i derped on something or there is another quality of life patch that you think should be here. DOWNLOAD No HP Bars version F.A.Q. or Q.I.T.P.W.A(Questions I Think People Will Ask) Q: Hey, i am getting lag on Chapter 8/ any other big chapter with lots of units A: If the lag makes the game unplayable for you disable the HP Bars on the settings, and even if that doesn't work use the No HP Bars version, just make a savestate with your emulator, patch this onto a new ROM and load that savestate. Q: Can i randomize a ROM with this patch installed? A: In theory, yes, i tried with Otaku Reborn's randomizer and it didn't seem to have any problem, but i can't be 100% sure, if you find any error that might look to be related to this just post it and i'll try to fix it Q: I installed this to X ROMhack/Rebalance hack and now my game crashes A: That hack might change some things that the patches use, so if you want any of the things these patches do ask the creator of the hack to add them. Q: How did you made this? A: I made it using the buildfile method and adding all the patches and changing some texts, i recommend checking the FEE3 2016 video for it, if you got any further questions the peoople at feuniverse.us and their discord know much more than me and will be able to help you much more. Q: Can i include this on my ROMhack? A: You shouldn't, instead you should look for all the patches, add them and configure them by yourself. Q: You left out some of the Essential fixes, why? A. I left out things that would change the actual gameplay, like the weak promoted enemies fix and the EXP coefficient fix cause i wanted this to just be fe8 with QOL changes and the same gameplay, and even if its minimally, they affected a bit the gameplay. I also didn't add the Intro cutscene skip or the new game text skip cause there might be people who want to watch them. Q: Can you make a FE6/FE7 Version? A: For FE7 Yes, i will start working on it someday, but some patches aren't available for FE7 and i am a complete noob on FE7 hacking/FE7 in general. For FE6 it will surely be impossible, almost none of these patches has a FE6 version and i know even less of FE6 than FE7. Q: Can i make a FE7 version myself? A: Yeah, feel free to do it and when you post it PM me and i'll ad a link to your post on this question.
  15. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KILL THIS, PLS HALP NOT EVEN MY R N G BLESSED UNITS CAN DEAL WITH HIM Just kidding, Been playing this on hard and enjoying everything you did, Original fe8 should be like this But really, help, he is killing my entire army alone
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