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  1. I could be wrong, but I think the reason for that is not all GBA games use the sappy engine. I believe Minish Cap, Fusion, and Zero Mission don't, so that's probably why they don't work.
  2. Yeah, using FEBuilder is the easiest way to import from other games (i think). If you go into the Song Table -> Song Track Editor, there's a button labeled "Song Import from another game". Press that and you'll see 2 columns. On the right hand side, open the other rom that you wish to import from. It'll bring up a list of the song numbers in hexadecimal. Choose the one you want to import, then choose what song number you want to import it to on the left hand side and hit import. That should just about do it. As for songs not from other gba games, it just takes time and practice. Start off with simple midis and edit them until they sound good in game. You'll learn a lot just by doing that.
  3. I'm not too familiar with FEBuilder, but couldn't you just insert the animation with that and it should show you the offset?
  4. Took me a few run throughs to catch it too. The reason her mouth stops moving is because you're opening the text box Left when her portrait is still MidLeft ([OpenLeft][CloseEyes]You better not...![A]) You can either move her to Left or change the subsequent OpenLeft's to OpenMidLeft. Same goes for when you clear her face. You have [OpenLeft][ClearFace], but she's still MidLeft so her portrait remains when your FarLeft character shows up.
  5. First one began with 09 -- I wrote it to 18F8800 and replaced the original boss music hex pointer of 80AFBD08 (l.e. of 08BDAF80) with pointer to my new offest 00888F09. Then I wrote it to D02000 (pointer 0020D008) instead and it stopped being dumb
  6. Ok well I originally wrote it to then end of my expanded rom (1900000~ or something absurd) but then I just wrote it to some free space at D02000 and it worked?
  7. So I expanded/relocated the Boss Music array (and changed the editor.nmm accordingly) and this happens when battle animations are viewed in game. It freezes up, before continuing but with distorted/echo-ey sounds and no music. I can say with 99% confidence that I expanded it correctly. There was only one pointer that needed replacing... I wanna say I've encountered this before but I can't remember. Is there a known cause for it? Thanks as always.
  8. @[Annoyingmous] Your location events are as followed: Location_events: Seize(6,6) Armory(ARMORLIST,19,20) LOCA End_MAIN You have both LOCA and End_MAIN. Try removing one (preferably loca since you use end_main for the others).
  9. Figured an asm or simple command for this already existed, but I haven't found anything. I just want Hector to fall asleep after talking to Eliwood or something stupid. Any help/direction is great as always.
  10. k so in fe7 in the dorcas chapter with natalie, she's an npc. Thing is, she doesn't have a unit window like every (most?) other units do. It seems directly tied to her character, not her class, and I just wanted to know how or why or whut for possible duplication. My guess is it's hardcoded unless I'm missing something obvious. Thanks
  11. YES that's what I did. Another one of those things I'll have to keep in mind to avoid anymore headaches. Thanks a ton, really.
  12. K I have an issue and it's annoying me. I'm probably overlooking something but whatever. So I have my Good units (deployable units in prep screen) all set up and listed, but one of them (fighter to the right) isn't in one of the spaces and another one (left fighter) is sitting on top of my knight unit when I check the formation in the prep screen. Coordinates are all different. Everything is fine until I add the 8th unit slot (8th slot is taken up by the rightmost fighter). Screenshot and script below if anyone can straighten me out.
  13. FE7. For me personally, I can't think of a wider gap between two games of the same series.
  14. I don't really use macros a lot, but it seems the AI one is the problem. If you substitute the AI macro (AttackInRange, PursuitWithoutHeed, etc.) with its corresponding value it should resolve the error. (Don't know why) So in Event Assembler's AI Helpers.txt file in the EA Standard Library where the macros are located, you'll see that AttackInRange corresponds to [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00], so just put [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] in place of AttackInRange. Like this: UNIT 0x5F 0x12 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 1) [17,0] [14,2] [0x1F, 0x28] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] You'd do the same thing for PursuitWithoutHeed, except use [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] instead. Strangely enough, your good units assemble ok, so I guess the NoAI macro is good. I may or may not know what I'm talking about. Just make sure you test in game if the AI actually works correctly.
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