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  1. That's interesting. And yeah, de-equipping every skill. I was actually thinking of a Robin only run on hard mode, with Chrom and a flier to carry Chrom away from the fighting. Also: could Robin, being limited to staying as a Tactician (still without dlc and skills) solo normal mode? Thanks, btw. You''ve been a huge help.
  2. Kind of like how one of staff responsible for Halo said Heroic was the canon difficulty. I'm torn between it being either hard or Lunatic, but is it possible for it to be Normal? Also, without any DLC, is it possible to beat this game without using any skills, on hard or lunatic?
  3. I voted for Lloyd Irving, from Tales of Symphonia. Judging from a survey I saw, he doesn't have a chance, but I still want him in :D
  4. Gender: Male, Age, 23 Class: Guard Affinity: Wind Weapon: Bow Nation of Origin: Albion, Lushira A young man who's parents abandoned him at a young age, only leaving a note claiming to go exploring the rest of the world. Now works as a mercenary guard willing to work for anyone who will pay. No siblings, no relations with anyone, simply an unkown individual skilled with a bow. Is currently out of work, living off of money he made from working for a rich man. Short on cash. He is an unusually optimistic individual, who would prefer to spend his time well, looking for fun. Name:Heviken picture: not available yet
  5. Yeah, I should probably check serenes a lot more often... Anyways, Not likely that I'm gonna forget ya. Also, on a random note, just finished watching code geass a month or so ago, and finally understand your name XD. Oh, and a very late happy birthday. Sorry

  6. bleh, very late happy birthday.

  7. Hey, uh, its just a pairing.... Ike/geofferyxelincia is a pretty generic one too... neither side is gonna give in to the other one, both are too unaccepting to know when their wrong, so respectively...its better to put this generic quarrel to the side.
  8. Due to his extremely fascinating personality leading you to believe that, correct?
  9. show up to what? the board? damn new people... Well, I could find a new board, or just go flat out and set the church show up. Anyways, I'll think of something. And i've finally joined another RP, it's called CORP, and i'll give you think link here. Sign up if you feel like it. Give you something to do, right?


  10. Felt like seeing if I could find some vets, the rd board has quite a few new people which is good I guess. Thanks. I attempted a church revival without you quite a while back( towards the starting of september) but hit a few rocks. Their dealt with, but now theres just not too many people interested. Anyways, gimme a heads up if your interested. Peace.

  11. Yeah, I saw it in my posting history. Ant thanks for the welcomes, I'll stay this time.
  12. Thekiller37


    I made this account awhile ago but did'nt really know until now. Practically I'm new here. Hey and whatnot.
  13. Gamer so this is where you posting. Dunno if you remember me, but remember the church of 3-13 archer at least? either way, just wanted to say hi.

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