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  1. Yes, the glitch does apply for Tiki. In precise terms the manakete receives a defence buff equal to the boost from their dragonstone (12 for Bantu, 15 for Tiki). No boosters are actually depleted, it can be set up as early as C10. You can go all the way to 127, although the first digit is omitted for values over 99. Past that you'll overflow.
  2. It denotes the 10% chance of a critical.
  3. Yes, the CoS in the first example is 81%. It's possible I mistook what was asked here, but I'll try. Firstly, both hits landing is still a success and in such an event (not) activating a crit won't affect the outcome (so, 0.81). Then you want to figure out the probability of only one of the hits connecting. There's a number of ways you can go about this, but we can just subtract the odds of both hits hitting/missing to get it: 1 - 0.81 - 0.01 = 0.18. Since only one hit won't result in a success on it's own, we need to land a crit as well, and that's intuitively 0.18 * 0.1 = 0.018. Summing it up, you'd have a 0.81 + 0.018 = 0.828 (or 82.8%) chance of killing the enemy.
  4. There are some file types LIPS doesn't immediately recognize (e.g. .fig), but you can enable it to search for all file types instead of "Most Common ROM Files" to carry on regardless.
  5. Topazd

    FE1 Marth

    His growths aren't doubled; there's a 1/4 chance for a given stat proc to undergo the angel ring effect (check Gryz' explanation here). The effect this could have on Marth's outcome is quite minimal, so I'd advise against postponing his exp gain. The Mercurius' claim to fame is its 18 might and 1 weight. Liberal use of Marth is always encouraged, and he'll make by and large the best use of any durability boosters you may have.
  6. Being more accustomed to rating the characters without their recruitment costs I don't have too much input on the list overall, though on its own terms I'd contest at least Shiida's and Tomas' placements. Silver lance (being just a heavier and less accurate silver sword) doesn't net Shiida any ORKOs other units couldn't easily reach. Doubling thresholds are lenient enough to the point that her speed won't give her a distinctive advantage and the low strength starts to show; promotion by C19 at the earliest is a bit too late to really remedy her issues. This is the one game where Tomas can actually be really good, given just two level ups and the C12 bolt to cash in on those delicious Sniper bases. That means decent combat in general, capacity to ORKO all enemy Dracoknights and tasty riverwalk capabilities. Mid tier hosts a few others with more questionable utility. Three power rings net him 2x2 damage with the devil sword; not likely. Bar Jagen and Midia, any Draco/Paladin can pull 5x2 with the same amount, a manual and the Gradivus.
  7. http://www.fireemblemwod.com/fe3/guia/cap21.htm FE12 also removed the arenas from 3 and 5 and added one in 9, fwiw.
  8. This is the Complete ver. WR to my knowledge, though some version differences between Chronicles+ exist (the Steam leaderboards have some lower times of heavily questionable legitimacy). He even has a 2:21 TAS where the menu is exploited to skip RNs on Vagullion, haha. I guess your Yogleks & Omulgun tech has some pretty noticeable room for improvement, but pretty solid overall, certainly better than what I have! All the RNG involved (esp w/ Vagullion) unfortunately tends to kill all enthusiasm to grind for a better time.
  9. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=52506 Seems like a pretty asinine restriction to me, but what can you do.
  10. http://www.fireemblemwod.com/trs/ENG_apoyos.htm Playing around with savestates, I tried out a few scenarios with Iron Sword!Kreiss ORKOing the same archer each time. Kreiss alone; 41 exp Sasha (Charm) nearby; 40 exp Runan/Arkis nearby; 39 exp Runan/Arkis & Sasha nearby; 38 exp Runan & Arkis nearby; 37 exp Runan, Arkis & Sasha nearby; 36 exp Also, KOing a particular enemy from a forest tile vs. a plains tile lost me 3 exp. So based on all this the subtraction definitely has something to do with hit/avo, though I'm too lazy to dig further into this.
  11. MrBtongue, though his uploading frequency does leave a bit to be desired and he's had some pretty aggravating (unrectified) flags on grounds of copyright.
  12. Belf claimed to have completed FE9 JP Maniac on 0% growths (without the 255 crit exploit), so HM is definitely doable. I'd say purposefully including a 0% growths mode on the developers' part would put pressure on them to design the game around that. Obviously most difficulties are doable anyhow (which is preferable), but I get the feeling many of them would've been much less imposing if 0% growths was an endorsed playstyle from the get-go. But yeah, final bosses are never the primary issue.
  13. Had pleasant experiences with Galbalan's hitboxes? :p You can't go wrong with any of the Steam releases, as far as I'm concerned. Just do yourself a favour and don't do your first Ys I Chronicles playthrough on Nightmare; Vagullion is indubitably the worst experience I've ever had with a video game boss.
  14. This explains true hit pretty well. But what I meant by that was that the 'real' chance to critical depends on hit% in actual FE as well.
  15. Isn't that exactly how the RNG in FE works (barring 2RN), though? Anyhow I like the concept of this thread, have to say.
  16. https://rsf.org/en/ranking Obviously doesn't envoke quality control in any great quantity (MV-lehti), but completely anecdotally I'd say (and argue that the index reflects that) journalism in general is more respected and much less ideologically saturated or polarized than in the US, even including party-produced publications.
  17. While I'd normally be the first one to tell you not to listen to Mangs' opinions on anything FE-related, it really is undeniable that at least BR Lunatic (haven't touched and probably won't be touching Rev for a while) doesn't convey any amount of pressure like other homonymous modes have.
  18. As is, the EU effectively does need Turkey. No member state wants the refugee agreement to abruptly collapse; hampering or severing diplomatic ties isn't prone to make that more unlikely. It does seem like a choice has to be made soon as to whether to further that end or integration, though.
  19. I honestly liked Vanitas' Lingering Will a lot (spam strat viability notwithstanding), Mysterious Figure w/ Terra was when things got asinine. But in any case, no, I'd prefer such an option not to exist. Should extend to regular bosses as well.
  20. By main series I mean I-V, though I've admittedly only dipped a toe into IV. Tierkreis doesn't really feel like a Suikoden proper. S1 was essentially the developers testing the waters for many of the concepts that would later be realized in S2, so it does feel like a 'demo' for the second game in many a sense. It could just be the terrible translation the game received (though S2 is arguably even worse off in that regard) clouding my vision, but it's oftentimes difficult to really get much out of the characters or setting (relative to the later games) with what's offered. Furthermore, there's stuff like the boss bribe glitch and multiple characters potentially starting out at level 99, as early as Kuromimi. The gameplay does flow quicker than 3-5, for sure.
  21. Suikoden 1 is definitely a safe bet when it comes to length, and a great entry point to boot. The later (main series) games are - while ubiquitously more refined products, also greater timesinks, to varying degrees.
  22. Nah, it's in truth a distinctly Uralic dialect of Mongolian.
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