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  1. I noticed something on my 3rd playthrough. Madison never attacks even tho she has a thunder tome she can use and even when everyone is at full hp.
  2. I found a few hidden items or hidden gold but i couldnt find the health herb that was mentioned in the house. but i did find the 5k gold that the merc mentioned in 1 of the houses. I went the standard route again and have a lot lower ambition this time. I also didnt defeat Seth this time around due to killing enough of the soldiers. by nerf on trainees, I mean they lose out on a lot of levels they normally get. granted the cap is still 40 levels total, trainees iirc had 50 if the player let it go that far on the old version. lost a bit of room for growth there. so thats 9 levels of growth since they reset their levels anymore after promotion. And I seem to be on a roll with really bad canders. got another slow one. Ill try going left again on my 3rd run and leaving keica alone. I see you changed Robina. I assume she keeps the loot she gets from chapter 6 as well when you recruit her in chapter 7? Getting her tho is pretty easy on the way. I will problaly try ignore getting catty then right off the bat then. That's too much work to get her early now. having the extra 3 units together will make it easier then splitting like i normally do. I honestly found chapter 8 the easiest of them all. and that with the surprise in the middle. Chapter 7 felt more balanced as well on defending. I didn't feel as pressured as before.
  3. ok so i played it once so far. Overall most of the changes done to the game are pretty easy to handle. My biggest complaint would be that trainiee change is a really big nerf. The one who feels it the most is cander. both catty and Rohan don't feel this change as much and are much more usable then cander is. the other annoying change was dealing with magic users as the only ones who had any advantage on them now was bows and the anima triangle itself. dealing with dark and light users is a major pain to deal with and it really starts to shows in chapter 6. some of the new items like the healing staff that gives +5 healing was extra helpful in healing everyone to full hp. I like Clark in terms as a unit and a person over Densen. Useful in every chapter. Giving Branna more speed and giving her lances also made her a lot less of a liablitiy and a very useful unit for the 4 chapters I did use her in. Chapter 6 imo is problaly one of the hardest chapters to do if you split your forces to rescue catty. Since the units are way more beefy then before making it hard to keep catty safe till she can get some levels. I actually ran into a bit of RNG in chapter 6 once i got to the half way point. mostly due to how tanky the final mooks were. in Chapter 1 I went left instead of and the only difficulty was Dealing with Keica himself. the 5k extra gold really helps in the long run for supplies. Everyone had atleast 3 different weapons when I finished chapter 8. As for as story changes. it feels pretty good. i benched cander because he couldnt hold his own. I gave Lydia str and skill upgrade. both her and Ulir were my MVPs this run. I have a feeling I had a really bless Ulir. The rest of the units turn out average besides Cander.
  4. I didnt read it, i just dived in. Normal pretty balanced from what i played.
  5. Hard mode chapter 1. I dont see how the hell i am gonna escape if i cant get down there in 9 turns to the usual exit. unless I am suppose to go left instead of right as usual because those 2 promoted units are so beefy i cant do anything and they show up on turn 7 from the point the player started from. it takes 2 units just to kill 1. And half of the times I am healing using herbs or potions because everything doing over half my hp on 3 of my units each turn without weapon advantage. I already done atleast 15 resets by now on hard mode. I don't think its playable when everything doing half your hp and Sugari and Kiante both do very little damage and only good for clean up and only if Henna is near them.
  6. Chaz

    Bloodlines (2.4)

    welcome back ghast. Life happens.
  7. that wont be so bad since fog in FEXNA is not so bad to deal with compared to GBA. Fog in FNXNA can be pretty fun.
  8. ah its not the changing of weapons, it the talking then attacking that does it.
  9. Chapter 8 has some serious bugs. Shell is randomly dying when attacking(she also for some reason has Zweite death quotes). I only notice this after i attack with a 2nd weapon then the 1 i attacked with on the 1st turn using her. Arnold disappears from the map if you talk to Tenebrice after he forces his way on your side on turn 5. As for writing suggestions, that not my strong point.
  10. I think you should fix the start of chapter 7, Almost there. A person can restart the chapter to get infinite Hero Crests after saving before they start the chapter. I would also recommend removing the Arenas or making those chapters with Arenas have a time limit to prevent arena abuse. Story dialog is decent for the theme you are trying to do.
  11. played with the rebalances and it feels pretty balanced now on hard, a good challenge. look forward to seeing the other chapters completed.
  12. I do not see a suspend button anywhere. The only way i know how to stop mid battle, is to close the program.
  13. I found a bug in chapter 6. its when Adriado hits the cracked wall for the 1st time on that chapter, It creates a visual error of him having more move then normal left over. If you try to move outside that normal left over range he is suppose to have the game will crash. After reloading after the crash the visual error goes away. As for chapter 8. I had to go back to chapter 6 and redo that and use different units then I did last time and grab all the goodies so i can have enough money to replace some or buy new gear that was needed to help clear chapter 8. Chapter 8 on hard requires 0 mistakes. The biggest blessing on this chapter tho and I am glad you used FEXNA for it, is that enemy units cant attack you unless another ally of theirs(aka another enemy unit can see x unit of the player). The only 2 units i found that can tank safely is Cander, and Ulfi. Phantom units and the way Troy summoned these Phantom units is interesting. Making sure Havanna survived was pretty easy due to her good stats and the fact you can tell her when to move or stop. I found it harder to keep some of my squishier units alive even with Clara and Henna there to make sure they didnt get hurt to badly. I personally feel that there should be at least 1 less Reinforcement on hard. Sugari Legacy skill is also a god send. Also having Robina with the lantern and torch is another major blessing. As for story the interactions between Havanna and Sugari is great. The most enjoyable part for me. Catalena is super adorable in her screen time and the support I did Kiante. adding bonds was also a nice touch. Really made hard mode doable then it would of been if the bonds were not there. not having to worry about critical hits due to low luck is nice. As for chapters Prolouge to 5 and chapter 7. I didn't face any real challenges on hard. Didn't start facing any challenges till chapter 6.
  14. Ill give a more detailed comments on Chapter 6. Part 1 of Chapter 6 big downfall is the prison to Catalena is a good 4+ turns out of the way to open her prison door once you reach the 3 way path to Demetra. The 1st part of Chapter 6 itself isn't that hard to clear. The problem is by the time you reach the 3 way path, most players will be on turn 6-9 depending on the difficulty. having to use 4-6 turns to reach Catalena is a major inconvenience when most people would prefer to finish the Chapter early. Now for Part 2 of chapter 6 Hard mode. The 3 Chest locations in a bad location and the lack of chest/door keys make this more noticable. Robina can not safely reach all 3 chests without risk dying on getting to the 2 chests on the right.even with 1-2 units escorting her to those 2 chest everyone else will be hard pressed to defending the other 2 location. There is just too many Enemy units rushing and not enough power on the player side to consider getting all the chests safely on hard. I imagine on Normal this chapter is pretty easy to handle. The only thing I did notice was it was very easy to get Catalena Exp if she was recruited. As for chapter 8. I will wait till I can actually find a way to clear it on Hard. on attempt number 5 right now.
  15. oh nice. Something to play after I finish this Iron Man run of FE7x.
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