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  1. Haha yeah he's pretty bad. I mean it's mainly good stuff for me : if she's hit due to me being unlucky, she has a chance not to die at least. No clue where the skill comes from. Some skills are pretty weird. Here's the update! Fado - Chapters 4 and 5 Those chapters are usually, just like chapter 3, not a problem. The real problem like in the two chapters that come, Chapter 5x and Chapter 6, but I'll expand on them in the next post. So far, though, aside from a few units, the run is turning out pretty well : hell, it could even end on the Fado file if I get lucky with the chests and events! We'll see where this takes us. NEXT TIME : EDIT : I'm still not used to this way of inserting images...
  2. Thanks! ^^ Now, here we go for Fado - Chapter 2 and 3 : And that's it for chapter 2 and 3 of the Fado run. Chapter 2 and 3 are usually pushovers. 2's only difficulty for this run is that Ross can die if I'm unlucky, but that's not that much of a problem unlike L'Arachel as we'll get to see later on. 3 is just a complete pushover as long as I do what I should do in this run, as in being careful about every single enemy and making sure I get the chests. See you at the next update!
  3. Hello everyone! After having lots and lots of fun playing circleseverywhere's self-randomizing FE8, I decided to finally make this run. The rules are simple : 1- Let's have fun - The run must be played on hard mode, with the default settings for a randomization. 2- Time loop rule : no man down - If a unit dies, the run is reset. The seed will be named after the dead unit. 3 - No cheating - If I'm stuck against the Demon King because I have no legendary weapons, that's life. I have to redo the whole run in order to get a chance to get a legendary weapon. However, this case should be extremely rare and if I ever reach the Demon King, I should have a weapon at my disposal. 4 - Playing for fun - I'll try to turtle as less as I could in order to make the run entertaining. That means for example that I shouldn't grind bards/dancers just to make it easier for me. Everything is fair game as long as it's efficient. With that in mind, let's begin! Prologue and Chapter 1 I have no clue if I'll ever be able to finish this, but expect a wild ride.
  4. This patch has officially been renamed to Shadow Catria. Seriously though, Catria coming in Chapter 2 is just broken here, especially since her growths didn't change a lot in new mystery. Who cares about Est? Catria is just ruling the game for me atm (am at chapter 13 H5). I also couldn't resist farming some arena levels for Wolf, which made him totally broken aside the fact he has almost 0 weapon ranks, which lowers his strength a little bit. I think it'd be better if Wolf started promoted no matter what, tbh. Having him unpromoted is just bonkers due to his growths.
  5. Guess what I'll do then? Totally not playing it on H5
  6. Now you got the death count rolling, watch as the deaths are gonna pile up and up again.
  7. That's... interesting, to say the least. One the super good news though, Magical Swords for Mist! Hurray! (and for other wacky high magic growths characters with swords)
  8. Iirc releasing Shiva still triggers his event. Not sure. But how would you hint it? You can't make people in Leaf's squad get a line, because none of them know Shiva. You can't make Shiva get a line neither. The only way that would have been possible would have been to give Saphy or Lifis a line about him. But that would have been horribly clunky imo because it'd have been something like "you're a good man, Shiva. *shiva leaves* If only the gods could protect him..." from Saphy.
  9. I think that you might be underrating Leaf too. Out of all the characters in the series, Leaf is the only one to make massive mistakes and pretty much being punished hard for it. Leaf basically screws up at Manster. He screws up his escape because Hannibal could have killed him or given him to the Thracia army. In addition, he's powerless to save Eyvel, his mentor from Veld. He is the reason why Tahra is attacked too iirc. He screws up the Alster offensive, causing massive amounts of deaths on his side, and if Celice's army didn't come, he was literally toast at the end of chapter 20. And even then, all you do is to take out one big bad out of all the big bads. Leaf's quest is mostly a gaiden, but Leaf on his own is pretty much interesting for being a character that grows from his mistakes, unlike the mister perfects we recently had (Corrin, Robin and Kris come to mind). Leaf is additionally one of the only lords with Roy to be weak at combat, which amplifies further his role. What's interesting with Leaf is also the characters that surround him. Two tacticians who have different visions on battling, with one dying at chapter 19. They both counsel him throughout the whole game, and he matures through it. And yes, Thracia is "meaningless". It's basically the little things that happen in the big big war that Genealogy is. Which is why there are massive differences in map design.
  10. This is hilarious. That's not galeforce leaf. That's galeforce squad on steroids. Man. 19 movement Leaf? I'd just like you to know that the probability of Leaf proccing movement 13 times is a wonderful total of 1.59*10^-20. Don't even talk about all the movement star proccing, especially at chapter 19. For this TAS to be reproduced without the tools, you'd need to sacrifice more than 10^25 children to Loputousu at least.
  11. Enjoy Merchant!Orochi. You're welcome.
  12. Alright! Thanks for the answers! What about Wind on Bishop (instead of Saint) Laura though? You didn't give an answer for that.
  13. Hard nerf on Jill's strength growth, whoah. Using some theory here : - Micaiah looks great. Access to Dark and Light magic, especially with the changes announced, will probably make her pretty good, and the fact she gets staves on promo makes her even better. Her offensive growths are obviously great, and she has some nice survivability potential with her okay-ish growths on def. - Edward is a weird one. While he'll probably be good due to his strength + def, I think his speed might give him trouble against cats in 6-3. He'll be sturdy for sure, but I don't think we'll expect him to double later on in the game unless Calabdog is changed to grant speed. - As I've said in my first review, with the changes of the game, I'm sure Leonardo will stay great. On a very hard game where 1-2 range isn't great, having the option of attacking the enemy at a 100% chance without being countered is just awesome. That's why units like Takumi or Niles simply shine, or even to a lesser extent Archers in FE12. He'll be awesome for part 3 simply because of that. - Nolan is fairly good. While I don't think he'll end up great, he's probably a good unit for the DB. Though in Hard Mode, there's no weapon triangle, making him slightly weaker than his normal mode counterpart. (because I guess he's fairly balanced due to being the only DB unit along Jill that has access to axes for a while) He's that kind of unit that's too much of a mixed bag to make him work in the end... Though the Hand Axe can fix some of his issues, and he has some nice skill to make it hit. He still has the Earth Affinity, and a nice weapon rank. - Laura will remain great, and be even better than her FE10 counterpart. First of all, despite the fact that almost anything will blow her up, in such a game where the enemies hit hard, you need healing staves to fix you up. This already pushes her as a good unit. Secondly, her access to magic will make her great against Laguzes with that speed. While to be honest I'd have rather liked if the magic order was reversed, and she started with Wind instead of Light. This way, she's different from Micaiah, and has her own niche in 3-6 and 3-12 as a "sniper". In 3-13, since she'll be used a lot, she'll probably be close to promotion or promoted to use her boosts. I think it'd be nice if she got Wind Magic from Bishop and Light Magic from Saint. - Sothe looks very good. No problem with him. - Ilyana looks like a wonky unit. While I'm a fan of the design choice, I'm not sure if the cap isn't too low for her. Her speed on the long run will be a detriment. But literally, who cares when she has free access to Bolting, a Bolting you get early on nonetheless. Ilyana is made great in part 1 just due to that design choice. Not sure if she'll stay great in part 3. - I feel like Aran's niche is kinda weird. I mean, his defense cap is imo way too low to be worth, unless the enemies' attack cap very low in Part 1. That's a nice incitation to early promos though. I just think it could be buffed to 16 early on. But this pretty much is from pure stats here and not in-game experience. - While Meg has wonky growths, I'm 100% sure it's possible to make something out of her. She has a huge HP, speed and strength growth, along balanced defensive stats, which make her already good. She also starts with the highest defense stat in the team. Her skill is very low, but it's easily fixable thanks to her Heaven affinity. It's just the kind of unit I want to make work. - Volug is another weirdo, though iirc he gains normal exp until lv20, am I right? I think he's workable, but that depends on how his growths work with you. His gauge is pretty good too. - Tauroneo looks like that balanced clutch unit. I feel like you'll make him super trainable during 3-12 by having him face a lot of enemies, but I kinda fear he'll come underlevelled at the time. His stats will obviously end up good, though the issue will be how 3-12 will allow us to train him. - Jill looks like another weird design choice, but I like it, especially since she's the only female Dragon Master, which allows you to play with her caps without annoying Haar. She's very different from Haar now, and she'll still be very useful with Anti-Laguz + Brave Axe, especially with her mixed defenses. Sure she's 100% workable. - Zihark looks like the opposite of Edward. He's more magic and speed based, in opposition to Edward's strength and def. Not sure if there are reasons to use both at the same time, but I think it'll be harder to make Zihark work due to his low strength, unless you added magical swords for him to use because Imbue might not be the solution here, especially when you don't have 20 imbues to spread to all the magic-based units. - Fiona is the epitome of a balanced unit. She recieved a lot of buffs to get to that state, but I'm almost certain you can make her work, especially with that movement stat. The lack of Saviour might make her harder to protect on Chapter 6-2 due to her lower speed though, so I'm kinda scared about that. However, Staff access + great tankiness with Imbue makes her a great unit on the DB Part 3 chapters. I'm sure she's usable. - And now we get to the trio of "how will you make them flipping work". Tormod is probably the easiest of the three to get to be usable. You simply need to reduce the res of 4-3 units for him to deal damage, and he'll be able to snatch kills. His growths make of him obviously an Est unit, while his bases make him slightly good for the DB, which is nice. I think he can be usable. - Muarim, just like Tormod, has great growths, though will be harder to be usable, especially since... he's a laguz. I feel like it'd be better if he started with a higher strike rank. Else, he looks good. - Now, the unit I'm the most sceptical on is obviously Vika. While her growths are obviously great, I'm not even sure it is possible to make her work. The only way for that is to begin with to feed her units on Micaiah's part while everybody else needs the exp, and again to feed her units on Tormod's chapter... if she can damage them. I feel like the first step would be to have her strike rank go super fast, if that's not already the case. This way, even without a great training, she hits hard. Her gauge is probably the best in the whole game, I suppose, which make her having a huge advantage. - Nailah doesn't have Formshift anymore, which makes her a lot weaker. This will be a huge detriment to her in Part 4, unless she joins back with it. I guess her growths are really good to make up for that fact, especially since she is a laguz queen. I feel like she's workable around, though she'll be hard to use. - Rafiel recieved a huge, huge buff by coming at lv32 especially with the way his galdr functions. But he also recieved a huge nerf by having his gauge only charge when he's hit, meaning he's stuck to 5-7 (with celerity) move for almost the whole game. You're basically gonna have to buy cards if you want to shift him, though that'd mean you'd spend a few turns without having him galdr. - What do I need to say about Elincia? No matter how hard she could be nerfed, she'd still be usable because Canto + Staves = win-win. On top of that, Elincia is a great combat unit. While her bases start weak, she gets huge amounts of exp thanks to how the staff mechanic works ; and once part 4 comes by, she'll also gain exp from wrecking enemies with Amiti. Elincia is just great. - Marcia comes off as another imbue unit that is probably the "balanced falco". Stats and growths are good, so usable. - Nealuchi is made better by the Raven's awesome gauge that means he'll stay transformed for 5 turns in the first mission. He also gets Paragon and starts at lv10, which means he'll hit 20 pretty easily if he is used. His growths are good, and he's hilariously lucky. Feeling like he can be used. - Wow. Leanne has the most extreme gauge of the game. It's not like she could be made to fight anything else than mages with that durability though. But yeah, that's hilariously extreme. She has huge move when shifted, and stay shifted for 5 turns if there's no long range enemy. Leanne can probably be great. - Haar, despite the nerfs, is probably still pretty good. I'm sure he can be used, unless the number of Thunder Mages hugely improved. - I'm not sure if you changed any of Nephie's base. Though you made a slight mistake on her T3 averages. Sure she's usable. - Brom is really, really weird. Low speed growth. Huge strength growth. Average def. Huge health. Scrub level res. I'm not sure it's possible to make him work, to be honest. - What the hell is with Heather? Damn, I wish she could use Wind Magic now instead of being stuck to cards to deal damage. She'll be an incredible mage killer, and have some incredible sustain if you give her imbue. Those stats are stlil weird though. But I feel she is usable and with her own great niche. - Lucia is the balanced swordmaster, who is a mix of Edward and Zihark. Her stats are good in every area, which make her like Tauroneo a clutch unit if you got screwed. The issue of giving her experience remains, Once you get over that, she'll be perfectly usable. - For Lethe, I just don't know what to say. I'm not sure it's possible to make her work with her stats. She's got literally no upsides to me. However, the fact that she needs "only" three battles not to lose any gauge point might make her okay. I feel that her low level might help her to get some stats, but that's only if her growths work. - Mordecai is as weird as Lethe. Again, low level might be of help here. - Geoffrey is obviously the balanced Lance Knight. Don't have a lot to say about him, though the low base speed is pretty harsh here imo. I guess that's to salvage Oscar and make of him the speedy cavalier? - Kieran is the general-like Axe Knight (probably in opposition to Titania). That's pretty good considering there aren't any mages on Elincia's Royal Guard Chapters iirc. He's workable around. - Same goes for Makalov, who in additions gets nice stats to get over his pretty poor availability. - Astrid will be great. Seriously, I just feel like with her setup, there's no need to worry about her. She's got Paragon with instant Physic access + Bows with the changes, which means there are no problems for her. Any unit with that setup is able to be used. In addition, she's got great growths to start off. While her defense stat might be meh, she won't be often in the frontlines, so that's okay. - Danved, just like everyone else pointed out, is one of these wonky units you never know if they'll work or not. He doesn't look bad, but doesn't look good either. I don't know. - Callil looks pretty good, with her stats + growths combo. I think it's easy to work with her. Got over all the characters. Now I'm just waiting to play it once more. :D
  14. A few points here. First of all, I agree to death with the vilains discussion. I hate Iago, Garon and Hanz simply because they have a lot of potential... to be this. Sure, pure evil can be good, when done right. Hanz is just a mosquito that can't be crushed due to plot armor until you get the chance to demolish him. I could get why we don't kill Iago yet, but remind me why we didn't kill Hanz in Cheve? On the two paths, there were no reason not to kill him. Hoshido!Rin doesn't give a crap about killing people, and Nohr!Rin by killing him and pretending he got killed by hoshidians, saves more people than he ever could. And obviously the biggest offender is that their reason to be vilain is "bouahahaahha I'm evil". Seriously. But, I disagree with the tropey feeling. It's not like for example Kellam (who is the biggest offender in terms of Awakening's supports) who had only one thing people turned around. Even Effie isn't that bad. Just to remind you that despite her VA, Effie is on Elise's age if I get her supports right. She's just a child, a very strong child indeed, but just a child with huge power and that uses it to help others. (while not being very smart for sure... Nyx support says so) I don't think anybody in the cast of Fates can really be dismissed as "tropey", after reading the supports. Camilla is obsessive with Corrin, but if you look at her Beruka or Selena support, it's the same thing that happens with them. She's excessive with anyone she loves. I feel that Fates' main cast (or at least supports) is pretty much well written. The issue relies more upon the Plot + Worldbuilding and Villains more than anything else. Garon just kills all the credibility of the story on his own.
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