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  1. ayy admittedly once conq went "it's SB/KTS/Refa" my brain turned off because i was so sure kts was scum. until i realised you all were actually discussing the game and that it wasn't over glad i alr caught mack d1 and had a hint of bart d2
  2. ya modconfirmed it just gives role never mind, carry on, pretend nothing happened ##Vote: Baldrick
  3. my role PM says the rolecop item gives your role PM. I assume that includes your alignment. i mean maybe marth messed up lol
  4. shinori why did you case kts on D4 if you knew he was deputy
  5. uhhhh rad died d2 d4 was anarchy i don't recall anybody having extra posts
  6. I can't promise I will actually have a content post but I know Marth has my sub lined up. If I post it's in 8 hours. ##unvote
  7. Nope my invention is dead and gone Would you have seen something about the deputy in the role pm? rip jan mayor
  8. I don't understand what's the issue here. We're 6/2. We always lynch KTS here for being by fat the most scummy. If by some miracle we're wrong and scum KTS isn't actually lying about everything then we're 4/2. And if we mislynch in that we deserve to lose. Like I think you all are getting yourself wound up and considering stupid dumb scenarios when the most simple and likely option is that kts is lying scum.
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