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  1. How'd you figure out how to hex edit in Fire Emblem Fates?

    1. Rodge


      Oh uhh, Its decently easy, I could show you if  you'd like


    2. Lyon's Dirge

      Lyon's Dirge

      Please and thank you.

  2. Hello, I came to ask a simple question... If I want to play as a golem in fe fates how do I hex edit the save so I can change character ids and class ids? And I know of one member's efforts, but it didn't exactly help me... So please answer this question and thank you for your time.
  3. Wow, this post got people fired up... Sorry about this, when I posted this, I was brand new, as for people calling me lazy, sorry that this was my first time trying to do a hack. As for people who are going to call me a necroposter. I could care less. It's my own topic, and well... I'm sorry about this, but I might have to leave soon. So I'll let this be done quickly. Listen. I just can't be bothered with hacking anymore. Sorry, and before you say OH I SEE it's because he got critiqued by RoyGoneRogue. Don't even post if it's going to be like that. I'm just tired of it, I'm thinking of just making hacks for my own personal amusement. If I knew more, I'd do more. But Nobody in chat has helped me other than a few, some have offered. Yet haven't done so. And probably won't consdering how long I've been gone, I'll be back eventually, but probably not for a long time, If you wanted to know the reason why I even made this, it's because I wanted to make reskins more popular. that's all. Sorry if I offended you by making a piece of ****. But anyhow, I may be more active, may not be. I'm just currently not in the mood for fire emblem hacks right now. Nor am I in the mood for really anything but a trading card game. I might be back soon enough however. but eh. I'm just going to leave for now. Thanks for the Critique guys. I really appreciated it. I'll try to make something better next time, if I get back into fire emblem. Tata!~ Also, as for you, I have given up on fire emblem hacking for now, so I declare you do. i'd love to see it.
  4. Hello all you people out there, I've been working on a new fire emblem hack called Roy's adventure a hack of fire emblem 8 the sacred stones that is currently still in development. I'm hoping you people will like it, I've gotten permission from Chigai to use his own made portrait for this hack, I'm hoping you will all enjoy it, the hack has been tested up to chapter 9, and I'm looking to see if people will like it out there, have fun with it! also, I hope you like having FE6 in FE8 because that's what the game is about! <3 Have fun and Happy hacking! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pholg9jyvdh0x3b/AAAg1TD91omLS5kUObM2S6Xka?dl=0
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