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  1. MH4U. I swore to myself that I would go through the entire game solo. With bow. Come Dalamadur Urgent for G Rank. Got fucked. I did end up soloing that fight with a dragon element longsword, but it too me literally 43 minutes.
  2. I know I'm late to the party but while I do agree that the Grace's cast was lame in the main story, the F arc played way into the game's light tone and as a result you get some of the best character synergy in any Tales game. King Richard fruit snacks are the stuff of legends.
  3. Make a mad dash for the gold then instant end the chapter with a well built Corrin either with Lance equipped Swordbreaker via Wyvern Lord or Just straight up laugh at him with Ninja. edit: Sorry didn't see the last bit about excluding Corrin build. Strategy still applies though. 25 on Lunatic is a horseshit chapter not worth sticking around in. Shuriken breaker Niles is pretty much God on this map no lie.
  4. Stray free summon red orb dropped an Alm on me today. I've wanted this unit for months.
  5. Royals and their lovers are no brainers. Early as possible Percy is a unit that doesn't get enough credit. If you push for it, early Effie!Percy comes in around C11 or 12 and essentially functions like a unit that has Beruka's bases and low level but with Camilla's growths. It's a pretty beautiful recipe. Shoutouts to joining with capped luck. Unlike Ophelia, you don't have to train a slightly below average unit to get him either. I think my most prominent non royals were early Percy married to Camilla!Velouria (stays with A support Zerker!Effie until then) and Bow Knight Niles. Silas is pretty frustrating in CQ because while his middling speed was easy to fix in BR due to abundant speed pair ups, speed katana, and low speed enemy types he really falls off as soon as he misses like 2 speed procs lol. Most kids aren't worth the effort.
  6. Functionally, Chrom and FE12 Marth are perfect lords. They are capable fighters that can kill what they need to but offer utilities that make them useful outside of combat as well. Convoy is pretty huge. I'm a big fan of SoV Alm as well because while he has less utility than FE12 Marf/Chrom, his raw combat capabilities are top of the line though held back by movement slightly.
  7. In Orlando for a few days with a close friend.
  8. Ha! You can fuck right off for this one. That's my borough you're talking about. I know it's been a while SF so here's a few fun photos.
  9. It's easy to say inaccurate things about a game when you first play it so I won't include first time arounds like when I initially played my imported Fates (I considered Takumi top tier). I guess it would be when I was somewhat into min maxing in Awakening and adamantly thought Assassin was the best class for females
  10. Best Story: It's hard to beat SoV. Its presentation was top notch and the rest of the games are just pretty bad in the department overall. Best Gameplay: Conquest shits on everything else. All of them are easy to trivialize, but CQ definitely had the best ideas. Worst Story: Birthrout because it's just so uninspired. CQ story was a shit show but the ideas they tried to pull were admirable. What's that saying? Better to fall for something than to stand for nothing? Yeah, that's how I feel. SoV is routine FE as well but it was just so well polished sans Celica's streak of dumb that it gets a pass. Also dat voice acting gave it a whole new layer. Birthright combined the worst of FE's cliches with the typical problems that we all know Fates for. Worst Gameplay: Birthrout again. At the highest level, Awakening at least still has a very meaty and fulfilling early game in Lunatic and tough difficulty throughout with L+ (Robin cheese aside). Revelation has its problems, but when you appreciate it as a sandbox mode for you to just go crazy with cross route pairings and class changes then it's actually pretty fun. I've done more runs of Rev than I care to admit, but when you do no royals it's a super fun exercise in exp and resource allocation. Taking those shitty early units and feasibly turning them into war champions without endless turtling is really fulfilling (and easier than it may seem). On the other hand, nothing can save Birthrout from being horrible. It's nothing but braindead routs with too many resources and weak enemies. SoV is kind of a shit show as well and is definitely a distance 2nd place in this category but it was at the very least an extremely unique experience compared to the rest of 3DS FE, what with its dungeons and odd weapon systems and promotions. Promoting to class bases and lower stats also made it feel like super throwback Kaga FE to some extent.
  11. Monster Hunter Super Robot Wars (preferable the OG series but the main series is fun too) Long long ago, the Tales of Series (though my love for it has died out significantly since Xillia 1) The Xeno series (XC1 is my favorite) The .Hack series
  12. Kaneshiro in Persona 5 was the last boss I remember making my blood boil.
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