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  1. Qualifies for Brigand at base, can get PBV by the start of chapter 5 when Leonie is still a long ways off. With a steel bow forge he unironically has some of the best combat on your team and its smooth sailing from there. Has every boon a physical unit could possibly want. Crestless is good for vengeance late game when PBV no longer does the job. Does Bow Wyvern earlier than most. Maddening VW/AM, 8/10 Maddening Silver Snow, lmao/10. No availability really sucks.
  2. Buy gifts bruh. Byleth. Perfect availability. Huge base strength. Gets exp bonus. Gives other units exp bonus. Great boons, no weaknesses. Is always going to be one of your best units. Anything less than 10 is a joke.
  3. Really really good but joins late. Not sure how to rate that.
  4. Tbh retribution dodge tanking is really easy and effective for the units that can pull it off. Kill rate is lower than Dimitri but survival is more or less the same. I agree that TH is player phase oriented, but heavy enemy phases are absolutely not exclusive to Dimitri.
  5. Flayn first run like a dumbass. Never even deployed her. Now Ingrid. She's not dancing, but gotta love that sword avoid 20 and sword dance is a good combat art. Next run I'm not sure who.
  6. >plays the propaganda route first and considers rhea a villain Please play other routes and understand the lore. I'm so glad I played VW first because it doesn't color your perspective.
  7. He gets PBV in the same month you recruit him if you focus it. 1 level later he can go brigand. From there he can go wyvern from flying and axe focus. Then if you feel like vengeance he can do some lances once he meets minimum benchmarks for wyvern. You need Lance for lord anyway so might as well pick up Vengeance. His speed is irrelevant because he has a brave combat art. It eventually grows to a surprisingly high point, though. I don't know how you're struggling with accuracy. You're saying you tried to use him and he doesnt make the cut. He more or less starts ORKOing the moment you get him. This is still during the point of the game where you're using 2-3 units to gang up for a kill. Cyril is best served as a PBV Wyvern. It's something only he will be doing for a very, very, long time. Never encountered any accuracy issues going down Wyvern. Why are you making him an archer class? Did you not forge? Or use linked attacks? Or an accuracy ring? I'm using Cyril on Maddening and he dumpsters a lot of my army. He does at C+ what units literally wait until A rank for.
  8. Cyril: joins with C and a half bows, gets point blank volley at C+. Has the axe rank at base to qualify for Brigand. Meanwhile, you're suggesting an A rank lance combat art lol. Also Cyril: has the same speed growths as Petra and Leonie. You didn't mention him. It makes me weep.
  9. Yeah, I stepped a line trying to make the comparison. You got me there.
  10. "Too much effort" is a nonsense criticism in a game where literally everyone takes effort to raise to self sufficiency. Do you think Edel hops on a Wyvern from chapter 1? Training units in this game is a meticulous process no matter who you're talking about except Byleth and maybe early Catherine because lmao bases. Early on it is all about funneling kills into who you're using long term. Back on topic, you'll be fine. If Mangs can make it through Maddening with Lorenz and Raphael, anyone can. The Deer cover a lot of bases in their core group. A word on Ignatz: I have found him to get kills easily simply because there were time he was the most reliable (read: accurate) person to get a kill in a lot of situations. Having an authority boon means he is likely able to equip stronger battalions earlier than everyone else, which narrows the offensive gap. Master Archer and he becomes without a doubt the most accurate unit in the game, and that's a flat +40 hit to whatever strong gambit he has equipped due to his high authority. He's honestly pretty damn good. Never sleep on a unit with an authority boon, that shit is broken in ways that doesn't show on paper. It is also what holds someone like Hilda back, despite the strengths she has at a glance. I would recommend early recruit Catherine for C5 Thunderbrand. Ignatz has a sword boon and hit +20 so he would probably be good with it lmao, but in general it is nice to have.
  11. NG GD Maddening Early Recruit Catherine (C5) is ridiculously overtuned and always worth recruiting. Hell I even have her with a training sword and she leaves enemies with single digit health for my other units to pick up. The fact that Cyril can get Point Blank the same month you get him makes him unironically a better combat unit than everyone not named Catherine, Felix or Byleth up to that point (C5). With a steel bow+ and Hilda's personal he gets a free kill every player phase and proceeds to snowball. He is also pretty close to monster smasher too. Can even go the vengeance route. On other modes I agree that he isn't worth it but on Maddening he completely shits on like 80% of my units. I don't usually like the aptitude units, but by being one rank away from literally one of the best combat arts in the entire game, having easy access to the other best combat art in the game, having literally every boon a physical combat unit could want and easy access to all really desirable classes (Wyvern, Sniper, PBV Bow Knight, even war master if you focus brawl) means IS finally did it right. He doesnt even feel like an aptitude unit because if you get him early enough his stats aren't much further off than your other units and stats don't really matter as much. Only 2 I've used so they are the only 2 I can speak on. I'll take them every playthrough every time.
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